Corners..... who will she pick??

When Misery meets her favorite band, things don't go as expected....


1. Meet Misery Jackson

( misery played by Lauren Juareugi)

Hello my name is Misery and you can call me Misery

I'm 18and I bass and my favorite color is red and I love pizza and netflix not Netflix and chill ok nasty pervs jk ily anyways I love music and All time low and 1D and 5sos and Blink182. I have a bad habit of cussing. And I also have anxiety and I'm claustrophobic and I have a dog named Molly and I am in love with Niall James Horan I love popcorn with Parmesan cheese on top and I am pure Australian .I dropped out of school cause I don't need the grades hah. I also dyed my hair and I like to vine and sing and play the bass and piano and guitar and I'm learning the drums and I'm also a songwriter and i just got discovered by Selena Gomez. We are just finishing her tour and I'm the opening act and so we have like 2 shows left. Awwwwe. I'll prolly go on tour with someone else after this.

A/N hi lovelies I am now producing this new fanfic and it is my first so please no hate. This is horrible but you know what YOLO. Bye.

Wait. Can we just talk about Calums new haircut or Luke's beard and Mikeys losing his hair. And Ashs new short hair??? AND the new album?? Oh my god I'm so proud of these little fuck faces. Last night I was watching fetus 5SOS and I legitimately cried it was so bad. And I listened to Calums cover of Mistletoe and I honestly lost my shit. I cried myself to sleep listening to his angelic sick voice and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love him so much I don't even know. And my reaction was like OH SHIT HOLY FUCKNESS OH MY GOD!!! CALUM THOMAS FUCKING HOOD WHO GAVE UOU THE FUCKNINH RIGJT LIKE JESUS LET ME BREATHe LeT ME LiVE!!!!! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL...... *internally dies*

My poor dark soul omigish I'm so emo. I gotta stop anyway ily bye lovelies

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