Corners..... who will she pick??

When Misery meets her favorite band, things don't go as expected....


6. Sky high Cal

I wake up to the biggest headaches in the history of headaches. It's so bad that as soon as I get up I have to sit back down. It hurts so fucking bad. But I get up anyway. Then somebody hugs me from behind

"Calum?" I ask

"You have no idea how drunk you were last night."

"Oh god"

He laughs.

"What did I do?"

"Well first of all we left because you were crying about leaving your unicorn here" he says, handing me a cup of water and two aspirins.

"Second of all you fell in the pool and I had to go get you"

"Awe my hero"

"And then you puked all over me"

We both laugh.

"Then we came back and you cuddled into me and fell asleep"

I laugh at his whole story.

"Guess what?" He says.


"I got you maccas!!" He pulls out a bag from behind him.

I scarf down the whole meal as he looks at me in amazement.

"What?" I ask.

"Even when you're eating you look beautiful"

Of course I blush.

"So where is everyone"

"They all crashed at Sels"


After I'm done eating I go get in the shower.

I shave my legs and wash my hair and body.

You know all the girly shit.

After I get out, I wrap a towel around my waist and go to my room, Calums sitting there on his phone.

"Out now." I say,pointing to the door.

He pouts, which might I say is adorable, and refuses.

"If I throw a stick, will you leave?" I say sarcastically.

He grabs his heart and dramatically falls to the ground. Then rolls out of my room. What a weird kid.

I get dressed lazy bc hangover. After I'm done I open my door and there he is. On the floor waiting for me. I step over him and go to make myself some coffee. Waiting for it I make waffles, for myself and cal. Then I feel hands over my eyes, and "guess who" he says huskily. It's pretty sexy.

"Hm maybe the only person here besides me?"

"Yeah it's cal" he giggles.

"Do you still have a headache babe?" He says, stroking my forehead.

"What's up with you?" I ask him.

"I has no fuckin idea, pretty girl" he says, laughing at himself.

"Are you high?" I ask him.

"Maybe maybe not" he shrugs.

"Calum you need to tell me before yo-"

He pukes all over the floor. "God dammit" I say taking him to the shower.


Merry Christmas, my lovelies, comment down below what you got for Christmas. I got SGFG and clothes. Also a bike. Funnnn. Anyways this chapter is my present to you. I might be writing, but not posting till later cuz I have to go family. It really sucks, they're the most boringest people. Save MEEE. Anyways merry Christmas and I love you guys. Byyyyye

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