One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


7. Not So Sweet Sixteen


"Bye, love you!" I say to my mum as I get out of the car for school. 

"Bye honey, have a fab day! Love you too." She replies, before driving away to start her long day at work. I don't usually get driven to school, but today is special - It's my 16th birthday! I woke up at 12.00AM on the dot and sang myself happy birthday, before going back to sleep and waking up later at a more humane time. I love my birthday. I mean I really really love it. It's the one day a year that I get to say is all about me. This birthday is extra special because I'm turning 16. That means I'm legal. Okay, not completely legal, but I can have sex legally. Not that I want to necessarily, but it means that I'm a better age for Luke now. This morning after breakfast I told mum I was meeting him after school and she thinks that he's going to ask me out. So, I'm a little flustered and a lot excited. 

As soon as I walk into the school gates I'm bombarded with hugs from my girlfriends. Imi runs so fast towards the group hug that she fails to stop in time, colliding with us at force, causing everyone to tumble over. We all start laughing so hard we can't get off the floor, and people walk past us into the school throwing weird looks our way, which of course only adds to the hysterics we're in. 

Once we finally gain our composure, we start to pick ourselves up off of the floor, before the girls start handing over presents and balloons. I start to tear up, smiling at my closest friends, because I know that I am loved, and it is the best feeling the world can offer.

"Don't cry Mim!" Belle says as she wraps her arms around me, before I start giggling.

"I'm sorry! They're happy tears I swear... I love you girls!" I say sincerely, and they all say they love me too, there's so much love in the air I can barely see where I'm going. All too soon, the bell for rollcall rings, and we absentmindedly make our way to our respective rooms. Belle's rollcall is right next to mine, so she helps carry some of the gifts from my wonderful friends.

"So, what did you get from your family?" She asks eagerly.

"Just money from grandparents this morning. I'm not opening anything until dad comes home from work."

"Ah okay, well I'll be sure to call you later and find out all the details! Are you going out to dinner tonight?"

"I am! Dad booked a table for my family at Jamie Oliver's Italian in the city! And, I'm seeing Luke after school.. So this might actually be the best birthday ever!" I smile excitedly.

'Oo la la! Are you going to do the dirty deed?!" Belle giggles, before winking at me and nudging my shoulder with hers. I roll my eyes and shake my head. We finally reach our classrooms, and she piles the flowers and present on top of the other things I'm holding. Once she's satisfied that I've got it all, she gives me a kiss on the cheek and says she'll see me at recess.


After a grueling double automotive lesson, I finally get to recess, 5 minutes later than everyone else, because my teacher hates me. She made me stay back after class because I wasn't paying attention to her demonstration of how to change a tyre. When she asked me what I would do if I ever had a flat tyre, I replied 'I'd call Luke to come and fix it', which, incidentally, did not go down well with my radical feminist of a teacher. She just gave me a 5 minute lecture on the importance of breaking gender stereotypes and becoming independent. I was only kidding, for Christ's Sake!


When I finally reach the spot next to the canteen where my friends and I sit, they're already waiting for me. Imi sees me first and gives me a questioning look.

"Wilson. Don't ask." She nods knowingly, and rolls her eyes. I start to carefully set down everything I'm carrying, before sitting down between Imi and Sav. Before I can protest, the girls start singing 'happy birthday' in their loudest, most tone deaf voices. I feel my face turning red, and I laugh at them as they finally finish singing. My stupid, loving, embarrassing friends.


"Come on then Mia, open your presents!" Alecia says, and I start excitedly ripping the wrapping paper off of the present from Imi. I finish unwrapping it, to reveal a 16DD bra, and we all dissolve into giggles. I put it on over my school dress, still laughing at the irony. I've got the smallest boobs out of all my friends, and I'm always complaining about it, the girls hate it, so this is Imi's way of making it funny. I open the rest of my presents; a blue seafolly bikini from Alecia and Summer, a pair of Miley Cyrus Bangerz undies and a tshirt from Sav, pink roses from Belle and my friend Amber, and a Tonight Alive shirt from Imi. I hug each girl after opening everything, and then we start digging into the cake Summer brought. Since we're not allowed knives at school, we use plastic forks to eat the cake, and soon it looks like a bombsite, and we're all laughing and talking about nothing in particular.




"Guys I am so bloody nervous, I've got butterflies the size of Jupiter right now." I say to Belle and Imi as we cross the road from school. They're helping me carry everything whilst I'm walking to Luke's car. To be honest, I think they want to meet him properly too, since he obviously doesn't hang out with us a parties; he's 20 now. I spot Luke's car a little way down the street opposite school, and we walk towards it together.


He must see me in his mirror, because he gets out of the car just as we reach it, and envelops me in a big hug.

"Happy birthday Mim!" He says happily, and I smile. He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, before letting me go and saying hi to Imi and Belle. I open the back door of the car and put my flowers and a few presents in there and take the things Imi and Belle are holding, and put them on the back seat too. I hug both the girls, thanking them again for making my birthday so special. They turn to leave, and I go to get into Luke's car, before squealing loudly. On the passenger seat is a giant bouquet of lillies, my favourite flowers. A big smile lights up my face, and I look up to see him smiling too. 

"They're so pretty! And you remembered that lilies are my favourite!" I say excitedly, whilst resting them on the back seat and getting in the car next to Luke. He nods smugly, and I give him a weird side hug sort of thing over the centre console, before he turns the key in the ignition and starts to drive. 


"Are you going out tonight?" He asks, and I tell him about the dinner with my family. 

"That'll be nice, you'll enjoy that! Oh by the way, I can't hang out for long today, I have work. Sorry Mim."

"Oh. That's okay." I can't seem to say anything else, so I look out the window, as the trees and houses and cars all blur into one. 

My world seems to become duller in that moment, and for the first time all day, I start to think that my mum was wrong. He's not going to ask me out at all. I look down at my school uniform, and suddenly I'm completely overwhelmed with emotion. I've been kidding myself this whole time, I've managed to trick myself into believing in a fantasy, where I always come out on top. In reality, nothing ever happens quite as it seems, especially when two people don't have feelings of the same calibre. A deep pain settles in my chest, and without warning, I can't seem to breathe properly. My brain begins to panic, for all the bottled thoughts now rise to the surface, and it's too much for my fragile heart to take. Tears begin to cloud my vision, and I blink them away furiously, not wanting Luke to see the way he affects me. 

We drive in silence for a while, and I'm so absorbed in my thoughts that I don't notice him stop the car until he's leaning towards me, all of a sudden he's kissing me and I'm kissing back, and all I can think is that I'll never get enough of kissing him. But it's short lived, and then all I can think is that it's never going to mean what I want it to mean. Luke senses that something isn't right, and pulls away, before taking my face in his hands gently. 

"What's wrong?" He asks quietly, his face becomes concerned and he looks so gorgeous that I can't hold my emotions in any longer. The tears that have been threatening to spill finally do, and I let them. One after another, they leave salty trails down my face, as I try to verbalise my thoughts. Luke wipes the tears away with his thumbs, but it's no use because they're falling faster now, dropping onto my school shirt. I let out a sob as Luke wraps his arms around me, pulling me onto his lap so that he can hold me as I cry. I sniffle against the soft material of his shirt, great sobs wracking my body. I don't try to stop them, and Luke doesn't ask me what's wrong. 

Slowly, the sobs subside, the tears run out, and the only remnants of my sadness are the wet patches on Luke's shirt, his unanswered questions, and the pain in my chest. 


"What happened?" He whispers into my ear softly, as his hands stroke my hair. Lying against him, with my body against his steady heartbeat, I know I can't tell him the truth. So I lie. 

"It's just..." I begin in a shaky voice, "I've been counting down to this day for ages, and, it's almost over already. Nothing's changed." I start to cry again, because I can't even tell him the truth, ashamed of my unruly emotions. Luke lifts my face to his and places a firm kiss against my lips. 

"Look at the back seat. Look at all the things your friends did for you, because they love you. Look at all the messages for you in the work chat. You've had a wonderful day and your dinner is going to be amazing. Okay? Come on, let's go for a walk." He just doesn't get it. 

"No, I look disgusting." I say, peering at my swollen eyes in the rearview mirror. I lay my head back on his chest, and stay like that until he has to take me home. 

By the time I walk in the door and Mum greets me, I've had enough of my birthday, and the only thing I want to do is go to bed. It's only 4.30. All it takes is for Mum to say, "Did he ask you out?" and I dissolve into a puddle of tears once again. 

At 5pm I'm in bed, going over the events of the day in my head, wishing it had gone differently. Mum said I didn't have to go out to dinner, so we cancelled the reservation and she let me go to bed without too much interrogation.

I hate Luke. Man, I wish that was true. 

A/N: My Grandma bought me VIP tickets to see 5SOS and I can't even express the excitement. Omg. Can't even deal. 


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