One Day (LRH)

My mum pushed me to get a job as soon as I turned 15, reluctantly, I applied for a waitressing job at a little restaurant just down the road from my house. Whether it was the biggest mistake, or best decision of my life, I'm not sure yet. There, on a warm Saturday night, I met Luke. He turned my whole world upside down, hell, he became my whole world. And as the sun falls each night, so too do I.. for him. Surely that's not so bad.. Is it? Who am I kidding, I'm screwed.


1. Prologue




Luke sits in the driver’s seat, silent. Even his breathing is inaudible. His eyes are vacant; the blue irises seem to have a dull greyness in them. It’s as if he’s not present, he’s somewhere else entirely. His mind is scattered, something is wrong, I can practically feel the stress that’s radiating from him. Not only is his mind somewhere else, but it’s running fast. And he’s driving fast, too fast. He speeds through the streets, into back alleys, swerving around parked cars. His brow is furrowed in concentration, not because he’s driving, but because he needs to clear his head. This is his way of calming himself down, he says it brings him a sense of control in a world full of chaos. My Luke, well, not mine, not here, not yet. One day.



A/N: Hey guys! This is my first movella and I'm so excited to share it! Please give me any feedback you have, I want to make this as good as possible for you. Anyone who reads this is amazinggggg and thank you so much! xxx

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