The Finding

Jenna doesn't know what's true and what's a lie. She has to find truths herself and with the help of her friends. She used to live among humans, but she knew she never fits in. Jenna goes through many troubles and complication through her adventure, but she has her friends to help her back up. This book is based on Keeper of the Lost Cities.


2. Chapter One (Jenna)

Chapter One (Jenna)

"Jenna! Have you just decided to not pay attention to the class because you think your better than us?" Mr.Mason said. He had pulled out my earbuds and held it like it was evidence to a crime. Then again it might be evidence to Mr.Mason's head.

The whole entire class stared at me waiting for my answer. They all had smirks on their faces, happy seeing me getting in trouble. They all hated that I was a class prodigy, I had skipped a couple grades. I'm a 12 year old in my senior year of high school. Basically everyone towered over me. "Well Jenna answer the question, " Mr.Mason said.

"No sir I don't think I'm better than everyone," I said. I saw Mr.Mason's anger grow. He looked like he was gonna say something but he decided not to. He shoved my iPod and earbuds in my hand and walked away continuing the tour. I heard him muttering to himself something that I didn't bother trying to catch.

The rest of the class followed the teacher while I just stayed where I was. The faces my classmates had showed anger. They shoved me to the side, and laughed. As soon as they all left the room, I put the earbuds back in my ears. I went over to a sculpture trying to figure what it was. I was staring at the details of it and the colors on it. It was a very pretty structure. I moved to another side of it to get a better view of it and I noticed that I was being watched.

He was looking directly at me. He had a newspaper in his hand that had my picture on it with the title "The Child Prodigy Turns Down Harvard!" My parents didn't want me to catch a lot of attention, because they despise it. They told me just to go pick a local college in San Diego, and someone found out. Reporters came asking so many questions. But now they don't care at the moment because of fires. They aren't any ordinary fires, they had just started last week. It had a sweet sugary smell to it, and people tend to stay inside because of the smoke.

I stared at my photo and then looked at the boy. He looked like he was about 15 maybe 16. He had dark hair and his eyes are blue. It wasn't like any blue I've ever seen. It was a different shade. It looked teal colored. He saw me looking at him and he had a look in his face. Disappointment? He covered it too quick for me to try to figure it out. We walked over to me and smiled. "Is this you?"he asked pointing to my picture on the newspaper.

I sort of blushed and then said, "Umm..yeah that's me." He smiled a smile that belonged to a movie screen. My stomach did that weird fluttery things. I was so shocked, I can't be one of those girls. Why was a cute guy like him talking to me? I'm a nobody.

"I never thought your eyes would be brown," he said, cutting my thoughts away. As he said that, I started to feel self conscious about my eyes. What's wrong with my eyes?

"What's wrong with my eyes?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry about it. I think you should go back to your group, your teacher doesn't seem like he likes you," he said. He turned to start walk away, and soon little kids came in through the room. Their thoughts, oh it screamed in my head. I never was able to control it. I knew that if I told someone that I could hear people's thoughts, they would see me as a freak. I am a freak. Hearing what peoples hear is painful, but hearing little kids thoughts is like pins piercing my head. They hurt so much. My hand automatically went to my head and started rubbing it. I realized that I wasn't alone. I opened my eyes and looked to see around if anyone one noticed.

The boy. He was looking at me. My secret, it's out.

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