One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


20. Celebration Time!

“Down! Down! Down!” Shouts Sav, as Mimi and I clink our shot glasses together and gulp them down in one go. The vodka burns my throat, and Mimi and I scrunch our faces up in disgust. Before long, I feel the warmth from the alcohol in my stomach and I throw my head back and laugh. I love being drunk. Around us, the end of exams party is in full swing. People dance drunkenly against each other on the makeshift dance floor in the lounge room, stupid smiles plastered across their faces. So far, no one has thrown up, broken anything or had sex in Sav’s bed. Amazingly, she isn’t stressing at all, she just keeps yelling at people to down their drinks and have a good time. That might be courtesy of the caramel vodka shots she did before everyone got here. Sav is the best drunk to be around, she never cries or gets angry, she just sort of dances around in this bubble of deliriously happy energy that she tries to spread to everyone.


As we’re about to pour our second round of shots, a very drunk Tom wanders into the kitchen. “Mad party Sav,” he slurs happily, and Sav raises her shot glass to him. “Oh shit, pour me one!” He says, taking a seat next to Mimi at the kitchen bench. She smiles lazily at him, and he winks at her. I nudge Sav and we share a knowing glance. Mimi has never hooked up with Tom, and in all honesty she’s not missing out on anything. Early last year Sav drunkenly hooked up with him at a house party, and I did the same on New Year’s Eve. Neither of us rated him, other than as the worst kisser we’ve ever encountered. He was all tongue and too much saliva, not someone I would bother kissing again. Mimi seems more than keen, as she moves herself closer to him and he runs a hand up her thigh, so Sav and I don’t bother telling her what she’s getting herself into.


“Here you go Tom,” Sav says, sliding the full shot glass over to him, which he graciously accepts and downs in a mere 2 seconds. Sav and I whoop and holler at him, amazed when he neither gags nor makes a disgusted face. He turns to Mimi and winks again, and she raises her eyebrows suggestively. I hear a sexy sounding beat from the lounge room, and I squeal, grabbing Sav’s hand and pulling her to the dance floor, leaving Tom and Mimi to their flirting. The dance floor is crowded with people from school, and I’m in my element. Sav spies her boyfriend Marko sitting on the couch, and she stumbles onto his lap. They share a somewhat sloppy looking kiss, and I laugh, moving my hips to the rhythm of the music. The alcohol is pulsing through my system now, and my body takes over from my brain. The music heightens my buzz, moving me in provocative ways I’ve never even thought of, I have never felt so sexy in my life. I’m vaguely aware of people around me dancing too, but I’m somewhere else entirely. I feel someone push up behind me, but I don’t turn around to identify him, I just grind my hips against his, and we move in sync. I’m covered in sweat, but I’m too far gone to care, I just keep swaying against the mystery man, his hands roam my body hungrily and we’re getting more and more intense. Thoughts of My heady is woozy and my heart is beating too fast, the room is spinning with me, but I dance on and on into the night.






The first thing I see when I manage to open my eyes is the bright sunshine filtering through the open crack in the curtains. I try to move myself into a more comfortable position, wincing when my head pounds in pain. I prop myself up on the pillow, and the realisation hits that I’m in Sav’s room… And there’s someone next to me. Last night comes rushing back to me and I silently pray that it’s not a guy sleeping next to me. Someone seems to hear my prayer, and I smile fondly at the sleeping Mimi next to me, he long hair splayed over the pillow, and her sleeping face one of peace. She seems to sense that I’ve woken up, and she shifts slightly before opening her eyes sleepily and smiling at me.


“Morning sunshine!” I say, cuddling up to her and pulling the covers over us to keep the cold air out. “So Mimi, did you do it?” I ask her playfully, and she lets out a sound somewhere between a giggle and a groan. “He wanted my dick so bad Mim you have no idea, wow. So after you and Sav left he legit would not stop touching me and we were both so lit as well man. Just ended up getting in on Sav’s kitchen bench oh my god Mim, you have no idea how hot it was.” She pauses for a second and I burst into laughter because I can’t imagine a world where making out with Tom is hot. “Oi shut up! It was good Mia!” She protests, but by now she’s laughing too. We’re stunned into silence when a seemingly still drunk Sav comes dancing into the room singing some song from her new favourite musical ‘Rent’. Mimi and I stare at her in silence for a moment, before bursting into infectious laughter again as Sav jumps into the bed. Together, the three of us reflect on how the night went.


“Mimi got with Tom… And she liked it!” I exclaim in disbelief, and Sav shakes her head in amusement whilst Mimi groans into a pillow. I lie back down and busy myself playing with her hair, Sav tucks herself under the duvet, and the three of us lie there like kittens. “You can’t talk Mia! Dancing on Leo! Thought you were done with that?” Mimi fires back at me and I stare at her in shock. I shake my head frantically at her, my eyes wide and panicked. “I did not… Is that who I was dancing on?! Oh my god! No!” I drop my face into my hands and pretend to cry. The girls lap it up and use this as an opportunity to roast the living hell out of me, which turns into a nit-picking war between Mimi and I as we banter about who made the worst decision last night. Sav was the tiebreaker, and I lost the argument, Leo being the worst decision. I can’t say they’re wrong. Not that I actually remember the night, although I hope no one else does, because if Luke finds out, I’m in big trouble. 

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