Homecoming King

Homecoming is a big event at Westchester's Country day school[only name I could think of]. This year a girl named Riley Anderson is chosen to be homecoming queen, and it all happened because she was dating Daniel Holster, the most popular guy in school. No one knows how or why this happened but what happens if Daniel breaks up with Riley the moment after she was announced Home coming queen and if Harry Styles and Niall Horan [the most popular seniors in school followed by Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik] try to get homecoming king and Riley's love? Will Riley fall in love with one of them, or will she still have feelings for Daniel? Will Harry and Niall's friendship grow apart? Read to find out. [This will only go until the Homecoming king is picked]


4. Skipping Classes

Harry pov


      When the principal announced my name and Niall's as a tie for homecoming king, Riley's for homecoming queen, I knew I had to win this. I loved Riley from the day I saw her but her heart was already taken by Daniel Holster. Nobody knew how their relationship even begun with but the moment Daniel announced it, she automatically became #1 popular girl in the whole school. Her smile makes butterflies in my stomach go wild, I don't think she even knows I'm alive though.

       As I walked down the hall to class I heard a quiet sob. I followed the sound until I was looked down at Riley, on the floor, crying softly. It broke my heart to see her this sad so I knelt down and hugged her real tight.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." she sniffled and wiped her tears on her sleeve. 

"do you want to talk about it?"

"and ditch classes? I like it!"

Riley's pov

I was starting to feel better already. I've always noticed Harry's eyes and I felt like it was love at first sight, only I never thought he even knew I existed. We went outside and Harry said "come on I'll race you!"

"wait! where are we even going!?" I asked as I ran after him, but, to late he's already out of my sight.

       I ran after him and when he FINALLY stopped, he looked back, and waited for me to catch up with him "whew! You are fast!" he chuckled. Harry led me to a huge bush and stepped through it so I did the same.





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