One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


9. What Am I Doing?!


A few hours later, Liv and Sav are both out cold on the couch. Imi and I try to quietly wake Sav and ask if she wants to sneak out with us, but she's in too deep a sleep, and we don't want to risk waking Liv. No way am I taking her with us, she knew that I would be upset about her texting Luke all night.


"Come on Mim, Kavinsky is waiting!" Belle whisper-yells impatiently at us. Kavinsky's first name is Jack, but everyone just calls him by his last name. Belle's been hooking up with him on and off for a month or so, and he wants to meet up with her tonight. Naturally, we're turning it into an adventure and (almost) the whole bunch of us are going with her. It wouldn't be worth it otherwise, Kavinsky's nothing special. He's short and cute, with a spread of freckles covering his snub nose, but he's kind of obnoxious, and Belle could do way better. Nevertheless, we gather around the back door as I soundlessly unlock it, and the girls disappear outside one by one. I slip out after them and shut the door.


"Okay, we have to be seriously quiet if we don't want to get caught. No talking until we're down the driveway!" I frantically whisper. Alecia, Summer, Imi and Belle nod back at me. "Sweet. let's go!" And with that, we're sprinting down the driveway like lunatics. Belle and I lead the pack, both of us panting and pumping our arms.


We reach the end of the driveway and kneel over on the street to get our breath back. Once we're able to stand up again, the five of us look around. The world is dark, other than the streetlights, and the only sound to be heard was our irregular breaths and the irritating noise of cicadas.


Laughter bubbles up inside me, and I marvel at the absurdity of our run. I start to giggle, and the girls join in. Soon it's reached full blown hysterics, and we crumple on the sidewalk, holding our guts for dear life.


"Oh my god!" Imi shrieks, as we try to compose ourselves.


"We're insane! Oh fuck me, my stomach hurts from laughing so much!" Alecia says, before getting to her feet and starting to help the rest of us up. I quickly scan everyone over. We're all in pajamas and I'm pretty sure none of us are wearing bras. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... What if someone stops their car next to us? Summer seems to think the same thing because she says, "Okay, if a car comes past, we all jump behind the nearest bush? Got it?"

"Seems legit." Imi says, and we all agree. We start to make our way towards Cherrytree Park, which is about 5 minutes walk from my house. We're so busy talking and being silly that we almost don't notice the slow approach of a car until Summer screams for us to move. We crash land into the closest bush, a spiky mess of leaves and branches and manic laughter. The car doesn't slow down, in fact, I don't think the people inside the car noticed us at all. Score! I clamber out of the bush first, and pull Belle out after me, and the two of us start brushing leaves out of our hair and off of our pyjamas. Once the clan is out of the bush and back on their feet, we carry on our way to the park, jolly as ever, and a little crazier. 

"We're here!" I exclaim, as we round the corner and see a set of concrete stairs that lead up to the park. I haven't been here in a while, the last time was with Luke. Of course it was with Luke, we were parked outside after getting lunch and I wouldn't let him take me home because I wanted another kiss. How pathetic. 

'Kazinsky says they're a couple of minutes away. Except he spelt it all wrong... I think he's drunk." Belle says, leading the way up the steps. She makes a vomit sound, before telling us there's no way she's kissing him if he's drunk. 

"Why the hell not? I mean, he might be a bit sloppy, but it won't be that bad! They're walking like 25 minutes to get here!" Summer says, poking Belle on the shoulder. 

"It's not that, I just really really hate beer breath! I'm serious, stop laughing at me guys! Once a guy burped IN MY MOUTH! This is not funny!" The rest of us have started a bout of uncontrollable laughter, and Belle starts playfully punching us and begging us to stop. We try to calm down, and take a seat on one of the picnic tables whilst we wait for Kavinsky. 

"By the way Mim, he's bringing Josh... I totally forgot to tell you!" Belle smiles innocently, if not a little sheepishly, and my heart plummets. Oh shit. Josh has been my best guy friend for a couple of years now, I first talked to him when we were at a party together and he saved me from falling over a fence. It was a really small fence and I almost when head over heels down the driveway, but, thanks to Josh, I didn't. And I got a best friend out of it. He's great, really sweet and caring, the kind of guy I should date. Speaking of which, he likes me. A lot. And I like Luke, and he knows that, because I always talk about Luke. I had a bit of a slip up at a friend's party a month or so ago, and I drunkenly made out with Josh in front of everyone. So embarrassing. Luke doesn't know, and I never intend to tell him, not because it'll jeopardise any future we have, but because it'll make it okay for him to get with girls that aren't me. Which it really isn't. 

"What?!" My eyes widen and I stare at Belle in shock horror. Before she can respond, we hear a loud whistle, and turn to see Kavinksy stumbling up the steps with Josh close behind. They're both holding bottles of beer. This is not good, nothing good can come of this. 

"Mim, it'll be fine, don't stress. He'll be normal, I'm sure he's not that drunk. He's still standing up." Imi says, putting an arm around me protectively. A sudden rush of confidence and recklessness comes over me, and I stand up quickly. "Fuck it. Fuck Luke. I'm going to get with Josh again." I announce, and Imi just shakes her head lovingly, a small smile playing on her lips. She's always wanted me to date Josh, but he's not my type at all. 

I walk over to Josh and Kavinsky, a slight skip in my step. I reach them and Josh slings his arms around me happily. "Miaaaaaa! You look good!" He exclaims, smiling lopsidedly. I giggle, and thank him. Kavinsky ambles off to the hill where he knows him and Belle won't be seen getting dirty. I wave her off, and she winks at me impishly before following Kavinsky. I turn my attention to Josh, who's taken my hand and is leading me to the picnic table I was just sitting at. The other girls have stretched out on their backs on the basketball court, presumably to look at the stars. 

"Can I kiss you?" Josh asks, slurring only slightly. I laugh, furrowing my brow at his bluntness, before realising that it's the alcohol. He's not usually like this. I look at him and bite my lip nervously, should I do this? I think about Luke, my lovely Luke. Except he's not mine, and he's being kind of an asshole tonight. Fuck it, let's do this. 

I place my hands on Josh's shoulders, before pushing my lips against his. As soon as his tongue enters my mouth I know I've made a mistake. He's a rubbish kisser when he's drunk. His hands slide over me in a clumsy manner, and he's using his tongue as if this is the last day he'll have it. This is disgusting. I persevere out of politeness, and also because he's wrapped his arms around me like a Boa Constrictor and I don't think I could move even if I wanted to. Just when I think it can't get any worse, his hand slips under the front of my shirt. Oh fuck. I'm not wearing a bra! His hand hovers over my right boob, and then he gives it a squeeze, before resting his hand on it. What IS he doing?! His hand is just stuck there, not even moving! This is awful, he's touching me in a place that only Luke has touched. I think quickly of ways to get myself out of this. Back slang! My friends and I have this weird language called back slang that we speak when we don't want people to understand us, we've known it for years now. I part from Josh and turn to where I think I see Imogen. 

"IMOGEN! HELP!" I yell in back slang in the direction of the basketball courts. I see her sit up, and then she sees me, and she's up and running. She reaches us in record time, and we have a short conversation in back slang. I tell her what's wrong and she grabs my arm, before telling Josh that we have to get back. Luckily, he's too drunk to understand anything, and just smiles at us both. 

Alecia and Summer join us, and we wander back over to the stairs. We hear Belle and Kavinsky before we see them, and as we start walking down the steps, they come into view and us girls giggle quietly. Kavinsky is on top of Belle, and although they're fully clothed, they look like they're having sex. Nice Belle, nice. 

We settle on the grass next to the bottom of the steps, and agree to wait 10 minutes for Belle, before we take her away from her hot make out session, and head home. Once we've soundlessly snuck back into the house, it seems like a really good idea to go back into the pool. 

"We should go skinny-dipping." Alecia says, as we're about to go in and get our bikinis. I look around to everyone, and we all get the same crazy cheshire cat grin on our faces. 

"Um, yes! Why didn't I think of that! Girls get your gear off!" Summer whisper-yells. Once we're all totally naked, we go into the pool area and grab hold of each other's hands. There's a crazy energy around us, and I'm beyond happy with how tonight turned out. It's always an adventure with us girls. 

"On three. Together, okay? ONE.. TWO.. THREE!" We run, boobs and bums jiggling everywhere, before leaping into the air, shrieking like banshees, and splashing into the cool water. I don't quite know how to properly explain the feeling of swimming naked. The water seems to slide past you in a way that feels like it's not even there at all. We splash and swim and laugh together for an hour or so, before we can't stay warm any longer. We wrap ourselves in towels and sit by the remnants of the fire. 

"Liv is asleep yeah?" Alecia asks, her voice hushed. I nod at her, and she lowers her voice even so, "I can't believe she's been such a buzz kill tonight." 

"Me neither, it's your bloody birthday sleepover for god's sake! She could've at least tried to join in with our conversation." Belle agrees. 

"Also, why'd she say that thing about Luke liking her hair? She even looked at you when she said it, like she knew it was going to get under your skin." Imi says quietly, clearly irritated with Liv. Summer nods in assent. 

"Get this, I texted Luke during the movie to tell him she'd been moody and on her phone ALL night, and he told me to lay off!" 

"What? No way! Why would he say that?" Belle asks.

"He told he she'd had a hard night at work, and that she'd been texting him since she got to mine and was feeling left out. He told me to be nice to her!" 

"What the fuck Luke?!" Alecia says incredulously. "That's not on. What's wrong with him?" I shrug in response, I have no idea what to say. He's being an asshole as far as I'm concerned. 

"He still likes you though, I say don't stress about it. Liv is obsessed with the attention from guys, she's just trying to get a reaction from you." Belle says from her seat next to mine, and I nod in agreement. 

"Yeah you're right. Lets go inside, we're all dry now." The girls and I walk back into the lounge room quietly, and go into the kitchen to get some food. We end up sitting on my kitchen floor eating cold pasta, talking about Belle's hot hook up with Kavinsky. Imi wakes up Sav, and she joins us for a late night deep and meaningful. I smile at my gorgeous friends, they are so perfect. Thanks to them, we've made it a night to remember. 




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