One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


5. The Competition


"DAMN GIRL!" I holler at Sav, who's striking a pose in front of Imi and I, showing off her outfit for tonight. She's wearing a bralette that only just covers her boobs, and I'm sure the guys are going to be crazy for her... If I was a guy I would! Imi and I are covering a little more skin, but all three of us look sassy as hell. Tonight we're going to an under 18s club tour called goodlife, I randomly came across the event last week and spontaneously bought three tickets. We're already buzzing, an hour before we have to leave, and we're in fits of giggles and squeals. I jump onto Sav's bed and cuddle up next to Imi as we exchange funny looks behind Savs as she takes selfies. 

"You know what we should do tonight?" Sav says in between photos. 

"What?" Imi and I ask in unison. She turns around and raises an eyebrow devilishly, and I know this is going to be good. 

"We should have a competition. A pulling competition." 

"What's that?" Imi asks, clearly confused. 

"We have a competition to see who can hook up with the most guys, obviously Imi!" Sav winks at her, playfully pushing Imi's shoulder. I start to get excited at the prospect of the competition, knowing that I have to win. 

"You're on babycakes! What are the rules?" Sav smiles, glad I'm on board, and Imi joins in as we set out the competition rules. Basically, you get a point for each guy you hook up with. It doesn't count if there's no tongues involved, and you only get one point per guy, no matter how many times you go back for more. What could possibly go wrong? 


After waiting in line for what felt like forever, my fingers are slightly numb from the lack of clothing and winter chill, but as the security guard scans my ticket and ushers me inside, I feel the adrenalin start pumping through my veins. I love these events. I love the feeling of the beat as it reverberates inside my body, making it impossible to stand still. I let out an exhilarated laugh, and squeeze Imi's hand excitedly. The three of us make our way down the corridor and into the main room. The moment we enter, the music fills our bodies and we squeal, unable to hide the euphoria. 

The supporting DJ is already in full swing on the stage, and we push our way through the crowd of dancing bodies to get a little closer to the front. Everyone seems to move as one, pulsating to the beat of the music, everyone is smiling and laughing, and I begin to lose myself in the moment, loving every second and not wanting to be anywhere else. 

After a couple of songs, I had managed to lose both Imi and Sav in the chaos of the crowd, and had to squeeze my way through everyone to get to the toilets. 

"MIA!" Sav yells as soon as I open the door. 

"Oh my god! Here you are!" I yell back, since the music wasn't any quieter in here I could still hardly hear myself, let alone Sav and Imi. 

"Okay Mia, the competition starts now... You in?!" 

"HELL YES! LET'S GO!" I high five Sav, and the three of us flounce out of the bathroom and begin to dance our way through the crowd once again. Although this time, I'm on the look out for the most attractive guys in here. As I'm fist pumping to the music, I see Sav up ahead, lip locking with a tall dark haired guy. Not my type, but now I'm officially losing!

I feel someone push up close behind me, I think nothing of it, because everyone is packed in like sardines in here. I continue moving to the music, as I feel two hands rest on my hips... well this is new! Before I know it, I'm grinding on a guy I can't even see, but damn he can move. I move my hips against him, and we dance in sync for a moment, before he starts to turn me around. I turn to face the mystery boy - who turns out to be a blonde haired beach bum - and mentally high five myself for scoring someone so hot. He smirks, and starts to lean in, my mind goes to Luke for a moment, before I remember that he doesn't want me, and I close my eyes as I score point number one.


Three hours later, with two hours of the event left, Imi, Sav and I regroup next to the toilets to get a drink and compare numbers. 

"I'm only on 4 guys!" Imi whines, and I rely on lip reading more than the sound of her voice, which is overpowered by Tigerlilly's set. 

"I'm on 12!" Sav beams, raising an eyebrow at me. Cute, she thinks she's winning. 

"14!" I deadpan, and her face falls slightly. 

"Alright baby, it's on now!" She laughs, and Imi and I join in, as we once again make our way to the dance floor. We're trying to get to the front of the room when someone grabs my butt, and I turn around to see the cute blonde I'd already hooked up with earlier in the night. He gestures for me to come closer, and I do, with Sav and Imi close behind. Blondie pulls on my hand so that I'm right next to him, and then yells in my ear, "My friend hasn't got with anyone tonight.. Can you and your mates help him out?!" 

I repeat what he said to both the girls, and we all shrug, giggling like maniacs. This is lunacy! Sav gets in there first, with Imi straight after, and then it's my turn. I shake my head, laughing, and I give blondie's friend a quick kiss, before dancing off wildly. Somehow I lost the girls again, so I get out my phone to try and call one of them, although I doubt they'll feel their phones vibrating. I press the home button, and freeze completely. There's a message from Luke. I start shoving people out of my way so that I can get into the toilets and read his message. 

Luke: Have fun tonight Mim! Don't get into too much trouble :P 

My heartbeat speeds up, and I quickly type out a reply. 

Too late!  .. :P 

Hey! Why aren't you in there having fun?! Haha

I got kicked out oooops!  

I press send, cursing myself for lying, but not wanting him to stop texting me. He asks me what I did wrong, and I tell him I was taken outside and told to calm down because I'm drunk. Total lie. Why am I doing this? I'm insane! I was having the time of my life with all of the dancing and the love between Imi, Sav and I .. Plus I was enjoying all the making out too. Why is it that I will literally drop everything for this guy, when he doesn't give a damn? You know what? No. I'm going back out there. 

I tell Luke I'm allowed back in and that I'll talk to him later. He tells me to be safe, and I turn my phone off, ready to dance my ass off for the last hour. Besides, I've got a competition to win. Fuck Luke.


"Alright girls, final count up!" Sav says excitedly as we leave the venue. 

"Only 10, you guys both beat me!" Imi says, but she isn't disappointed, since she had the highest standards tonight, and Sav and I let ours slip in order to try and win. 

"Well I finished on 16, what about you Mia?" Sav asks me, and I can see that she's hoping she's won. She's just as competitive as me, if not more. 

"18 bitches! I win!" I stick my tongue out and punch the air triumphantly, as the three of us make our way towards the bus stop. The chill begins to hit us, and we all huddle together as we walk. 

It's gone midnight by the time we make it home, and the three of us are tired, but still buzzing from the crazy night we had. We traipse up to my bedroom, trying and failing to be quiet whilst we get into our pajamas and continue talking about the night. Once we're changed we all get into my bed and start to share funny, weird and plain embarrassing stories of the guys from tonight. 

"So, I actually kissed a guy with a man bun... Go ahead, you can judge." Sav says seriously, and Imi and I absolutely lose it, we end up having to push our faces into our pillows to muffle the sounds or our giggles. When we finally manage to recover, Sav drops another one.

"Do you want to see the video I got of Mia and that little dark haired kid?" My mouth drops open, and I can't even find the words to answer her before she whips out her phone and starts the video. A few seconds later we're in absolute hysterics again. 

"Oh my god! I look like a demented squid! I hope I don't kiss Luke like that!" I say between fits of laughter. 

"Hey Mia," Imi says softly, once the laughter dies down. "Are you going to tell Luke?" I feel the eyes of both girls on me in the moonlit room, and I bite my lip nervously, considering my answer. 

"No," I say finally. "He can never find out. It might ruin things." There's nothing to ruin, my subconscious sneers at me.

"We're going to get to see him tomorrow night, yeah?" Sav asks. I nod. We're going out to dinner to Villa Verdi tomorrow night with a few girls from school, just to catch up on each other's lives since I haven't seen some of them for the entire two week holidays. It's Thursday tomorrow, and Luke always works Thursdays, so he'll be there to wait on our table. I spoke to him earlier today about it, and he helped me choose an outfit to wear. We chose a little black tank, my white jeans, and a red flannie. I'm excited to see him, but I'm more excited for my friends to see how gorgeous he is. Maybe then they won't believe that I kissed him, hell, I'm still confused about it. 

The girls and I decide to go to sleep, and we all turn over so we're all spooning each other in a little cuddle train. I smile, happy with the fun night I had with my two best friends - even if it was a little tarty of us to kiss so many guys. 

A/N: You guys are the best, thank you for all the favourites and likes!! I wasn't expecting to get to 15 so fast.. sorry this chapter is later than I said it would be! 25 for the next one? :D xxx

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