My Prince Charming

Mikey is a guy who's looking for his prince charming. His wish comes true once the new guy in town transfers to his school. With all his might Mikey vows to make Luke Knight his boyfriend by the end of senior year.


2. Being The New Kid

Luke's (P.O.V.)

                   There is one thing I have been thinking about since I moved from London to this small little town and that is...being the new kid sucks. The first thing my estranged father says to me at the sight of me is, "You're MY son? There is no way a kid with dyed red and blonde is my child and gay!" I came to a fast conclusion that my supposed father was a homophobic *insert unhappy frown here* anyways I was on the quest to find something that would make my stay seem a little more satisfying than it was now. My answer came when a small boy bumped into me before he almost fell to the floor I quickly catch him in my arms and then I stare down at the most beautiful hazel green eyes ever. I could get lost in those eyes for the rest of my life but unfortunately I had to snap out of it and focus. Quickly I ask him if he was alright, he responds with a, "I'm fine. I'm Mikey and you are?," he asked while blushing I smile at him softly then reply, "I'm Luke. Luke Knights." Somehow I knew I could survive this town as long as Mikey was around and there with me. 

I figured out that we have all the same classes except for P.E. which made me sigh in relief because I didn't want my little Mikey getting hurt it would break my heart to see him get hurt. By the time it was lunch I quickly head to the cafeteria to find Mikey only to see him sitting alone at a table with paper balls being thrown at him I frown in anger and briskly walk towards the table that was being so freaking rude! "If you people have to make fun of someone else just for your own sick pleasure then you are worse than the devil himself!" I yell at them they all stop then take a close look at me one boy who looks like a football player asks me, "Why do you care? He's just a faggot."

That pissed me right the fuck off I grab one of their lunch trays and dump the food on the jock his jaw drops open in shock and quickly closes in anger growling he stands and gets ready to punch me but I grab his arm and flip him over on his stomach stretching his arm behind his back while my foot forced him to the ground. "Rule number one if you choose to pick a fight with someone don't underestimate your opponent," I explain then let go of his arm and walk back over to Mikey's table who's blushing and gives me a tiny smile.

I smile in return. His smile was beautiful I wish I could always see that smile but this school causes problems for my Mikey and they would pay and I don't mean in an evil way I mean the king of pranks will once again have to rise up and claim his crown let the prank planning begin.

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