The Celebrity House

3 weeks.
10 celebs.
20 episodes.
21 days.
Many challenges.
This is.....
The Celebrity House.
Meet Cara Rose. 18 years old, Irish singer/songwriter and actress. With her blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she has many wanting her, envying her and loving her. She was voted the Top UK and Ireland Role model 2015. But is she just a normal girl? Watch and find out on this years biggest, new reality TV show; The Celebrity House.

Watch 10 celebrities live in a house together for 21 days, completing various challenges to stay in the competition. There will be tears, laughter and many surprises coming. Will there be love? New friendships? Who knows? Watch to find out.

Tbh, I don't know how this is going to turn out. Hopefully good. Hope everyone likes it and if you don't....sorry. Please vote and comment and stuff.
~L. x


1. Prologue

"So, would you like to enter this competition and join our casting crew?"

"Why not?
2 hours earlier
"Ok Cara, you can go home now. You're finished for the day," I heard the delightful words from the director.

"Ok, thanks everyone! See you guys tomorrow," I called out as I was leaving the set with the world's biggest grin on my face.

When I stepped outside into the bitter, New York air, I shivered, wrapping my heavy, Winter coat around me. I trudged down the steps and to my car, I hopped in and drove the 10 minute drive home to the house that I shared with my best friend, Zoe. You may or may not know Zoe and I. We are both actresses on the hit drama show Living in NYC. I also record my own music.

That's where I just was, by the way. I was on the set of Living in NYC. Zoe wasn't in the scene we were shooting today, so she stayed at home. I just completed my part for the day so I finally got to go home.

When I arrived, I opened the door with my keys.

"I'm hooooooooome! Where are you Zo?" I called out.

"I'm in the kitchen and I have company," I heard Zoe reply.

I furrowed my eyebrows, who was here? It's a Saturday night. Zoe and I usually spend our night eating pizza and watching movies. I sighed as I started walking to the kitchen.

"Hey Z- why is Louis Tomlinson in the kitchen?" I cut myself off, cocking my head to the side, looking at the British singer casually standing in my kitchen.

"Hi love. I'm Louis, but I think you already know that," he chuckled.

I smiled, taking a seat on the counter, "Well Louis, I'm a big fan by the way, what are you doing here? I'm kind of confused in case you didn't already guess."

Louis didn't have time to answer though, because Zoe butted in, "What do you mean Cara? Why wouldn't he be here? I mean we are so cool ya know?"

I rolled my eyes at Zoe while I turned to look at Louis once again, giving him a questioning look.

"Oh, right yeah! Well you see, there is going to be this new show on TV soon. It's called The Celebrity House. Basically we get 10 celebs, and put them in a house for 3 weeks, give them lot's of challenges to do, film everything that goes on, and show it to the public. I am one of the presenters of the show and the show wants you to be on it. I promise it will be lot's of fun and we have already asked your management about it. They said 'yes,' something about making you more famous and more publicity or something....?" Louis explained to me, while I digested all of this new information.

"So basically, you want me to go into a house with 9 other people for 3 weeks and you are going to film it?" I asked cautiously.

Louis nodded, "So, would you like to enter this competition and join our casting crew?"

"Why not?" I replied, shrugging, "when is it?"

"Wait, you are just going to do it and ask the questions after?" Louis asked, confused.

I nodded, "as I said before, why not? Anyway, if I don't, my management will just make me."

Louis smiled, sympathetically. I guess he understands, the whole management thing.

"Anyway!" Louis began with a grin, "it starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 21st of the same month. It takes place in California and we will fly you out there and all of that stuff. All you need to bring with you are clothes and yourself. Phones and laptops, etc will be confiscated on arrival, there will be no contact with the outside world allowed. You will not be allowed to leave the premises of the house but you will be allowed go to the back garden which has a pool so don't forget your bikini!"

Louis pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, "This is your contract, you don't have to read it because your management already has but you can if you want. Just sign down the bottom of the page and that will be it."

I rummaged through the drawers looking for a pen, eventually locating one,"Aha! Anyway....can you tell me who else will be joining me in this house?"

"Obviously not, you idiot! That ruins the surprise," Zoe rolled her eyes.

"Oh, you're still here?" I teased, sticking my tongue out. She stuck hers out right back at me.

"Sorry, I can't tell you but I'm sure you'll get along with someone. We have a mixture of ages, genders and personalities lined up to make it more interesting," Louis reassured me.

"Cool! That's great then, I can't wait," I relied while handing the signed contract back to Louis.

"Perfect, I better be going then, lot's to do! But before I go, can I use your bathroom?" Louis smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, I'll show you," Zoe replied, already heading off with Louis trailing after her.

A few seconds later, Zoe came back to find me standing in the middle of the kitchen, frozen in shock.

"What happened to you?" Zoe laughed.

"Louis Tomlinson is in our house to see me....ME!? He is like, amazing! I was able to keep my cool when he was here because I didn't want to look like an idiot, but know he is gone," I replied, shaking.

"Cara, you are just as famous as him! Stop being ridiculous," Zoe laughed.

"I know Zo, but that can't stop me from thinking of him as a huge inspiration, you know I love listening to One Direction's music, it just all seems surreal, like one day I will wake up in my bed in Ireland, living with my mum and dad, before all of this started," I explained, moving my hands around as I spoke.

Zoe wrapped her arms around my slender figure. She knew how tough it felt sometimes. She was one of the few people who understood me, it's why we were always so close. That and the fact that we were co-stars on a TV show together. It's kind of ironic, really. The show is about a girl from Ireland moving to New York for work, I play that girl. My character becomes friends and moves in with Zoe's character. It really is weird, it is exactly what happened in real life.

Louis came back in soon after that. We said our goodbyes and he left, saying that I will get information about the show sent to me soon. I can't wait for the show. Some people may think I am crazy but I can't wait to get away from my life; the media, my management, the hectic life, the place where I can't walk down the street without someone knowing who I am. To the people living in the house with me, I will just be Cara, that girl that is living with us for the next 3 weeks. To them I'm normal but to everyone else, I have to be classified as something; famous. 

But why? I don't understand what makes me special. Sure, I may sing and act but why does that mean that everyone needs to know where I am and what I'm doing at every moment in my life. I can't be seen out with a boy because he will automatically be my boyfriend. If I am seen out with a girl, I am replacing Zoe. 

I love my fans but I also love my private life, I can't wait until July now.



A/N: I just thought that I would post the Prologue but I won't be posting chapter 1 until January 2016. I am super excited to be writing this story, the idea is not totally mine as I got the idea from the show; I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! If you know what it is, great and if you don't, you need to watch it! Anyway, ONE DIRECTION IS NOT IN THIS STORY!! Just if people stopped reading because, of One Direction. Yes, Louis will be in it, but just because I needed a funny famous person to be a presenter and he was the first person that came into my head.

~L. x

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