One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


3. Now

*iMessage from Luke Hemmings*

My heart speeds up as I see his name appear on my phone, and I roll over on the bed, trying to hide my phone screen from my friend Savannah.  

Hey, what are you up to?

Just at Sav's house, wanna hang out? I cross my fingers as I hit send, hoping that he'll come and get me. Savannah turns around and looks at me with a confused expression.

"Who are you texting that's got you smiling like an insane person?" She asks, raising an eyebrow impishly.

"Oh, just Luke.." I try to say it nonchalantly.

"Oh my gosh Mim! You're still texting him?! I wish you guys would just get it on already!" She wraps her arms around me and giggles. 

"You wish who would just get it on?" Imogen asks, having been in the toilet for the whole conversation.

 "Mim and Luke," Savannah sings in her happiest voice. Imogen nods her head furiously, and I can't help but laugh. 

Once I finally got over my weird nervousness - well, most of it - Luke and I became good friends at work. He ended up getting my number off of someone, and for the past couple of months we've been texting all the time. It's the July school holidays now, so I'm free to see him for the next two weeks, and I plan on taking every chance I get. I adore him. I can't help it, he says all the right things and makes me laugh, and he's always there when my day isn't going so well.. I'm getting rather attached, even though I'm trying not to. Okay I'm not trying at all, but he's so gorgeous and cute and he makes my knees weak and my brain turn to mush and I love it. 

"Oh look what you've done now Savannah, she's gone into fantasy land! HELLO, EARTH TO MIA?" Imogen smacks me on the bum to try and get my attention, and I join the conversation again.


"So, are you going out with him tonight?" Imogen asks hopefully.


"I want to, but he won't bloody reply to my message!" I pout at them, grumpily. Imogen and Sav roll their eyes simultaneously, having had enough of hearing me complain about his rubbish replying skills.


"Plus, he's 19, I don't even understand why he's still talking to me. I'm not even 16 yet, I'm at school everyday, I can't drink..." I trail off, and all three of us start laughing loudly, knowing that it being illegal to drink didn't stop us, or any of our other friends.


Sav and Imi have been close with me for a while now, since Olivia ditched me to start hanging out with the popular girls. Sav is short and curvy, she's got these gorgeous brown eyes and silky long brown hair to match. She's from England, like me, so when she first moved here we bonded over that, and then realised our shared love of sex and the city, acting, and gossiping, and we've been close friends ever since. She's incredibly sweet, yet has this insane naughty side, which matches my personality perfectly, since trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. 

Imi and Savs are both in my drama class, which is where we all became close friends. Imi is the kindest person I've ever met, with a crazy loud personality that could even rival mine. She's tall, with beachy blonde hair and stunning green eyes, she's got this amazing curvaceous figure and she's definitely not unfortunate in the boob department, much like Savs. They're the complete opposite of me, boob wise. I'm an average height, with hazel eyes and brown hair that I have blonde highlights put into, I got a little sprinkling of freckles on my nose, and two dimples that annoyingly appear whenever I smile. Sav, Imi and I have been through a lot of crazy things together, and tonight we're sleeping over at Sav's house after ditching a lame party. 

"Sav, I'm starving!" I moan, holding my stomach as if I'm about to die. She rolls her eyes at me, and we follow her downstairs to the kitchen. My phone vibrates in my hand, and I hold it up to see that he's messaged me back. I let out a little scream and the girls both spin round to see what's wrong.


"He replied!" 

"Yes! What did he say?" Imi claps excitedly. I open the message and hold my breath.  

Uh, yeah sure. Aren't you supposed to be hanging out with Savannah? 

Yeah, but she won't mind if I leave for a few hours. I type back, with Sav and Imi both looking over my shoulders. I raise my eyebrows at Sav, as if asking if it's okay for me to leave. She nods, and I press send. 

"He's already typing! He wants you, he wants you, he wants YOU!" Sav dances around the kitchen whilst Imi makes kissing noises at me. I try to hide my smirk as I open Luke's message. 

Okay, if you're sure hahah, send me the address. I'll be there soon 

I send him the address quickly, as a town of butterflies wakes up inside my stomach.

"Guys... He's coming here! He's actually coming to pick me up and we're actually going to hang out!" I squeal for what feels like the tenth time tonight, I am such a girl.

"And you're actually going to tap that!" Sav sticks her tongue out at me.

"Oi, some of us have this thing called self respect you know!" I push her shoulder and she laughs at me, before Imi envelops the two of us in a big hug. We start giggling for no reason, and having grabbed some food, we head upstairs together, laughing about nonsensical things. 

Fifteen minutes later, we're laid across Sav's bed in a row, watching the sex and the city movie. Except I can't concentrate on it because I keep peaking out the blinds to see if Luke's here.

"I swear to god, Mim, if you look out that window one more time, I will push you off this bed. Don't think I'm kidding because last ti-"

"He's here!" I jump off the bed before Sav has time to push me, and I turn to face my two best friends, trying to ignore the butterflies that have filled my entire body. 

"Okay, please, for the love of god, do not make a noise. I will not hesitate to kill you both." I say sternly, with my most serious expression. They nod, smiling cheekily. I whine.


"Guys, I'm serious!" I try to say angrily, but their smiles make me smile, and then we're all hugging again, before both of them push me out of Sav's bedroom door. 

"Use a condom!" Sav whispers loudly after me, and the two of them dissolve into muffled giggles. I flip them off, and tiptoe down the stairs, into the kitchen, and out the back door. As I open the side gate, I see him get out the car, open the boot and start rummaging around in it. From where I am, the moonlight hits his body in a way that makes the muscles of his arms stand out. I watch for a moment, studying the way his biceps contract as he moves things about in the back of his car. He runs his hands through his hair, which is unusually messy, as if he didn't have time to style it. He's wearing his trademark black jeans and flannel shirt, and as he shuts the boot, I start to walk towards him. He sees me, and his face breaks into a smile that could, and probably does, melt a million hearts. 

When I reach him I wrap my arms around his neck, and breathe in the smell of his cologne.

We both jump slightly when a loud whistle comes from Sav's bedroom window. I bury my face in his chest and groan in embarrassment. 

"I'm going to kill them." I whine at him. He chuckles, letting go of me and walking towards his car door. I want his body against me again, but I don't tell him that, instead, I walk wordlessly to the passenger side and get into the car. 

"Who's with her?" Luke asks, once I've sat down, looking like he genuinely cares. He is so perfect. 

"Imogen," I reply. He gives me a sideways glance as he pulls away from the kerb, and I realise he doesn't know her full name. "Imi." 

"Oh, right, sorry. She's the one who whistled?"

"Yeah, probably. I'll murder her when we get back, don't worry." I say seriously, and he erupts into laughter next to me. A smile lights up my face as I watch him laugh at something I said. He looks at me fleetingly, and I feel my cheeks heat up. Neither of us says anything for a moment, and I can't seem to form one coherent thought because he makes me so scatterbrained. There should be a rule against being that sexy. I try to subtly stare at him as he plays with his lip ring, but he notices me, and sends me another award winning smile. I wonder how many girls he's gotten into bed just by smiling at them. Hell, I'll join the queue. 

He puts on 'starlight' by tonight alive, and I relax into my seat and try not to stare at the gorgeous boy next to me as he sings along. That's when it hit me.. I am absolutely done for. 




We pull into what I think is a lookout spot, a little clearing right in front of dozens upon dozens of lights. Street lights, car headlights, lights from inside bedrooms. My eyes widen and my mouth is agape as I take in the beauty of it all, completely mesmerised. I want to say something, to explain to Luke how much it means that he's taken me somewhere so beautiful. I don't say anything, because he wouldn't get it. He wouldn't understand how I feel so much for him when I've only known him for eight months. At the same time, this terrifies me. We're just friends, I know, but still. He's older, he's got more life experience, he's better looking, he's nicer, and he's smarter. He's doing engineering at university for god's sake! I had to write down the course he's doing (Innovative engineering, majoring in mechanical and mechatronics) when he first told me, I looked it up later, so that I would know what he was talking about if he ever mentioned it. I'm insane. There's no denying it, he's too good for me.

Yet here we are. Staring at the beautiful lights in the middle of the night, saying nothing because for a few moments, nothing needs to be said. 

Luke stretches in his seat, mumbling about how tired his body is and how much he wants to sleep. He takes his seatbelt off and lays down across the car, his head on my lap, facing me. I don't mean to be cliché when I say that I get lost in his eyes... But I do. If he could hear what I'm thinking right now he'd probably have the biggest ego in the world. I'll keep it to myself for the time being. Besides, he's sleeping with his best friend. At least I think he is. He spoke about this girl called Lucy a few too many times for her to be 'just a friend'. That hurts, but I would dare tell him. Too much, far too soon. He's not one who discloses his feelings on a regular basis like me. I'm a walking, bleeding heart. Sometimes, like now, that works to my detriment.

He reaches a hand up and pushes a loose piece of hair away from my face. I smile, his hand moves and he strokes my left dimple. My entire body melts. My thoughts scramble, my knees get weak. Fuck. 

I can't stop the smile that's growing on my face as Luke trails his fingers gentle over my lips. This isn't exactly what 'just friends' do, I should probably talk to Savs and Imi about this later. I look down at him, and he smiles. I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs, a delicious sound that fills the car. A slight giggle escapes my lips, which stops when I realise that he's moving his head closer to mine. I can't kiss him from this angle, I'll hurt my neck! He's looking right into my eyes, and for a moment I think I'm going to do it, I'm going to kiss him. But I look out towards the lights instead. 

What. The. Fuck. I can't believe I just turned away when he was about to kiss me! I have to fix this! I hesitantly stroke my hand against his cheek, and smile at him. He moves his head again, and this time I move mine towards his. When our lips are just centimetres apart, I almost turn again, but then his lips are on mine and I'm lost.For a second anyway. Then my brain goes into overdrive, like it always does when I kiss someone, and fills with the most inconvenient thoughts possible. 

Why is his tongue so tense? Can people even tense their tongues? Maybe he's into that.. Should I try it? I'm going to laugh, oh god, Mim, for the love of God, please don't laugh. Oh, fuck. I'm kissing Luke Hemmings. I'm actually kissing him! And he's kissing me! This is too good to be true.

We part momentarily, in order to move seats, so that I'm straddling him on the driver's seat. Our lips press together again as one of his hands tangles in my hair, and his other hand runs down my back, coming to rest on my waist. I move mine to his neck, tugging on the collar of his shirt. Something strange is happening, my mind is clearing of all the scrambled thoughts. I'm suddenly overcome with complete bliss. I relax a bit, and he must notice because he relaxes too, and we move more fluidly, in sync. I could definitely do this everyday. And more. With him. 

He pulls away, slightly breathless, his lips slightly swollen. I search for any sign of regret in his eyes, and I'm not quite convinced that there's none there.

He strokes his index finger down my cheekbone, "I better take you back to Savs' house." I sigh, knowing that reality has to dawn at some point, but wishing it would just wait a little longer. I should know better than to live in fantasy world, but for a moment it seemed as though things would be good between us. No such luck. 

I clamber back into my own seat, and we start the drive back, neither of us saying anything. We're almost there when I can't hold my tongue any longer.

"Do you already regret it?" I ask him, not trying to hide my disappointment. He looks over at me with an expression I can't read. 

"No, I don't. Just don't.. Don't tell your friends, please?" He keeps his eyes on the road as I decide how to respond. I want to tell him to shove his words up his ass, of course I'm going to tell my friends. This is the most exciting thing that I've done since I met him. Of course I can't tell him that, he'd remember that I'm a pathetic, boring, school girl and he'd never kiss me again.

"Oh, it goes without saying. I don't usually tell them things like this anyway." Lie. Total lie. I tell my friends everything, I just don't like keeping secrets. My entire life is an open book. Well, almost all of it. He nods, and we reach Savs' driveway, he stops the car and turns the engine off. I want to tell him I'm angry, but instead I say, "you better not tell Lucy." 

"Obviously, Mim." He states plainly, and I roll my eyes. I don't know what I wanted to hear, but it wasn't that.

"Okay, well I better go.." I take my seatbelt off and lean across the centre console to give him a hug. My face drops as soon as his arms are around me, as I realise that this probably won't happen again for a while. I let go of him and give him a shaky smile, before getting out of the car and shutting the door. I begin to walk to the gate, but I can't resist the urge to look back, and when I do, he's already driving away. 


I can't help but feel like this is only the beginning, it's never going to be simple, Luke and I. There isn't even a Luke and I, we're 'just friends'. Maybe one day I'll be able to change that.



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