My Prince Charming

Mikey is a guy who's looking for his prince charming. His wish comes true once the new guy in town transfers to his school. With all his might Mikey vows to make Luke Knight his boyfriend by the end of senior year.


3. Choir and Cute Boys

Mikey's (P.O.V.)

     Choir. The only thing I can relate to since I love to sing so much. But this isn't normal choir it's A capella choir and also Luke is in here as well. He looks up then sees me standing on the top riser and quickly makes his way up the risers and stands next to me I smile at him and he smiles back then we look to the front. Mrs. Brown walks in singing a tuneful song then walks over to her desk and takes of her jacket. She sets up the screen then plugs her phone into the audio jack and then turns to us, "Alright class this week is going to be about Beyonce Knowles, you can work in partners or groups of four oh wait hold on we have a new student! Please young sir come down here and introduce yourself!" Mrs. Brown exclaims excitedly Luke chuckles then walks down to the front of the classroom.

      "Hello everyone my name is Luke Knight and I transferred from London, England. I'm 18 and I love to sing also I'm straight as a bendy ruler!." Luke says quickly I smile brightly and the class giggles accepting him and together we say, "Welcome to choir Luke!." Luke smiles then heads up back to his spot next to me "Alright class first song for this week is crazy in love but first pair up!" Mrs.Brown explains and then we get to work.

       After a very successful choir class Luke offers to walk me home and I accept. He smiled and grabbed my hand I blushed and gently smile at him leading him towards my group home. Yes I am an orphan but the group home was more of a family to me than my own biological family. I won't tell you now but I will tell you later on in the story. Anyways back to what Luke and I was doing I walked up my front porch then turned towards Luke who was still smiling at me, "Well this is my stop. Thanks for walking me home and I'll see you tomorrow." With all my strength I quickly give Luke a peck on the cheek then run inside shutting the door behind me and blushing like no tomorrow. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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