One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


10. Party Party Party

I cannot control my nerves as Mum's driving me to work. Tonight I finally get to see Luke again after 3 weeks of him being away. Since my sleepover, he apologised and we've been back to our flirty fun ways. Except 3 weeks ago he left Sydney with his parents to drive up to Noosa. His parents own a holiday house up there, from all accounts, it's beautiful. They have a boat and jet skis, so he's had an amazing time wake boarding and jet skiing and drinking, just enjoying the sunshine and the time off I guess.

His mum even suggested he brought me up there just for a weekend whilst they're staying there. He told me about it, and I got my hopes up expecting him to say he wanted me to go up there with him. No, he told his mum he didn't want me to go. Apparently he's taken girlfriends up there, and within 6 months of being back, things have ended badly between every one of them. He says it's a curse. The last girl he took up there, Lucy, wasn't even dating him, but things between them came to a messy end a month or so ago. I think she's in love with him, but he's not in love with her. I don't know that much about it, and I don't want to ask. 

Luke had an amazing time, he sent me lots of photos and it looked great, but I'm glad he's home. I mean, I'm really really glad he's home, I haven't kissed him in 3 weeks! My lips are shriveling up I swear. He arrived home on Sunday, and I get to see him tonight because Villa Verdi is having a Christmas party. School's out for me, I've graduated year 10 and I'm free for the next six weeks. I could not be more excited, I've got six weeks to see Luke as much as I want because I have no curfew and no school! It's Monday today, a weird day to have a party, but it's the only day that work is closed, and we can't have the staff party without the boss! I'm not sure why I have to turn up to work, I really hope it's not at Villa Verdi. We've all been kept pretty in the dark about it, so I have no idea where we're going. 

"Have fun my lovely." Mum says as she puts the car into park. I turn my head towards her, finally pulled out of my thoughts, I'm about to reply when I see it. "Oh. My. God. Mum, look!" She twists around to see what I'm looking at, and gasps. There, parked outside Villa Verdi, is an enormous black hummer. "No freaking way!" I squeal excitedly. I give mum a quick kiss on the cheek, she tells me to be careful and have fun, and to be home before 12am. I agree, before slamming the door shut and rushing over to where my workmates are gathered around the Hummer. 

"Oh my god Dan! This is so sick!" I exclaim as I give Dan a friendly hug hello.

He smiles, "Hey Mim, you like it?" My eyes go wide and I nod furiously, I kiss his wife Jessica on the cheek as a greeting, before going to say hello to the rest of the gang. I see Luke, and he smiles at me, before continuing his conversation with Oscar, the delivery driver. Wow, that's all I get? Weird. I spot Liv, and we hug hello, I admire her outfit, a cool boho patterned t-shirt dress and cute sandals, and she compliments me on my new white summer dress. The dress Luke helped me pick last month when I was shopping in the city. We marvel at the stretch hummer with the rest of the waitresses, chatting excitedly about where we might be going. 

Before long, we're being ushered into the vehicle, and we make our way into the luxurious beast one by one. I realise too soon that I'm not going to get to sit next to Luke, since no one at work - besides Liv - knows that we're a thing. I don't even know if we're a thing really. I end up sitting next to Liv and another guy called Luke, he's the dishy. My Luke is sitting next to Stephanie, the new girl, and I'm pretty sure she's got a massive crush on him, so naturally, I hate the bitch. She's wearing a weirdly non matching outfit too, she's got a long black maxi skirt on, with a white flowy top and boots, the combination make her looks like she's from the old old west. It helps that Liv doesn't like her either, so we can bitch about her outfit together later. I push Luke from my mind, knowing that I'll find a way to sit next to him at dinner. Hopefully. 

The inside of the hummer is awesome, it's all black, with some cool lights on the roof, so that we can see what we're doing. The seats are plush leather and line one side of the vehicle, and there's a cool box filled with ice and drinks. We find a touch screen device that allows us to choose the music, and we put Oscar in charge of it. Soon, we've got rudimental blasting on the speakers, and everyone's dancing in their seats, laughing and having a great time. Dan passes beers around, and then gives the older girls champagne glasses and a bottle. Liv and I roll our eyes at each other, knowing that we won't be allowed any as long as Jessica is around. I wish her and Daniel would just have kids already, she's basically a mother now. 

It takes us just over an hour of dancing and laughing, but we finally make it to our destination, and we all pile out eagerly to see where we are. Liv is out first, and then me, and we smile when we realise we're at Manly beach. Manly is one of Sydney's most popular beaches, and it's gorgeous. It's lined with a row of beach cafes, surf shops and restaurants. 

Dan is the last out, and we all look to him, waiting to find out which restaurant we're headed to. "Bavarian Bier Cafe kids!" He announces, and we all erupt into happy chatter as we make our way across the street to the restaurant. As per its name, it's a German chain of restaurants known for their beer. Just as I'm realising I won't be allowed to join in and drink tonight, Liv seems to think the same thing, and we send each other an eye roll. We're the only babies tonight, great.


Once we've been shown to our table, everyone starts to sit down, and I maneuver myself so that I'm standing next to Luke, and as he sits down, I casually walk to the seat next to him. Somehow, Liv gets there before me and has sat down next to him, and I'm left to sit next to her instead of Luke. I stare daggers into her back as she starts talking to Luke, probably confessing her love or something. If this was any kind of sign of how the rest of the dinner was going to go, I would've spent the night in the bathroom.

Not long after we're all sitting and comfortable, the drinks are flowing and every is chatting animatedly with one another. I'm engaged in conversation with Liv, Nick, the cute pizza guy, and Tom, the second chef.

"Hey how come we've never met your boyfriend Liv?" Nick asks, since we've been talking about lame Facebook relationships.

"You guys would eat Mitchell alive! And besides, Mim doesn't like him." She says the last part deliberately, pausing for reaction, which of course, she gets.

"What? Why don't you like him Mim?" Tom asks, confused, since I've never said a bad word about Mitchell.

"I've never said I didn't like him Liv! What are you on about?" I scoff, and shake my head lovingly. Bad move, Mim.

"At peer support training, when you were asked to give a hypothetical scenario that would bother high school kids, you sat there and said 'when your best friend gets an asshole boyfriend and ditches you for him', Nat told me about it." She's lying through her teeth, that's not what I said at all, what is she doing?

"Woah, that's not nice Mia!" Nick says from across the table. I clench my jaw and consider whether I should sit on my hands to stop myself from slapping her. My head burns and I swear steam is coming out of my ears, how dare she!

"Liv, that's not what I said at all. This is not a conversation for our work dinner either." I say it calmly, and my voice surprises me, I must be a better actress than I thought. "Excuse me please, I'm going to the bathroom." I shoot Nick and Tom a winning smile, stroke Liv on the shoulder, and wander off to the bathrooms in the most nonchalant way I can manage.


Before I even walk through the door, I'm dialing Imogen's number. She picks up after a few rings, and I let loose.

"What the fuck?! That girl is asking for trouble! What's her problem?" Imi says, sympathising majorly.

"I don't know! Fuck man one of these days I will actually just burst into tears, she makes me look so dumb." I speak in a low voice, knowing that if I take much longer in the bathroom, she'll know something is up.

"Maybe she's upset that you became really close with me instead of her?" Imi ponders aloud, and I push the thought away immediately.

"Mmm, well I gotta go! Any last words of advice?"

"Try not to cry! Also, get it on with Luke in the bathrooms!" I hear her giggle like a maniac, and we say our goodbyes. I gird my loins, check myself out in the mirror, and head back to the table. I forgot to pee!




At 11.30, the hummer finally makes it back to Villa Verdi, everyone (other than Liv and I) is pretty smashed. Jessica drives Liv home, and Stephanie gets picked up. I told Jess that Luke would walk me home, and that I would be home before 12. Dan, Tom, Luke and Oscar are all talking about going to a club to continue the party, and my heart sinks with the realisation that I won't be able to join them. My Luke finally speaks up, and says we should just unlock Sedici and put on some music, and the waitresses, including myself agree. Soon enough, Oscar is driving to Luke's to get speakers and booze, and the rest of us are setting up camp in Villa Verdi. We take over a table for 9 people, and unset it, so that it's clear for alcohol.


Oscar and Luke bring back a case of Coronas and a bottle of whiskey, and Dan gets some cheap wine out of the fridge. With Jessica gone, I take a beer from Luke, and he nods in approval. I seriously hate beer, but I want to be as buzzed as everyone else is. Tom puts on 'lose yourself' by Eminem, and both Luke and I freak, because we know all the words. We both start rapping our hearts out, and Oscar joins in with other Luke. Dan is videoing us, and the other waitresses, Ainsley and Hannah, are laughing and clapping along. We must look like the biggest idiots, all of us acting like we're from the ghetto, but this is going to be funny to watch tomorrow. Luke puts his arm around me as we sing the last chorus, and I can't hide the smile playing on my lips.


Later, I've downed a shot or two of whiskey, several glasses of Moscato and a beer. My head feels weightless, a delicious sensation that I relish in. I love being drunk. My hands tingle with energy, and I find that when I bite on my lip, it's numb. I smile dreamily at everyone, and suddenly almost everything is funny. Some foster the people song is playing, and Luke pulls me onto his lap. We belt out the chorus, swaying against each other to the beat. I hear a massive laugh in the kitchen, and get up, a little shaky, to go and see what it is. Luke the dishy is passed out on one of the kitchen benches, and Tom is taking pictures of him with Oscar, both of them in absolute hysterics. I walk over to them, and as I get a closer look, I start giggling too. Luke's dribbling all over the worktop, his face in a weird expression. I snap my own photo, and turn to go back to my Luke. As I'm leaving the kitchen, I see him sauntering down the hallway that leads to the bathrooms. I decide to follow, and when he locks the door to the guy's toilet, I stand at the mirror of the girl's toilet, with the door open, so he'll see me when he comes out. Inspecting my face under the fluorescent yellow lights, I look awful. Dark rings circle underneath my eyes, and the curls I'd taken so long to put into my hair have fallen limp, and somewhat resemble a homeless person's hair. I sigh dejectedly, and begin to wash my hands in order to avoid seeing my face any longer.


I'm drying my hands off when Luke walks in behind me, and my stomach flips when I see his reflection in the mirror. He really is a work of art. His white t-shirt is slightly tight around the arms, and shows off his toned muscles. Our eyes meet momentarily in the mirror, and in an instant, his lips are on my neck, blazing a trail to my collarbone. I twist around so that I can attach my lips to his, and we kiss for the first time in a month.Our kiss is filled with lust, the smokey taste of whiskey, and maybe a hint of romance too - if I should be so lucky.  He pushes me against the bathroom wall, and I wrap my legs around his hips. Our tongues move together, a little sloppy, thanks to the alcohol, but the kiss still ignites every fiber of my being. We become messier, needier, and his hands grab my ass, mine squeeze his shoulders. We pull apart at the sound of a snort from behind us, and I see Oscar winking as he walks into the guy's toilet. I turn back to Luke, who's hands are now pushed against the wall on either side of me. He stares at me intently, before placing one last swift kiss on my lips, and pulling me out of the bathroom after him.





It's gone 3AM when everyone finally starts to leave, and I couldn't be more grateful. My buzz has started to wear off, and I'm ready to sleep. Dan locks up the restaurant, before getting into a taxi and heading home. Luke and I stand outside the restaurant and wave him off, we're finally by ourselves, and Luke takes full advantage of it. We're kissing again, only this time its faster, he wants me, I can feel it. I'm sobering up a little, but Luke seems to be very very drunk. After a couple of minutes, I grab his hand, and we walk in the direction of my house. He stops in the middle of the road and spins me around to face him. It feels like we're in the Notebook when he kisses me sweetly on the mouth, and momentarily, I forget that I have to walk home, losing myself in his kiss.


About 25 minutes later, it occurs to me that maybe it'll take a lot longer than the 5 minutes I thought it would to walk home. Luke stops every few meters and wants to kiss me. His hands get messier and start trying to touch more and more. If we were inside, I would be loving every minute of this, but on the sidewalk under the streetlights, I'm feeling strangely vulnerable. We reach about half way when Luke lifts me onto someones stone mailbox, and I don't bother the resist as his hands rest on my waist and we kiss passionately. The stone starts to rub the skin off of the back of my thighs, and I push Luke away slightly in order to hop off of it. Luke takes this as an incentive to sweep me off my feet and lay me down on the grass. I giggle slightly, and he grinds himself on me, kissing my neck. I let out an involuntary moan, and then roll us over so that I'm on top. I suck and nibble on his collarbone, and he groans, his hands roaming over my body.


"I've missed having my baby on top of me," He whispers huskily into my ear, as we move against each other. My heart bursts, and even though I know it's the alcohol talking, I'm still giddy that he called me his baby.

Eventually, we make it to my driveway, but we don't even cross the road to get to it, because Luke's hands are grazing my thighs just under the hem of my dress, and his lips are peppering soft kisses on my neck, causing goosebumps to form all over my body. I open my eyes slightly, and see that the sky has gone from pitch black to a deep blue - the first indicator of daylight. An hour ago the sky was littered with stars, but not many remain now, and I know it's almost time for me to go.


"I'm taking your dress off." Luke mumbles against my neck, and before I can answer, his strong hands have pulled the thin material over my head, and I'm left in my boring nude bra and g-string, on the side of the road, on a street that's on the very verge of morning. This is such a bad idea, yet my body seems to think different. I fill with a sense of adrenaline caused by the naughtiness of what we're doing. Luke's hands stroke every part of my body, and he's kissing me as though his life depends on it. I almost don't notice when he unhooks my bra, and I gasp as he bends down and attaches his mouth to one of my boobs. This is not happening! On the side of the road, oh god, I'm going to Hell. Once again, my body betrays me, and I let out small whimpers of pleasure as he continues his assault.


After I don't know how long, he helps me put my clothes back on, and we sit with our backs against the stone wall of the house opposite my driveway. I study his side profile, and once again find myself in awe. He's so beautiful. I am so screwed. I shift my gaze to the sky, and notice that the last remaining stars have been banished by the orange glow of the sun.

"I want to stay, Luke." I whisper steadily. We both know I mean more than just to stay with him, in this moment.

"Promise you do." He looks at me solemnly. I nod.

"I promise you, I want to stay." I take his hand in mine, and he kisses the knuckles softly.

"Show me, Mim." He says, his gaze never leaving mine.
"I don't know how to. But I do want to, I want to stay. Always." I kiss him on the forehead, and slowly stand up. He stand too, a little stiffly, from his legs being bent for so long.

We whisper sweet goodbyes, and share a lingering kiss, and it takes everything I have to let go and walk away from him. His blue eyes sparkle in the morning light, and I find myself close to tears as I turn away from him. As I start the walk down my driveway, I look back, to find him still watching me. My Luke, who was never mine in the first place.

I pass my dad as I walk up the stairs towards my room, and he raises his eyebrows, surprised to see me.

"You're up early!" He says in a hushed voice. I smile slightly.

"I'm actually just getting in. The staff party went a little overtime." I chuckle to myself, and he shakes his head, laughing.

"Okay poppet, off you go to bed then." He kisses me on the head, and I walk up to my room, before collapsing onto my bed.



A/N: I don't know why, but I can't get these ➰   in the middle! It's seriously killing me.... Hahaha

You guys deserved this extra long update, enjoyyyyyyy! :D


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