Corners..... who will she pick??

When Misery meets her favorite band, things don't go as expected....


4. Calum Hood

"And do you have a celebrity crush?" Ellen asks

"Actually yes" I reply shyly


"Calum Hood" I reply suddenly interested in my vans. "Well that's a coincedence"

"Come on out boys" she calls

Selena giggles.

I can hear my heart pounding in my ears.

They come out of backstage

And there he is.

With the smile that could stop the world. I think it did. He is suddenly really close. He hugs me from behind and nuzzles his head in my shoulder for a seconds and then he picks his head up and whispers in my ear.

"Hey princess"

Then he sits down, stealing my seat and pulling me on his lap. "Awwwwwe"

Calum Hood. I met Calum Hood.

I'm sitting on the lap of Calum Hood.

"Hi Calum"

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