One Day (LRH)

Luke is hot, smoking hot. With his shiny lip ring, big blue eyes and mussed up blonde hair, 15 year old Mia can't help but fall in love. What seems to be a pointless crush suddenly becomes something more when Luke starts texting her one night. What will happen when things heat up between the two? Can Mia make it work, or will it all come crumbling down at her feet? Read to find out!


17. Are you kidding me?!

I lie on the slightly scratchy carpet in the middle of my room, still panting from my run. It's only 7AM, and the rest of the world seems to be making the most of their Easter Saturday, and by that, I mean they're sleeping. I, on the other hand, decided it was time to burn off the mammoth amount of chocolate bunnies I ate yesterday, and went for a run around the neighbourhood. I love the feeling of exhilaration as the endorphins start to circulate, the wind rushes past my ears, almost roaring, as my legs take over. This morning was harder than usual, I reached the point where I thought I could take no more, and I almost stopped. But I pushed into the balls of my feet, pumped my arms, and kept running. 


Rolling onto my side, I let out a low sound somewhere between a growl and a scream at the text message I just received from Luke. I chuck my phone across the room, take a deep breath, and pull my aching body onto its feet. I avoid looking in the mirror mounted on my wall - I know what I look like after workout out, and it's not a pretty sight. I head downstairs slowly, my heart pounding in my ears still. I can hear people in the kitchen, which is strange, since mum and dad usually stay in bed as long as possible, and Piper isn't usually awake before 9. A delicious pancake smell wafts from the kitchen, and as I round the corner I see that mum's been busy whilst I was running. An involuntary smile grows on my face as I see mum with her back to me, shaking her hips to 'All About That Bass' whilst cooking a crepe. I engulf her in a big sweaty hug from behind, and she gasps, clearly not expecting anyone else to be awake. 

"Morning my precious girl, what are you doing up this early hmm?" She smiles at me, and I know that she's in a good mood - I could've guessed as soon as I saw her cooking. 
"I went for a run, it's getting colder now though, I'm going to have to start wearing tights and a proper shirt! I hate winter." She pokes me with her spatula as I steal a strawberry from the bowl on the counter, and I give her my best 'I'm an angel' look. 

"Go and find something useful to do, wake up your siblings and tell them I'm making pancakes. Off you go!" She waves her spatula towards the door with the grace of a fairy, and I head upstairs to rally the troops for breakfast. 

After waking all 3 siblings up and enduring only a bit of grumbling from them, we sit together on the big plush couch in the TV room whilst mum finishes making breakfast. We're watching 'How to Train Your Dragon', Piper's choice. Piper's legs stretch out over my stomach, and her head lays next to Olivia, who's cuddled up in the corner, as usual. Charlie occupies the largest part of the couch, since being the only boy, he gets certain privileges. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on the movie, though it's one that I love, because I'm itching for Luke's next reply. 

He texted me 9 times this morning about his wisdom teeth removal, being an absolute wuss. We were supposed to be seeing each other today, and as usual I'd been counting down to it all week, but he messaged me this morning telling me that he can't do anything. True, his jaw was slightly swollen in the picture he sent me, but he still looks gorgeous. I replied to his messages, most of which were about how he can't go out all weekend, telling him to stop being a wuss and take some painkillers. I wasn't very nice, truthfully, but to be honest I don't care. I want him to know that I'm not happy with him, I was so excited about this weekend, and as per usual, he was going to mess it up. Wrapped up in my own thoughts and barely concentrating on my surroundings, I almost don't feel the vibration of my phone, signalling a message from Luke. 


I'm sorry Mim, I literally can't do anything :( I won't be able to kiss you or anything and you'll just get mad if we hang out... 

Are you joking Luke? You know I like you, it's not all about hooking up. Just come and see me later, I'll be nice and loving and make you feel better :) 

Haha okay, I'll let you know later bub x

Please come xxx


"Guys, breakfast is up! Quickly, before it gets cold, someone go and get your father. He's in the garage, tinkering with things, surprise surprise..." Mum says brightly from the kitchen, and the four of us start to peel ourselves off of the couch, mumbling about stiff legs and necks. Charlie wanders off to find Dad, and the rest of us sit down at the table. 

I quickly snap a photo of the meal Mum's created today, it looks amazing. She's happiest when she's cooking, so we're never short of gorgeous food in this house, which we're eternally grateful for. Today Mum's truly surpassed herself. A glass dish of perfectly round golden pancakes occupies the middle of the table, next to a bowl of fresh strawberries, dusted with icing sugar, like the first coat of snow on winter grass. Six raspberry muffins stand tall on a colourful round plate, begging to be chosen over the crispy grease laden bacon rashers in the dish behind them. My 5kg pot of Nutella, given to me generously by Mark for my 16th birthday, finishes off the impressive display. The smell alone is enough to send me into a food coma. We sit, devouring the food with our eyes as we wait for Dad to join us at the table. Not a second after he's seated, we've started tucking in, piling our plates with variations of Mum's marvellous creations. 





I shut Luke's car door and turn to face him, smiling fondly at his slightly swollen jaw, before giving him a gentle hug, careful not to hurt him. 

"How are you feeling?" I ask, tentatively, stroking his hair. 

"Better than yesterday, and I'm super doped up on painkillers because I was like dying this morning.." I roll my eyes at him and he turns away from the road to poke me playfully in the ribs. "What? You wouldn't even know! It hurts!" He proclaims. 

"Yeah yeah, sure it does." I tease, laughing as he pulls out of my driveway. He texted me earlier saying he was okay to hang out, though he didn't know what he wanted to do, and asked me for suggestions. I, of course, didn't give him any. It's not that I'm so unintelligent that I can't think up anything to do with Luke, it's just that I'm so worried that he'll judge my choice. How I would love to ask him to take me to lunch at some cute cafe, or venture into the city with me to explore, but I don't think that's what he wants. There is no way in Hell I'm risking the 'what are we?' conversation this early. I'm far to scared of losing the hottest guy who's ever acknowledged my existence. So, I stayed quiet, merely shrugging my shoulders at him and smiling. 

We turn up Castle Hill shopping centre 10 minutes later, with Luke saying we'll go and get something to eat. He drives around to the mall side, and I wonder aloud why we're not in the multi-storey carpark for the new part of the shopping centre. "I want your opinion on some clothes I was looking at," Luke says. I think I see a hint of shyness in his blue eyes, but before I can acknowledge it, he slaps my left ass cheek and strides ahead, leaving me speechless and open-mouthedly smiling behind him. Seeing that I'm not following, Luke leans on a wall next to the stairs that lead to the mall, smirking knowingly at me. I hide my giggle as I notice that his swollen jaw makes him look a little like a chipmunk. But oh, those dimples. 

When I reach him, I elbow him in the side, putting on my angriest expression. He smiles innocently at me, popping out those gorgeous dimples, and I can't hold my face any longer, breaking into a huge ear-splitting grin. He plays with his lip ring for a moment, and desire flashes across his eyes. Before I can even take in what's about to happen, Luke has me up against the wall, one hand gripping my waist, the other squeezing my left butt cheek. His mouth finds my neck before my lips, and I let out a gasp as he places gentle kisses up towards my jaw bone. My eyes close blissfully, but I have no time to savour the experience because his lips are on mine and we're kissing, hot and hard. Everything south clenches and pulses, oh my. 

The sound of footsteps down the stairs has us breaking apart, staring each other in the eyes, both breathless and wanting more. The person belonging to the footsteps makes their way past us awkwardly, eyeing us as we both try to catch our breath. Without warning, Luke starts laughing, his eyes closing as he holds onto me for support. The laughter is infectious, and I find myself joining in as I take his hand and lead him up the steps. 

Neither of us have made a decision on what we're going to do with our day, but we're having fun regardless, both of us messing around with each other and laughing. I'm going through a rack of clothes to see if I can find anything I would like on Luke in Trade Secret, when he comes up behind me and grabs my ass cheeks, massaging them with his hand whilst I freak out about someone seeing us, though as I look around I observe that everyone is minding their own business. I'm about to combust when he whispers in my ear, "I'm having a hard time controlling myself when you're wearing those jeans Mim." His voice is enough to make me melt. 


After doing a lap around Trade Secret, Luke has already decided he hates everything in the shop, so we walk over to the main shopping centre. "Hey, do you wanna go watch fast and furious?" Luke says, trying to be casual by picking one of his nails. I smile, he's so damn cute! "I'm going to see it with Dad next week, but I'm more than happy to go twice." Why oh why did I just give him an excuse as to why I can't go? Get it together Mim!

"Oh okay, don't worry about it then." Luke looks down at his feet as we walk, obviously disappointed. I stroke my nails up his forearm, "No no no, let's go. What time is it on today? Lets go and look." I smile widely at him, and he looks at me fondly, laughing as I drag him towards the movie theatre. 

Once we're near the counter our eyes flick over the different movies, looking for Fast and Furious screenings. Luke's arm brushes mine as he points to the 2.30pm showing, and raises his eyebrows. I smile and walk towards the counter. 

"What can I do for you?" The woman behind the counter asks us politely. 

"Um, two to see fast and furious at 2.30 please," Luke smiles charmingly at her, and I feel a pang of jealousy when she returns it. I fumble around in my wallet for my card, getting flustered when I can't get it out quickly. Luke touches my hand, and I look up to face his gorgeous eyes questioningly. "I'm paying. Put your wallet away." I barely have time to protest before he's handed his card over and paid for both our tickets. I try not to make a big deal of it, but inside my chest my heart jumps with excitement. We saunter over to the snack bar and try to agree on something to buy. 

"Can we get maltesers?" I ask, fluttering my eyelashes only slightly at him. Luke looks at me for a long time, a strange expression on his face. I'm about to ask what's wrong when he tips my chin up slightly and gives me a gentle kiss on the lips. "You're perfect." I says gently, taking the bag out of my hand and heading towards the counter. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, and follow him, in a daze of love, lust and affection. 

We walk towards cinema number 4 together, as Luke pretends to trip me over and I pretend to be mad. We're both giggling obnoxiously loud when I spot Josh and his mates paying for tickets at the counter. I falter for a moment, and Luke looks at me questioningly, before following my line of sight and seeing Josh. I have been avoiding him ever since he confessed how much he likes me. I don't know what it is, but I just don't want to put up with him when I don't feel the same way back; he's so whiny about it. Luke takes my hand and pulls me into the cinema, smiling at me dopily. "Don't stress, they probably aren't even seeing the same movie as us bub. Come on, let's find our seats!" He places a little kiss on my forehead before nuzzling into my neck.

"You know, for someone who 'can't kiss', you're kissing me a lot today. Weirdo." I stick my tongue out at him, taking the tickets from his hand and wandering towards the seats marked row F 11 & 12. Once we've both sat down, Luke moves the armrest between us out of the way, and slings his arms around my shoulders. I can see him leaning in for another kiss, but something catches my eye, and I turn to see Josh walking into the theatre. 

"Oh shit," I whisper to Luke, my eyes wide in alarm. This is going to be interesting.


A/N: Happy 18th to my Latina friend Audrey! Love u forever xxxxx


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