Corners..... who will she pick??

When Misery meets her favorite band, things don't go as expected....



After the interview is over, Calum asks for my number and all the boys do too.! They ask for Selena's too. Selena and I go back to our hotel. We just lounge around for an hour until I get 4 texts, at the same time. The boys, of course.

I open them:

Cal Your King: hey princess do you wanna go clubbing tonight with me and the boys?? It'll be fun.!

Ashy: come clubbing with us miz please?

Mikey: we're going clubbing tonight.! Wear something sexy

Lukey: hey we're going clubbing tonight if you're coming meet us at cals we'll go whenever you get here bring sel

I reply with ok, rolling my eyes at Michael's requests and I laugh at cals contact name and blush at his pet name that he knows I have a thing for.

Tonight's going to be fun.!

Me and Selena agreed to go clubbing with them. So we start getting ready. After a few hours we are finally ready.

Selena's wearing a light blue flowout that goes past her knees. Black heels and perfectly curled hair. Black accessories and natural makeup

I'm wearing a black lace up pencil dress that stops at mid thigh. Straightened hair and black smokey eye with a red lip and red heels with a red necklace and lots of black bracelets on my wrists to cover up old scars.

Selena and I get in the car an she drives us to Cals place. He immediately comes out and loosely snakes his arm around my waist whispering in my ear " you look stunning" making me blush to a crimson red. Selena raises her eyebrow, as if asking if we're a thing. I widen my eyes and shake my head. We walk inside, greeted by The boys and One Direction!, Bella Thorne and Ariana Dijournio( a/n new character comment if u want to be her.!) , her best friend. I welcome them all with a hug, except for Ariana, she just glared at Calums arm around my waist, then gives me a death glare. Wow, wonder what I did. After we all welcome each other we all agree to go in separate cars.

0rder: Liam Harry Michael and Luke (nialls car)

Louis Niall zayn Calum Ashton (cals car)

Selena Bella Ariana and me (sels car)

After us girls get into the car we all start to jam to JB Bella and sel in front leaving me and Ariana in the back funnnn ( note the sarcasm) as soon as we leave Ariana gives me a nasty look "you better stay away from cal he's mine and always will be mine. He's just using you for something you can't give him honey, he is only using you and when he's done he'll go strait back to me. If you touch him I swear I will kill you because he's mine and you don't deserve him, your fat, ugly and still a virgin sweetheart, I don't even know what he's thinking. beware bitch." She says angrily. I snap back " I don't see what you're bragging about honey I bet it's not fun being loose either, I can touch him if I want to bitch you ain't the boss of me ok? Got it? Now sorry I have to go fix my ugliness bye bitch!" I say the last part sarcastically. Then I open the door as we park. I walk up to Calum and link my arm with his confidently. We walk into the club.

"Let's party hard"

"Whatever you say princess"

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