One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


15. Belle Gets A Job


A week after our heated lusty make out session, Luke has disappeared. Again. It's been 5 days and he has been hardly replying to anything, and even when he does find the time to talk, he's really blunt with me. I'm trying to pretend I'm not bothered, but honestly, I'm furious. Everytime I let him in, he makes himself at home, makes me fall in love all over again, and then leaves. Each time the wound he leaves is bigger, and takes longer to heal. Just as it scars, he comes back. It's a vicious cycle that I can't seem to stop, maybe because I don't want to. I should tell him I'm done, but I don't think I have the will power to keep it up for more than a day. 

"So I just walk in and hand them my resume?" Belle whispers, dragging me out of my train of thought, probably for the best, it was getting morbid. We're sitting at the back of the bleak society and culture classroom, browsing through fan fiction and half heartedly online shopping. Productive for a grey and rainy Thursday morning. I turn to face her, smiling lazily. 

"Yeah, just go in and tell Mark or Dan that you want a job making pizzas. We need a new maker anyway so they'll probably have you in by next week." She squeals excitedly at my response, and I laugh at her. Belle's been working a shitty job at the local chemist for $6.50 an hour. She only gets one shift a week, and it's only 2 hours long. That's pretty lame when she's earning $13 a week and I'm earning $100. So I told her I'd put in a good word at Villa Verde if she wanted a job making pizzas, and as long as she worked hard and smiled a lot, they'd hire her. 

"Okay cool, I'm so excited, I'll finally be able to buy things!" She grabs my hand excitedly, and we squeeze each other tightly. 
"I'm excited too! I can't wait to work with my best friend, how awesome will that be!" We grin like idiots at each other before bursting into laughter. Mr Peters fixes us with a beady eyed stare, before returning to whatever is on his laptop. 

"What are we meant to be doing?" I whisper to Belle, and she shrugs her shoulders, as lost as I am in this class. 

"What's going on with you and Luke?" She asks tentatively, looking at me with her best 'I'm concerned you're making a big mistake' face. I roll my eyes and let my body go limp on the hard plastic chair beneath me. 
"Don't even go there. He's disappeared again. I think I'm going to end things." Belle nods her head earnestly, and I know exactly what she's going to say before the words have even left her mouth. 
"I think it's for the best Mim, he obviously isn't worth your time if he's treating you like this. You don't need him in your life! Anyway, I thought you and Leo Winchester had been all flirty lately?" She raises her eyebrows suggestively and I smirk.
Leo was in my year 7 class, and everyone thought we liked each other just because we're both British. He's gorgeous, all green eyes and perfect smile, not to mention the tan and toned body. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the most self righteous and pompous guy I have ever known. Since I'm also self righteous, we tend to come to blows quite a lot. Still, that jaw line looks like it's been sculpted in heaven. True, we've been flirting on and off for a week or so after I saw him around school and remembered how smoking hot he is. It won't last though, once we stop the banter and start talking about anything remotely serious, we'll come to a disagreement and the flirting will be a distant memory. I'm lapping it up whilst it lasts though. He could be a nice replacement for Luke, now that I think of it... 

"Earth to Mim, this is your captain speaking... Wipe the drool off your chin and answer my question!" Belle swats me with her hand and I pretend it hurt, which she laughs at. "Well?" She asks, eyebrows raised and eyes popping out of her head in anticipation. 
"Yeah, we've been chatting a bit. Super flirty, but it won't last." 
"Maybe you should ditch Luke and go for Leo. He's got way more time for you and his face is so much nicer than Luke's!" Belle says triumphantly, happy she's solved my problem for me. I laugh, and before I can indulge her deluded fantasy, the bell rings and talk turns to who's going to pay for our daily muffin. 


Listen Luke, I know you're busy and you have loads on at the moment and don't have much time to reply to me, but I'm really upset and hurt that you don't even bother making time. It seems to me that you just swoop in when I'm happy, make me all attached to you again, and then leave. I'm getting really tired of it, and it's best for me to just stop talking to you and cut you out of my life. I wish I didn't have to, but it's getting to the point that I'm not happy. Mim xx

Sitting on my bed in a cocoon of snuggly blankets, I read the message to Luke for what feels like the fiftieth time. Finally satisfied, I hit send, before deleting our entire text conversation, and opening my snapchat from Leo. I don't think I can even put into words how good looking he is. Of course he's the perfect substitute for Luke. I'm being a little minx like with the way I'm setting this into motion - I told Leo that Luke and I hadn't been speaking for about a month, so he thinks I'm well and truly over him. I know that I still love him, but Leo is fucking gorgeous and I would be an idiot to turn an opportunity like this down.

iMessage from Leo 

Do you feel like going somewhere after school on Thursday? :) 

I smile devilishly. Game on.

Yeah sure, just for coffee or something? Your pick 

Sounds good, I'll let you know where we're going later this week 

I'm excited, we haven't hung out in ages

I know! We better catch up on everything that's been going on since we last hung out 

That's okay, I'm sure we can make up for lost time ;)

Oh really, how do you propose we do that? ;) 

You'll see ... 😈 I have to shower, talk tomorrow though x 

I'm intrigued now, don't go! Or I can come with? 

Laughing like a maniac, I crawl out of bed, grab a towel and head towards the bathroom excitedly. I am so going to kiss Leo Winchester. Once I'm in the shower, I let the hot water scald my skin just slightly, exactly the way I like it. My thoughts turn to Luke, and I sit down heavily on the shower floor, and finally I let all the stress and sadness out, my tears mixing with the water, as though I hadn't shed any at all. 


Soon it's Thursday afternoon, and I'm sitting next to Leo in his new shiny silver car, and we're driving towards some cafe he's taking me to for coffee. I don't actually like coffee, but he does, and he actually chose somewhere to take me, so I'm more than happy to be sitting next to him. The sunlight hits his face at all the right angles, and reflects off his green eyes perfectly. How did I ever let this one go unseen for so long? I should've jumped on him months ago. 

He's chatting animatedly about some racing thing he went to with his dad, and though I'm sure it's very interesting, I can't quite concentrate. His face is a giant distraction. Still, I try to follow along with the story, nodding at the right points and adding an 'interesting'  every now and then. Eventually Leo pulls up at a nursery (the kind with plants, not babies), and parks the car. He suddenly shakes his head and starts laughing. 

"Why did I bring you here? Only old people come here! Oh my gosh, we're basically grandparents already!" He's laughing so loudly that it's infectious, and I join in. He points just outside the car at an old lady and says, "That woman has a fucking walking stick!" And we continue to laugh and laugh, our stomachs aching. By the time we've calmed down, Leo is bright red in the face, and has tears streaming down his cheeks. I clutch my sides tightly, as though they might fall off from laughing too much. 

"Okay, let's go somewhere else!" He announces, looking at me for suggestions. 

"We could just drive for a bit? The sunset is going to be nice, and I love this time of the afternoon, the sun shines in all the right places. It looks good on you." I attempt what I hope is a flirty half smile, though I probably look like an idiot. He smiles at me, and although I admire him, I don't melt the way I do when Luke smiles. My high comes down a notch. We pull out of the old people cafe carpark, and he starts to drive again.

"Yeah, I'd like that actually. I'll drop you home in an hour, you said you have to be home at 5.30 and I don't want your parents to think I'm a bad guy." I nod at him, smiling. "I like your hair when it's down. It's cute. Sometimes I think you're really cute, but then you try and act like you're bad and you don't care what anyone thinks. When in actuality I think you're confidence is sexy, and when you do get flustered it's cute. You don't have to put on the act you know." He says carefully, stealing glances at me as he speaks. I'm lost for words for a few seconds. No one ever says anything like this to me, and I'm not sure whether to take it as a compliment, or defend myself. My answer surprises me. 

"Thanks, I'm glad you know that's not always me. I'm glad you like the other parts." I can't hide the smile in my voice, and he turns and smiles back at me. I feel suddenly out of my depth. I'm not used to being turned into a smiling idiot, I'm used to being in control of situations. 

An hour later, we've talked about everything under the sun, and we're still chatting when we pull into my driveway. Since it's a little into Autumn, the sun has already set, and the sky is a rich deep blue, already dotted with stars. I get out of the car once he's put it into park, and he does the same. 

"I had a really nice time with you today Leo," I say as I walk around the front of the car to where he stands. He smiles, "Me too, we should hang out more often, see what happens." 

"We should. I think we'd be good together if I'm honest. Even though we'd argue about stupid things, like whether you're meant to pull out into the intersection at traffic lights whilst you're waiting to turn." I grin at him as he readies himself to argue with me again, before he realises that I'm just winding him up, and he laughs. Boldly, I take a step closer to him, and his eyes flash with something I haven't seen. I lick my bottom lip ever so slightly, and raise an eyebrow coyly as I move a little closer to him. 

"Are your parents going to be annoyed if I steal you for a little longer?" He asks seductively, and I bite my lip. 

"Hmmm, depends. What are we going to do?" 

"You'll see..." He winks at me, throwing back my words for earlier this week. I laugh, before hugging him and turning on my heel towards the house. 

"Bye Leo!" I call brightly over my shoulder. I hear him start to protest, so I swiftly turn back towards him, and plant a soft kiss on his lips. I linger for a moment, before pulling back, winking at him, and rushing inside. I hear him let out a bewildered chuckle, and I smile to myself, before shutting the door behind me. 

My thoughts quickly become sad as I remember Luke's smiling face. It's like a punch to the gut, and I gag, reeling over at the bottom of the staircase. I recover, and scurry upstairs to my room, before burying myself under my duvet as the tears threaten to spill. That was a mistake. Oh, poor Leo. Poor Luke. Fuck, Mim. 


It's 1:24AM, the world is silent as Luke and I speed through the night. He was supposed to drop me home after we finished work an hour and a half ago, but instead we ended up nowhere near home, driving at break neck speeds with the music way too loud. He never replied to my message, but he got it. He apologised, he told me everything he had going on and why he didn't reply. I told him I forgave him, but in my mind I was still angry. 

I watched the trees and road blur into one as we whizzed past. Luke was driving way too fast, I don't know what's gotten into him, he usually doesn't get to 140km/h when I'm in the car. I don't necessarily feel unsafe, so I'm surprised when I say what I say next. 

"Luke! Be careful, I don't want to die knowing that you're not the last person I kissed!" I shout over the music at him. He turns down the music, and the car slows as he takes his foot off the accelerator. He looks over at me, confusion covers his face. 
"What? Who was it?" He asks, putting a hand on my thigh as the car slows again, down to 60km/h now. I squeeze my face up, knowing he's not going to like the answer. Luke has known that Leo flirts with me for a while, he's seen a couple of messages here and there, enough to think that Leo has a thing for me. I guess he's right. 

"Don't hate me... It was Leo." I quickly scan his face for a reaction, before I'm suddenly jolted forward in my seat as Luke slams on the brakes in the middle of the road. 

"Are you insa-" I'm cut off by his lips on mine, and my body welcomes them. My heart speeds up, and I get butterflies in my stomach, god I've missed this. His tongue dances with mine, and his hands are on my body instead of the steering wheel. Luke Hemmings is everything. 



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