One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


18. "You're so beautiful Mim."

“Is he here?” Luke whispers back, and I nod. His hands stay where exactly where they are, his fingers stroke me rhythmically, a diversionary tactic. My head swarms with panicked thoughts, I know Josh still has feelings for me and seeing me with Luke is only going to add fuel to the flames. He hates Luke. That’s partly my fault, I guess I subconsciously turn to Josh whenever Luke and I are on bad terms, so the only words Josh hears about him are bad. They’re also unfair, everyone has their flaws and every relationship - whether it’s between friends, boyfriend and girlfriends, parents and children - has moments that are really bad, but they’re balanced out by moments that are really spectacular. Luke and I have a lot of spectacular moments.

“Okay?” Luke asks, his beautiful eyes filled with concern. I can’t help myself, I smile at him, and he reciprocates it. My heart bursts, and all thoughts of Josh float away with the rest of the world as Luke presses his lips to mine. Will I ever tire of this? Luke nibbles my lip gently and I giggle into our kiss. Something tells me I’ll never get enough of this gorgeous boy. We pull apart as the lights begin to dim, turning towards the screen, though Luke’s arm stays around my shoulder and my heart sings with joy.

It’s about half way through the movie that I begin to get restless. I do love the fast and furious movies, but it’s incredibly hard to concentrate when Luke Hemmings is sitting next to me. I can see the changing scenes reflected in his blue eyes out of the corner of my vision, and it’s all I can do to keep my body inside my seat. Eventually, I give up, turning to place a little kiss on his jaw, followed by a few more. He smiles, but doesn’t make any move to kiss me back, instead he shakes his head at my insatiableness. I rest my head on his shoulder in defeat, just as he begins to stroke my shoulder gently with the arm that’s around it. I sigh happily as his fingers move towards my collarbone and draw circles on it. An unmistakable electric current runs through every inch of my body at this contact, and I wonder how I am supposed to make it through the rest of the movie without jumping on him.




“SHE SAID GO GO GO, I DON’T WANNA TAKE IT SLOW! THERE’S PLENTY OF TIME FOR US TO FINALLY GET IT RIGHT, WHY DON’T WE CRASH AND BURN TONIGHT?” Luke and I sing our lungs out on the way home, the music turned up obnoxiously loud, just the way we like it. It’s pitch black outside, only the streetlights and houses showing any sign of light. I hate the way it gets dark so early in autumn and winter. Luke turns down the music just before my driveway and parks just outside.

“Why aren’t you driving in?” I ask mischievously, knowing all too well what he wants. He grins at me, “Oh, I can turn in if you want?” He says, turning on the engine before I smack his hand playfully.

“No! I was just joking!” I squeal as he tickles the side of my neck. Shrieking and writhing, I try to pry him off of me. Abruptly, he stops, pulling my face in close to his. I watch his eyes take in my own and I feel the familiar intensity behind our secret look.

“Kiss me,” He whispers, and I do. Again and again. And all of a sudden this is too much for my fragile heart to take. He’s not mine, he’s not mine, he’s not mine. I beg the tears to stay behind the floodgates, but as usual they don’t obey, and soon I’m crying into the kiss. For a moment, my salty tears mix with our lips, and Luke pulls back. “Bub, what’s wrong?”

Frustrated that I’ve lost it again and desperately upset that I’ve done this to myself again, I can only cry harder in response. He wraps his strong arms around me and pulls me onto his lap, rocking me back and forth as the tears fall freely from my mascara-clumped lashes. I try to cover my face, ashamed that I’m crying again, but he pulls my hands away. His eyes search my own, filled with something wonderful, and it only makes me hurt more, knowing that he won’t look at me like that for much longer.

“You’re so beautiful Mim.” He strokes a strand of hair away from my face, and I smile weakly up at him. Then he kisses me, tenderly, as if I might break. His hands stroke my back and my hair, so sweetly and softly that the town of butterflies erupts in my stomach and my heart flutters with them.

Eventually the tears stop, he calms me down and drops me home. The ache is still there, settled beneath my ribs as it always does after seeing him. The ache of knowing he doesn’t feel the same. I think the worst part is knowing that eventually, when he moves on, I will be the one stuck here still basking in those moments. The spectacular ones. 


A/N: I'm the worst, I know. After exams it'll be easier to update I promise! I've been working on and off on this for ages because I hardly have time to write anymore which makes me so sad because I love it. :( So I've updated you even though I have an exam tomorrow and am stressed beyond belief D: Love you all xxx

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