Wolf Blood

too lazy...read to find out....


2. Mila's POV

“Guys, get on any of the wolves, now!” I exclaim and turn myself into a wolf. I felt somebody get on my back.


                We all start running with the four idiots. They’re lucky that ages ago, the blood suckers and our kind decided to divide the woods in three parts: the left side of the woods belongs to the blood suckers. The right side belongs to our kind and the center belongs to none of us. So, this is the place where humans come.  And the bloodsuckers can go through this side and so can we. We keep running with the vampires behind, but not far behind. But anyways we slow down once we finally get to the right side of the woods. And the blood suckers have nothing else to do but to stop and turn around.

                We make the humans get off so we can turn back into people. The humans are in extreme shock. I think that’s why they’re laughing so hard and hitting each other.


“This has to be some dream.” one of them laughs while hitting the one that’s next to him.


“It’s not. So live with that.” Calum says aggressively. I smack his chest.


“What are the names?” I ask.


“Alex Gaskarth.” One of them say, shaking our hands.


“Rian Dawson.” Another says, repeating Alex’s actions.


“Jack Barakat.” The other waved.


“Zack Merric.” The last one said. Not bothering to wave or shake our hands.


“Good. Mila Grey.” I say.


“Calum Hood.”


“Michael. Clifford.”


“Camilla Fox.”


“Abigail Johnson.”


“Daniella Cunis.”


“Ashton Irwin.”


“Luke Hemmings.” We all introduced ourselves.


“Cool. What’s this all about? How did you turn into a giant wolf? Who were these guys? And why do they run so fast?” Rian asked all at once.

“OK. But you have to keep this, a mayor secret. You can’t say anything at all about this.” Camilla warns.


“I wouldn’t tell them.” Calum said.


“I think they should know. I mean, they’ve already seen a lot.” Mikey said.


“I’m with him.” Abby and I say in sync.


“Whatever. Do what you want.” Cal sighs.


“Those guys who were chasing us, those are Vampires, we call them blood suckers, you call them whatever you like, and we don’t care. So, that’s why they run so fast. We are werewolves; we can turn into wolves whenever we want, no specific time. And we decided to save you because we know that the blood suckers are planning something and they need more vampires. So we decided to save you, because it’ll buy us some time until we figure out what do they wanna do. But you can’t leave just yet because the vampires will be chasing you no matter what. They’re starving.” Camilla says.


“Uhhhh…” the guys say after she’s done.


“See? They’re stupid. Why bother.” Calum says.


“Shut your rude ass!” I exclaim.


“What kind of blood do you guys have?” Abby asks.


“O negative.” Jack answers. We all smile except the humans.


“Good. It’ll drive them nuts, but they can’t come over to our side. It’s like we’re dangling you guys in they’re faces.” Danni says.


“You hungry?” I ask. The guys nod.


                We get in our small house. And serve them food. This is good stuff! Although, I think that Jack is pretty cute. He’s the one who called me cute when I showed up…





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