My Prince Charming

Mikey is a guy who's looking for his prince charming. His wish comes true once the new guy in town transfers to his school. With all his might Mikey vows to make Luke Knight his boyfriend by the end of senior year.


8. A walk in the park

Mikey's (P.O.V.) After a night of watching Disney movies I had asked Luke if he wanted take a walk with me to the park. He smiled and said that he would love that. A blush stains my face when he grabs my hand walking out the door with me. We travel down the road for a little ways then take a right and boom! We're at the park, I lead Luke over to the swings. He tells me to get on and he will push me. I do so and soon I feel his strong muscular hands on my back pushing me forwards. A smile spreads across my face as I let out a loud laugh of joy. Luke chuckles and continues to push up into the air. He soon moves over to the next swing and joins me in the air. I smile at him and he smiles back at me I barely know him but I feel like I've known him for years. He has proven to be oh so very sweet and I think I'm falling for him. "What are you thinking about over there?" Luke asks me in an amused tone I look up at him then say "About how it feels like I've known you forever even though I just met you." Luke blushes then grins from ear to ear. "Let's go for a walk around the park love." He then says a few minutes later I nod and follow him to the sidewalk. He grabs my hand again and we start to walk around. He starts humming a little tune and I just smile listening to him. I get closer to him then turn him towards me. I reach up on my tippy toes and kiss him. I can feel his smile as he kisses me back. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull him closer, he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him and we continue to kiss each other until we run out of oxygen. Luke pulls away smiling at me "Your kisses are intoxicating love" He states I blush then giggle and pull him in for another kiss. Which said kiss lasted for a minute before Luke pulled away again. He looks at me then asks in a serious tone. "Mikey will you be my boyfriend?" I blush even more than whisper "Yes. Yes I would love to be your boyfriend." He smiles then kisses me one last time before leading me back to the orphanage.
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