Homecoming King

Homecoming is a big event at Westchester's Country day school[only name I could think of]. This year a girl named Riley Anderson is chosen to be homecoming queen, and it all happened because she was dating Daniel Holster, the most popular guy in school. No one knows how or why this happened but what happens if Daniel breaks up with Riley the moment after she was announced Home coming queen and if Harry Styles and Niall Horan [the most popular seniors in school followed by Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik] try to get homecoming king and Riley's love? Will Riley fall in love with one of them, or will she still have feelings for Daniel? Will Harry and Niall's friendship grow apart? Read to find out. [This will only go until the Homecoming king is picked]


2. The Announcment

*Monday, at school*   Riley's pov

"Hey babe" Daniel said as I walked in the bronze doors of our school.

"Hey" Daniel came over and leaned down to kiss me, I was a head shorter😐.

"Ew!" Jessica said as she walked in on us. "Anyways did you vote on the homecoming queen and king?" she blabbered on and on about who will win and 5 minutes later, we walked out on her and she didn't even notice it considering the fact that she was looking right at me.

"Who DID you vote for anyways?" Daniel asked me

"I voted for you as homecoming king and moi as homecoming queen, just kidding, I voted for Jessica." I replied. Daniel opened his mouth too say something but got cut of by the announcement

"This is the moment you've all been dreaming about, and the winner for homecoming queen is Riley Anderson!"

"No way! I really won!" I exclaimed.

" and homecoming king has a tie! Harry Styles and Niall Horan! So don't forget vote for 1 of them and we will get bck to you once their is a winner" everyone cheered

"I'm so sorry you didn't win" I said to Daniel. "It's okay" Daniel walked away to class and yelled

"we're breaking up!" and with that I broke down crying in front of everyone, but I didn't care anymore. He broke up with me because I won homecoming queen and he didn't win homecoming king.





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