One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


6. Late Night Kisses

"It's fucking freezing." Sav whines as we walk down my driveway. Since Villa Verdi is just down the road from my house, Imi and I decided the three of us would just walk to dinner, rather than trying to arrange a lift. We forgot to inform Sav of this, and although she looks stunning, she didn't exactly dress for the weather. It's the middle of July, which is winter in Australia, and Sav is in a short asymmetrical white skirt, a sheer blue blouse and a pair of nude stilettos. I'm in my usual grunge get up, but I'm still feeling rather chilly, so I can't imagine how cold Sav is.

"We'll be there soon, don't worry!" I say, knowing that I'm not helping. Sav just groans next to me, and I link my arm in hers comfortingly. Imi joins in, and the three of us make our way down the street in the harsh winter night.


Soon enough, we round a corner and see the warm glow of the restaurant lights. Sav breathes out a sigh of relief next to me, and nudges me as we see Luke through the window, I tense up slightly, the familiar feeling of nervousness tugs at me, and I shrug it off quickly. We cross the road hurriedly, eager to get out of the cold, and enter the restaurant.


The warmth hits us instantly, and I'm suddenly transported back to my English childhood. After hours of playing outside around in the winter, my siblings and I would scamper into the house, our cheeks and noses pink from the cold. The heat of the house warmed our faces as soon as we walked in the door, and . I remember the smell of minestrone soup and crusty bread, the sound of my mum calling us for dinner, dad's car pulling into the driveway after a long day at work. I remember the cool window against my palm as I waited for him to come into the house. I miss those days.

Imi brushes her hand against my arm, and the moment is lost. I smile at her, and we walk over to our friends, who are already seated. A big smile grows on my face as I see my friends Summer, Rose and Alecia, and I walk over for a big hug from each of them. Imi, Sav and I take a seat and we all start chatting animatedly about our holidays, catching up on all the gossip from school, the break ups, make ups, fights and who's kissed who. Luke walks past our table and winks at me, and I blush profusely, before tuning back into the conversation. 

I've known Summer, Rose and Alecia longer than Sav and Imi, but we've never been quite as close. They're more reserved and introverted, and haven't quite got the same crazy streak as us three. No matter, I love them anyway, and it makes me extremely happy to see them again. Summer has been to Thailand and had a little summer romance, which she's talking about in an excited voice as the rest of us hang onto every word. We all love it when one of us has a guy, and t's like story time when we all get together and get to gossip about it. God help any future boyfriends - all of us will know everything! 

Summer suddenly squeals and points to the door, where Belle is just walking in. 

"Oh my gosh!! I didn't know she was coming!" I shriek. Belle makes her way over to us, and we all stand up, enveloping her in a huge group hug. 

I've known Belle for 6 years, we've been playing netball together since we were 9, and we've always been friends, but recently I haven't seen much of her. She's one of four children, like me, and she's absolutely crazy. She's so much fun, the kindest person I've ever met, but knows when to be a bitch and is loyal to a fault. Belle has a pretty freckly face, with brown eyes. She's crazy tall and skinny, and she's got this gorgeous long chestnut coloured hair that falls in loose curls down her back. She's been away for some of these holidays at her grandparents house, and I haven't seen her in ages because we had some distance for a while following a fight about guys. We both decided to put the past behind us and move on and upwards, but I had no idea she was going to come tonight. 

Once we've all finished hugging and squealing, we sit down and start to decide what we should have for dinner. Luke comes over with water, and then leans on the back of my chair before asking what we'd like to order. The girls send cheeky looks my way, not unseen by Luke, and I glare at them. 

"Why don't we get a couple of garlic breads, and then share pizza and pastas?" Belle suggests, and we all agree. 

"Okay, so two garlic breads, and do you know which pizzas and pastas you'd like yet? Luke asks us, and everyone looks at me, since I work here I'm supposed to order for everyone. 

"Not really, but I'll choose now anyway," I say, turning in my chair to face Luke. 

"If you're choosing, we're gonna be here for ages. You're the most indecisive person ever!" He chuckles, and I out of the corner of my eye I see all the girls nudging each other excitedly. I ignore them, and start to choose different meals for us to share. I finish the order, and Luke sends me a winning smile before he leaves the table. 

Almost as soon as he's gone, the girls start smiling crazily at me and asking for all the details. I give in, and begin to tell them about the night we kissed. I know Luke told me not to... But I can't lie to my friends! I am such a bad person. 


Two hours later, we're all smiling, our bellies full and hearts happy as we start to leave the restaurant. I want to ask Luke if we can hang out later, but I don't get the chance, and instead I wave to him cheerily before opening the door and leading the girls outside into the pitch black night. We stand around outside for a bit, just finishing catching up and laughing, before one by one, everyone's mothers come to pick them up. Once it's only Imi, Belle and I left, we sit down on a bench together to wait for my mum. Imi and Belle are staying over tonight, and I can already feel that the night is going to be a lot of fun. 

"I can't believe you didn't tell me about Luke!" Belle exclaims, poking me on the arm. 

"I'm sorry Bellie! You know we didn't talk for a while, it would've been a little weird..." I say sheepishly. 

"I know, but still! Pinky promise you'll always tell me about boys from now on?" I hold out my pinky, and we link them together, giggling. 

"Also, how fucking hot is he Mim!" Imi yells a little too loudly. 

"I know. You should see what's underneath his shirt. DAMN. Oh wait, I have a picture!" 

"He sent you a picture?! Show us!!" I get out my phone and go to my PhotoVault, where I keep all the pictures I don't want my parents to see. I show them the shirtless photo of Luke that he sent me the other day. It was on snapchat, but I have an app that lets me save them, not that he knows that. Oops! Imi's eyes practically bulge out of her head, and she grabs my hand. 

"Oh. My. Holy. Shit. Dicks." She says, and Belle and I burst out laughing. Imi is rather boy obsessed, she's especially crazy for guys that look like Luke. 

"Snooze you lose Imi! He's mine," I wink at her and she laughs. 

At that moment, my mum's babemobile drives into the carpark, and stops next to where we're standing. I don't call it the babemobile for nothing... The number plate is actually 67BABE. We get into the car, and Mum greets Belle and Imi. I love my mum. She is the coolest person ever, and I can tell her anything without being nervous or anything, she's the best. 

"How was dinner girls?" She asks as we drive off. 

"It was really nice! The food was awesome and it was so good to catch up with the gang again. Plus we all got to see Mim's boy." Belle answers. Mum turns to me slightly and wiggles her eyebrows, I roll my eyes. 

"Well I'm glad you two are sleeping over, she can tell you all about him instead of me for once!" The girls start laughing at my mum's comment, and I open my mouth in protest. 

"Hey! I don't talk about him that much!" I try to defend myself, but mum and Imi start laughing more, and I give up, laughing with them. I don't talk about Luke on purpose, he just seems to take up a lot of my mind at the moment, plus he's the nicest any guy has ever been, and it makes me really happy. I always have too much to say, and I'm not conventionally pretty, so I've never really been good friends with guys, or been liked by many. The last one, James, fancied Belle more than me, and we had a thing! Come to think of it, he's kind of a dick anyway. Luke is much nicer. And hotter. 

We arrive at my house and hurry inside, keen to get into our pyjamas and watch a good chick flick. We end up choosing love actually, even though we've all seen it about 10 times before. Half an hour in, we've recited every single line, and give up on the movie in favour of gossiping. The three of us can't stop giggling, and soon we're talking happily about everything from our families to our friends and the guys at school. I love my friends, they make me feel so special and I love that. 

At about 11.30 I decide to message Luke, since I know he's finished work by now. 

Wanna hang out?   I know I shouldn't leave the girls, but I really want to see him. 

Twenty minutes later, Luke still hasn't replied. He's so irritating, I know he's finished work, maybe he's busy. Can't he just not be busy and reply to me? I join back in with the girls, and a few minutes later I get my reply. 

Not tonight Mim, you've got your friends over haha 
Go have fun! 

Lukeeeee, they're asleep haha come on just come and get me :P 

I can't tonight, next Friday after work? 

Yeah, okay :) 


I watch him as he drives, silently. He's so absorbed in his thoughts, I doubt he'll notice me looking, so I continue to stare, carefully studying his movements. He holds the wheel in one hand, the other rests on the gearstick, though he doesn't drive a manual. His knuckles are taut, white on the surface with the pressure he's putting on them. I move my gaze to his face. His jaw is relaxed, but I can feel the stress radiating from him. I don't say anything, because I don't think I can help, so I sit back and let him think. 

"You're creepy, stop staring." He glances over at me as my cheeks turn a deep shade of crimson, and we both start laughing. He seems to have relaxed a bit, and the mood becomes a lot lighter as we start chatting. He pulls over and parks next to the curb, before turning the engine off. I look around, the street is almost in complete darkness, and it's completely silent. Luke smiles at me, his lip ring glinting under the moonlight, my heart melts a little, and I smile back. He strokes my cheek, and I rest my head on his shoulder, exhausted from the long night of work. I hate working Fridays. 

Luke starts nuzzling my neck with delicate kisses, and I close my eyes as my breathing gets shallow. His lips move to my jaw, then to my own lips, and we kiss gently, he holds my left hand and strokes the nape of my neck softly. My brain sets on fire as his tongue licks across my bottom lip, his thumb strokes circles on my cheek, I dig my nails into the back of his neck. His kiss obliterates every thought I have, and I focus fully on kissing him, on making him feel as good as he makes me feel.

The kissing becomes hungry, and his fingers find the buttons of my work shirt and begin undoing them impatiently. We part for a moment as he pulls off my shirt, and I don't even think about how this is a first for me, wanting more of him. He kisses me again, harder this time, and pulls me onto his lap. His lips move to my neck slowly once again and I moan, frustrated at the sudden change of pace, but loving it at the same time. His hands snake up my back to the clasp of my bra, and I tense up momentarily. No one's ever done this to me before. Not wanting to tell him this, I relax again, and his hands feverishly undo my bra, as if he's done it a thousand times before. His lips find mine again and his hands stay on my lower back, giving me time to adjust, before his fingers slide around to the front, and underneath the soft black material of my bra. I gasp, closing my eyes and smiling, pleased to be the recipient of such attention from Luke. He begins to kiss and suck different spots on my neck, and my hands find his hair, as he continues his torturously slow assault, his breath tickling my ear, sending shock waves in every direction. His kisses become lighter, softer, as he moves down my neck and keeps going. This is new. 

I start to take off his shirt to break up the moment a little, not wanting to rush into something new. I want time at each stage to get used to things. I pull the material off of him with some difficulty, before his hands find their way back to my sensitive skin, and he traces circles, bringing up goosebumps with his touch. He kisses between my boobs, soft but surely, and I watch inquisitively. He gently takes off my bra, and his lips return to my own, before he pulls me against him. I bask in the feeling of my bare skin against his, and the way my upper body fits with his. Neither of us utter a word. I know if I do, the moment is gone. 



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