One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


16. Melody and Mimi

After finishing a gruelling 3 week exam period, and then heading straight into a full-on week of school work and a big drama with Summer, the girls and I are more than relieved when it's finally last period on Thursday before the Easter weekend. I have plans to see Luke on Saturday, and the rest of the weekend will be spent with family, loads of food, a lot of alcohol, and a bunch of laughs. 

I walk into my english class with a nervousness in the pit of my stomach that is unfamiliar to me. I take the seat I've been sitting in all week, next to two girls called Mimi and Melody, instead of my usual spot next to Summer, and scan the room to see if she's here yet. When I don't see her, I relax, and begin unpacking my laptop and english book. 

"So what exactly happened with you and Summer?" Mimi asks, her dark coffee coloured hair spilling over her shoulders as she leans towards Mel and I. From her spot in the middle, Melody looks at me eagerly, and I smile, knowing that they love the gossip. If they weren't in this class I have no idea who I would have sat with, but Mimi and I used to be best friends a couple of years ago, so the friendship is still there, and I've always thought Melody was hilarious, so it's nice that I can sit with them. 

I roll my eyes and take a deep breath, and they snigger, knowing that Summer is a massive drama queen and way too high maintenance to keep as a friend. "Ok, so a couple of days ago she called some bullshit group meeting at lunch to talk to us about how she feels left out and that we don't try to include her. We said sorry, because we hadn't realised, and then I made the mistake of suggesting she tried harder to include herself. I mean, come on, it's not crazy right?" Mimi and Melody shake their heads, agreeing with me. "We're in year 11, I'm not going to wipe her ass for her, she's gotta put in some of the work herself if she wants to have fun with us! Anyway, so she got mega mad, had a huge rant to us all, and when the girls sort of sided with me, Summer went absolutely mental! She was screaming that we're horrible friends and she's hated us secretly for ages. She even told me that my mum is a bitch and I get it from her, can you believe that? She's having a major drama over absolutely nothing and it's so ridiculous I can't even be bothered to go into anymore details of the conversation with you. Basically, she's not sitting with us anymore, blocked all of us on Facebook, posted a snapchat story burning photos of us, and we don't really care that much." I finish with a big sigh, as I was speaking really fast to try and get it all out before Ms Robertson finishes writing our agenda on the board. 

"I fucking hate her and I have since year 7, you know that Mia," Mimi says, her face screwed up in disgust. It's true, Mimi and Summer never got along. Mimi is the kind of girl who doesn't take shit from anyone, especially not self-important bitches like Summer. She's a feisty latina, with creamy skin, gorgeous long brown hair and chocolate eyes to match, with a cute sprinkle of freckles on her face. We have fun together when we see each other at parties, and she's ruthless when it comes to dishing out the hard, cold truth. Mimi and I get along well because we're both fairly outgoing, love a good laugh, and tend to like the same sort of things. She could probably be a professional sass and fashion queen, and both Melody and I adore every outfit she puts together. I love Melody because she's so sweet and cute, but then makes Mimi and I laugh on a constant basis with her deadpan humour and 'no fucks given' attitude. Her porcelain skin is gorgeous against her chestnut brown hair, which is styled into a cute cut just above her shoulders. Mel's style is completely unique, which I absolutely love, and she's always got a million tabs open on her laptop of different beauty tips, clothes, quizzes and life advice. The three of us get along like a house on fire, as I've discovered from sitting with them everyday this week, because we all love online shopping, we talk a lot of shit about the same bitches, and we love all the gossip. Although we've been super unproductive this week, we've had a lot of fun, and I've managed to catch them up on all of the gossip of last 6 months with Luke. It took the best part of 4 lessons, but they're finally up to date and following the Luke and Mim saga. 

Just as Mel is about to agree with Mimi's hateful remark, Summer bursts into the classroom, her eyes red and puffy and her face flushed. She fixes me with a stare that could probably turn me to stone, before yelling, "You're a fucking bitch!" I stare at her, dumbfounded, before raising my eyebrows and letting out a little laugh. Summer takes her seat at the back of the room, and I turn to face Mel and Mimi, both of whom are also looking shocked. 
"Jesus Christ, what a mole!" Mimi says, not bothering to lower her voice. I laugh at her, nodding in assent. 
"She's such a bloody drama queen, yuck." Mel says in a  hushed tone. Mimi and I agree, and all of us turn to the front as Ms Robertson starts the lesson, seemingly ignoring Summer's childish outburst, and we delve into the depths of Robert Browning and his terribly depressing poems. 

After an acceptable amount of learning, which added up to about 5 minutes, Mimi, Melody and I turn back to our laptops and continue our chat on our group iMessage. 

Are you seeing Luke this weekend Mia?

I'm supposed to be, but he's getting his wisdom teeth removed so hopefully he'll still be able to kiss :P 

Omg tru 


I wouldn't even go if he can't, no point hahaha


HAHAHA feeeeeels

When are you seeing him?

Saturday, we're supposed to be going to the movies 

Oh cute!! Like a date?


I fkn wish, he keeps saying it isn't tho 

Nah man that's bullshit, as if it's not a date 

I reckon!

Yeah what the heck? It's totally a date, he just doesn't want to call it one because he's an idiot 

I shake my hands above my keyboard and look at the girls in exasperation. They both send me sympathetic looks, before Mel points at a buzzfeed quiz called 'Can you spot the fuckboy?' and we all laugh as we attempt it together. 

The lesson flies by, and before I know it, the final bell of the day rings through the classroom, signalling the start of the long weekend. Mimi, Melody and I pack up our things and push our chairs in whilst we sling our bags over our shoulders and head out into the sunshine. 


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