One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


27. The Decision



The following days are similar to how I imagine hell to be. That sounds dramatic, but as a teenage girl I feel like I need to play out these events in a proper manner. I haven’t heard from Luke since Saturday night, and I’ve swung like a pendulum between complete despair and unfathomable rage ever since.


By the time I’m walking into school on Wednesday my mood is foul, I’ve gone for a rather grunge approach today, putting on my pattern black stockings and layering up the eyeliner. The weather seems to have no sympathy for me, huge gusts of wind send soggy leaves into orbit around me, and I wrap my jumper closer around me, scowling as I approach the girls, who have taken refuge underneath the stairwell. Their hushed chatter stops momentarily as they see me, all of them shuffling slightly in a way that makes me think they’ve just been talking about me.


Sav puts her arm around me, and before I can ask what’s going on, she speaks. “Mia. This is an intervention.” She says, quoting how I met your mother. “We’ve decided that you’re being too sad about Luke and it’s time that we did something to change that.” Belle nods, stepping forward slightly, a sheepish smile on her face. I must look mildly unimpressed.


“We get that it sucks and he sucks, but all of us think that you should cut him loose. He’s turned your whole world upside down for months now and it’s been long enough.” She concludes, Sav and Imi murmuring in agreement. I try not to feel attacked by this, instead taking in their words, because I know they’re said with love.  Maybe they’re right.


“So today, we’re ditching school and going for a girl’s day out. We’re going to discuss what to do about Luke on the bus and after that we’re not going to mention him or listen to you talk about him for the rest of the day. Deal?” Imi finishes the intervention and the three of them look at me apprehensively. Surprising myself, I start to giggle, then I pull us all together into a big bear hug just as the bell goes for roll call. “Okay,” I say cheerily. “I’m in. What’s the plan?”


We break out of our bear hug and Imi looks at me blankly. “Usually you plan our adventures so we were kinda just hoping that you’d say yes and then roll with it.” She laughs and the others join in. I take on my new role as team leader, and together we devise a plan for the day. The first step is sneaking out of school, which sounds much easier than it looks. Straight after roll call on a Wednesday is assembly, which means all of the teachers and students will head for the hall, which is right at the front of school. We need to catch a bus from the back, so together we head towards the back block of classrooms, pretending we’re headed to roll call like everyone else.


“I am such a good student I am not used to this stuff guys!” Imi whines as we approach the back gate, all of us trying to look unsuspicious, Imi failing miserably.


“Oh my god Imogen!” I scold. “You will be fine if you just stop looking around! Alright girls, once we’re through that gate we need to pick up the pace a bit, and then when we’re at the shops it’s fine. Which side do we catch the bus to get to Hornsby Westfield?”


“The side opposite Cherrytree Shops.” Belle says, peering over her shoulder cautiously. “Okay, we’re at the gate. Let’s do this?”


We all smile at each other, holding off a fit of giggles, and walk through the gates, arms linked, a slight skip in our steps. The familiar adrenalin that comes with breaking rules kicks in and we speed up the pace, eager to get out of school territory.


Once we’re on the empty bus en route to Hornsby, Imi calms down and we start to discuss Luke.


“Okay so the last thing you said was basically Lucy or you?” Sav asks from the seat in front.




“And he hasn’t messaged you since?” Belle questions me from seat on the other side of the aisle. I nod and she picks her nail polish absentmindedly.


“So, I don’t really want to be the one to say this but, do you think he’s chosen her?” I look at Belle for a moment, pondering this question.


“Probably, but even if he doesn’t, do I really want to be with someone that takes this long to decide? I get that him and Lucy have been friends a long time, but eventually I would meet his friends, and I don’t think I’d be able to deal with them staying friends. I’ll never trust him. Or her for that matter.”


Imi pipes up next. “If you don’t trust him, do you think you should be with him at all?” I shrug, it’s a valid point. I look at my three friends, all so concerned about my wellbeing. The three mirrors I couldn’t avoid.


“We’re not trying to convince you to end it or convince you to stay with him, but Mia we’re the ones who see what he’s done to you. Whether he meant it or not, he’s turned things upside down for you. I see you upset so much because of this one guy who doesn’t even deserve you!” Sav’s voice rises and I know at this point that they’re right.


“Exactly! He set out all these weird boundaries, told you he didn’t have feelings, then he did, he hooked up with you in cars, didn’t tell any of his friends about you, then he asks you out, won’t let you come away with his family when his mum invited you, and now he’s ghosting you! It doesn’t sound like the basis of a healthy relationship to me.” Belle agrees with Sav, and I sink in the weirdly patterned bus seat, head in my hands.


“I need to end it. Before he breaks me.” I lift my head and look at the others, who are nodding in agreement. I sigh, a long heavy sound. “My heart hurts. I love him so much, I wish it was simple, but it never will be.” I’m close to tears, Imi reaches out and puts a hand on my shoulder.


“And it’ll hurt for a while, but then it will get better. You’re still only 16, there are going to be so many guys a thousand times better than Luke. Trust me.” She reaches over the seat and attempts to hug me from over the top, but the bus jolts and she’s tipped right off the seat and into the aisle next to me. This sets us off into a fit of laughter, Luke is forgotten and we focus on enjoying our impromptu day off.








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