Wolf Blood

too lazy...read to find out....


1. Mila's P.O.V.

~~“FOOD!” I yell excitedly. Then everybody starts cheering. “Come to mama!”
“Yes…” Luke says relived. “I’m starving.”

“Yeah, me too.” Camilla says.

“Well, dig in!”  Mikey exclaims. We all start eating.

 Ok, I know you’re wondering ‘what the hell is going on in here?’ so, I’ll start with telling you that, this is sort of like, a pack…of wolves. We have:

Camilla: she’s my best friend.
Michael: he’s my best friend. But he is Camilla’s boyfriend.

Abigail: she’s my best friend.
Ashton: he’s my best friend. And he’s Abby’s boyfriend.

Daniella: best friend.
Luke: Danni’s Boyfriend.

Calum: my best friend.

Mila: Me.

 So, as I said earlier, we’re all wolves here. Nothing to hide with you.  But keep this a top secret. Yes, it’s a little awkward to see that, basically, all my friends have a boyfriend/girlfriend and I’m just here like, ‘hey…I’m single but…I’m in a serious relationship with my bed and food.’  I know, Cal is single. But he has his eyes on somebody else. So, no chance at all. Not that I’m even interested in him anyways…so…
 Anyways…so, as you always see, wolves have enemies, the vampires. They call themselves ‘One Direction’  and…as you can see, they have a really bad direction, like us…we’re just naturally enemies, but, we all want the same things…keep our kind a secret.  And we have way different ways of thinking. They’re ‘blood suckers’ as we call them, and we are ‘dogs’ as they call us. The blood sucker think that, when they call us ‘dogs’, it’s an insult. But its not, I mean, we are dog’s families, so, there’s no secret. And they know. And we know that when we call them ‘blood suckers’ it doesn’t hurt them, we just call them what they are, though they prefer ‘vampires’.

 Anyways, enough about nicknames. So, we eat human food, regular food, mostly meat, but regular food. And we turn into wolves whenever we want to. It’s not like in those movies you see, that we turn into wolves at midnight. And to keep our kind alive. We need to have kids, preferably a wolf, but sometimes some wolves fall for humans and some are lucky that their kids are wolves, but some aren’t so, that comes with some punishment that I don’t know, our fathers never told us. Speaking of parents, we have this, weird rule that, our parents have to send us free once we’re 13. So…yeah, I haven’t seen my parents since I was 13. I’m 16 now.

 Back to reality. We’ve just finished eating, and as a routine we have, we all turned ourselves into wolves to do have some fun. For some reason, while running, I went to another path, I don’t even know how I did that. I just did. So I stopped and sniffed. Trying to find the smell of my pack. I can’t. So I turn myself in ‘human’ and start walking. I hear people making loud noises and laughing. I sniff. Human. The blood suckers have been out of control for some reason lately, so I decide to scare them away.  So I walk up to them just to see four ten-like boys.

“Guys.” I say scaring the hell out of them.

“Oh…God. It’s just a girl.” One guys said.

“A cute one.” Another said.

“Shut up.” Another one said, smacking the second guy’s chest.

“Ow.” The second guy whined.

“Shut up. You need to go. It’s not safe.” I say.

“What? What’s going on here?” Said the one that hasn’t talked at all.

“Yes. What’s going on?” hissed a familiar voice. I close my eyes and sigh.

“What happened to the ‘we have to keep our kind a secret’?” I ask. I heard a dry laugh.

“I don’t care that much now. I’m starving.” It’s Harry, one of the blood suckers. I started howling. Not long after, my pack came crashing down to defend us. I know this is bad. Four guys just saw me howling and saw a pack of wolves coming. But I know it’s to protect them. It’s one of our rules: to protect humans. And I also know that what they are about to see next, is way worst.


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