One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


8. Birthday Sleepover Gone Crazy

"So what's it like? Having a boyfriend, I mean." I ask Sav, as we sit on my front step together. We're waiting for the rest of the girls to get here for my birthday sleepover, and I'm getting rather impatient. I tap my foot on the driveway, and focus my attention on Sav.  

"A bit weird, you know? I mean, it's only been a month, but I feel so comfortable with him, and he makes me feel really good about myself. It's just really great Mim, I'm so happy I could die!" She pretends to faint, and we giggle. 

"I'm really glad you're happy Sav, he seems perfect." I smile at her lovingly, genuinely pleased for her. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. "Now where the hell are the girls?" I ask her, and she shrugs. I can't believe they're all late, well, everyone except Sav. They were supposed to be here at 7.30, but Imogen's family is walking here so that her parents can get drunk with my parents, Alecia, Summer and Belle are god knows where, and Liv... I invited Liv. It was a courtesy invite more than anything, because even though she hangs out with other people, we still work together and I guess I miss having her around. She's working until 9 so she won't be here until later. 

Imogen arrives first, along with her little sister Amber and her parents. They give me a bunch of flowers and lots of hugs, and I thank them gratefully, before pointing them in the direction of my parents. Imi sits down next to Sav and I and starts telling us about the guy she's crushing on this week. Soon enough, Summer's mum's car pulls up, and out get Summer, Alecia and Belle. They each wear huge smiles, as they run up the driveway, before all of us girls are hugging and laughing. It's not often that we get to have a girls sleepover, since there are too many of us for our mothers to handle in one house. 

I watch the girls as we climb the stairs to my room, they're so lovely and innocent, yet when we all get together, something crazy always happens. Belle is probably the most innocent, she's not one to break rules, neither are Alecia or Summer, though they pretend they're rebels. Imi is more reluctant to break rules than Sav and I, but we always tell her the same thing before we're going on a totally crazy adventure; 'Rules are made to be broken'. It's served us well in the long run, we've had some pretty mad nights together, and I'll never forget them, hopefully the three of us will stay friends forever. 

After everyone's put their bags in my room, we head down towards the pool. It's not a hot night, but it's warm for the middle of spring, and we decide to go for a swim. As I'm walking through the gate, the girls all start running and shoving me towards the pool. I lose my balance, and scream in terror as my body smacks against the cool water. The temperature change is a shock, and I come up gasping, but giggling as the girls start trying to push each other in. The next hour an a half is spent like this, all of us laughing and mucking around, completely carefree. 

At about 9.45, I hear a car pull onto the driveway, and make my way round to the side gate, it's probably Liv. The moment I open the gate, I see that something isn't right. Liv's eyes are red and tear stained, it's obvious she's been crying. She sees me and her eyes well up again, so I go to her and wrap her in a big hug. I'm trying to muster up all the empathy and compassion inside my heart, but I just feel angry. This is my night.

She disentangles herself from me and opens the back door of her mum's Prado, then reaches into the car and starts pulling things out of it. First, she hands me a cake inside a tupperware container, it smells suspiciously like brownies, and my heart thaws a little. Next, she places a beautifully wrapped present on top of the cake, and finally grabs her bag and a pillow, before slamming the door and heading towards my side gate. Her mother flings up her hands in exasperation, and I exchange a look with her through the window. Clearly Liv has refused to tell her what's going on. I wave her mother off and scurry to catch Liv before she makes it to my backyard and I lose the chance to find out what happened. I put a hand on her shoulder when I reach her, and she turns to face me, before hugging me tightly again. 

"What happened?" I say gently into her hair. She sniffles, before telling me that Daniel had been rude to her at work all night, her mum was nagging her about schoolwork, and she was pmsing big time. I know that feeling. I give her some soothing words of advice, agree that Daniel is an asshole, and together we join the rest of my friends. 

"Liv, what kind of cake is this?" I say, before popping it in the fridge. She smiles, and I swear it's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders, I could not deal with it if she had a sour face on all night. "It's a diabetes cake, I found the recipe on Pinterest. The sponge is actually brownie, and the filling of the cake is cookie dough." She says it proudly, and I can tell she worked hard on it. I feel a pang of guilt for all the mean things I have thought about her in the past few weeks. The other girls and I all clutch our stomachs and moan, wow that cake sounds amazing. We agree we'll eat it later, since we've gauged ourselves on the chocolate fudge cookies my mum made us, and I'm pretty sure my pants button is in danger of popping open. 

An hour later, we're snuggled up in my lounge room, sprawled on blankets and beanbags, watching LOL. I love this movie, but I'm distracted from the love story of Lola and Kyle, because Liv has been texting - presumably her boyfriend - for the last 2 hours, and has hardly said anything to any of us. I pull out my own phone and send a quick message to Luke. 

​Liv has literally been texting her boyfriend ALL NIGHT. Not only did she turn up crying, but she hasn't even said a word in the last hour and a half. I seriously wish I didn't invite her lol she's ruining my night

I chuck my phone on the pillow beside me, it's only 11.30, so I assume he's still at work and won't be replying until later. Belle suddenly lets out the loudest fart I have ever heard, causing us to erupt into giggles, that is until the smell hits us. We end up having to evacuate the room for 5 minutes, Belle may be sweet, but she can rip one like it's no one's business. It's quite impressive actually. The only one who doesn't seem to think this is funny is Liv, who's still texting, only this time with a bored scowl on her face. She's always thought she's more mature than us. God, she's such a bore.

"Hey, Liv, I love your hair!" Alicia says suddenly, and we all look at Liv's hair. I have to admit, it does look nice; it's a low messy bun, it's half falling out, but it looks so effortlessly amazing, I'm actually a little jealous. Liv smiles knowingly, "Thanks! Luke said the same thing at work tonight, he thinks it makes me look older." She looks at me malignantly, checking that I heard her, and my eyes burn fire into her head. She so did not need to mention that, she's just trying to get under my skin. The air is tense for a moment, before Imi suggests we go back in and finish the movie. After checking that the coast is clear, or rather, smell free, we all take our positions on the couch and the floor again. My phone buzzes; a message from Luke. 

Hey, go easy on her. I've been texting her for the last hour and she's really upset. Don't be mean, Mim

Is he for fucking real?! I'm going to kill him. And her. 

A/N: Sorry sorry sorry! It's been like 3 weeks since my last update and you all deserve better! This is short, but I'll try and put up another chapter tomorrow my darlings <3 

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