California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


2. California Runaway Girl

Chapter Two
... Every limb in my body told me to let him live his life in California but my heart told me different. "I don't know if I can trust you after this. You have broken my heart into two and I don't know if I can just get over this." Hunter cried. "I understand, just say the word and I will go and you will never have to see me again." I said. He nodded and I got up and gave him a goodbye hug, for good this time. I walked away feeling like someone just pulled it out. Even though I only knew him for three months, he was the best thing that ever happened to me and I felt like I knew him all my life. I hoped he would come and say 'Wait I am so stupid. I am coming with you'. But I was already out of the door and half way down the road by now. 

I was at the house with all my bags packed just staring at my phone waiting for him to call but he didn't. I looked on my iPad for last minute  flights to Europe. London looked good, I love British people. 

At the airport, I got a coffee and waited for my flight. I had another few hours. I just thought about turning myself in to the police as I had nothing or no one to lose. My decision was final, I got up and walked towards the door until I heard a deep voice. The same gentle, deep voice that I heard when I fell in love and my life changed forever. "Kailey Jamesons! Wait." I whispered to god, "Thank you". Hunter caught up to me, held my arms and said " I am never letting you go again, I don't know what I would do without you."He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. " Where were you going anyway? I mean where are we going?" Hunter asked with a cheesy grin. " London baby! We can go to the Big Ben, the London Eye and even where the queen lives. Let's just forget about this and start over." I smiled giving him a long, silent hug. I never wanted to let him go. 
We got to London and explored the big city. We went to all the iconic places in London that I dreamed of going to since I was a child. After an exhausting day, we booked a little hotel for the night. "This is the life I have always wanted and I can get to share it with you." I said. Hunter replied " Yes I know, me too. Do you remember when I told you about my dad?" I nodded. "Well he lives in London now too and I want you to meet him." Hunter asked. " Woah! Meeting the family! That's a big step" I laughed. " Oh gosh, it is too fast isn't it?" He sighed. " Oh no! Of course not, look how much we have been through in more than three months. I guess I am just a bit nervous." I said. " I made a reservation for us to meet tomorrow evening. Even though it is only three o'clock here, I am so tired. I think I am just going to get some sleep." He kissed me on the cheek and went in the bedroom. I laid down trying to sleep but I was thinking about so many different things that I couldn't. I went out.

I wanted to impress Hunter's family, as I couldn't mine. I bought a beautiful, expensive looking dress but it really wasn't. All I need were so not so expensive earrings. I walked past an emporium and a pair of silver earrings caught my eye. They looked so real and the fake diamonds were shimmering like the sun. Surprisingly they were only five pounds. I was all set for tomorrow evening. 

The next day, Hunter went out job searching, he used to be a lawyer back in the US and he obviously had to quit his amazing job for me. 

That evening I told Hunter I would meet him there, so he could have some father-son bonding time. 

When I arrived, everyone stared at me whilst I walked down the stairs. I wore a long purple dress covered in a stunning white lace, as I walked down the marble stairs, the purple silk trailed behind me. My earrings stood out the most I think, they twinkled like stars. It was a jazz restaurant with an amazing jazz band playing in the background. I saw Hunter and it looked like his heart was melting. He walked towards the stairs and took hold of my hand. " You look stunning!" He made my cheeks blush and my eyelashes flutter like we was meeting again for the first time. He walked me towards his father. 

"Hello Miss Jameson, you look lovely this evening! It is a pleasure to meet the person that makes my son so happy." He put out his hand for me to shake it. " Oh thank you Mr Blake. You don't look so bad yourself." We laughed. The evening was perfect, we laughed, drank, ate and talked all about Hunter as a kid. He even offered to put money towards our wedding, which was weird because we wasn't even engaged yet. " So what do you do for a living Mr Blake?" I asked. " Oh please... call me Dad! I'm joking, Carter is fine. I deal with really expensive jewelry, you can show me any piece of jewelry and I could tell you all about." He laughed. " Wow that is really cool. Oh, now you mention that, I bought these yesterday from a little emporium and they look so real but they were only five pounds." I wondered. " Five pounds! These are worth millions." He took a closer look. " Yes, these are real. Very real indeed. These are so rare, only three of these were made. You have got yourself about five million pounds right here." He looked gobsmacked. Hunter and I jumped up with excitement. We were millionaires! 
It was midnight when we finally got to the hotel. An amazing night had turned into the worst. Our hotel room was completely trashed. It looked like someone was looking for something but nothing was missing. The hotel asked for a fortune to get everything repaired. We were millionaires. But who could have done this? 
 I kept getting phone calls from my mum and I kept ignoring them. Until she left a voicemail sounding really upset. I called her back. " What do you want mum! You drove me out of my home then out of a  country. I have nothing to say to you." I roared, just talking to her made me want to throw my phone in the toilet. "I am so sorry! I have released the charges." She cried to me down the phone. "Wait... Hold on mum, what has happened?" I asked. "He... uh.. Divorced me for Helena!" She weeped. " Oh I am sorry mum." I wasn't really. She was on the phone for hours crying and begging me to come home but me and Hunter decided to stay for a while longer. 

Before I went to bed I got a text. " Give me the earrings by tomorrow midnight. Meet me at 78 Grove Road. Or else.." I showed the text to Hunter because I was really worried but he told me he would keep me safe. We needed the money so we decided to sell them as soon as possible. 
The day was going past really slowly as we thought about what to do. We decided it was a good idea to just wait until midnight and see what happens. 
It was past twelve and Hunter had fallen asleep holding my hand as he wanted me to know I was safe. Crazy thoughts were running through my mind like a cheetah. I was so exhausted but every time my eyes closed, the fear came back to haunt me. 
I heard that noise again. The chime that got into my nightmares. The sound of my phone, I immediately checked it and saw who it was from. It was that guy who wanted the ring. The text said 'I see you have made your choice. Well, I cannot wait to see your face when you and your little boyfriend are getting dragged away in handcuffs. I am sure I can make up a little white lie. Maybe you killed someone, or robbed a bank. Who knows? I will give you one more chance to give me that ring or I will be going to the police. Leave it under your pillow and walk out of there. Don't come back!'
I shook Hunter and showed him the threat.  " This guy is dangerous, but don't worry, he is not getting that ring." Hunter said, we both looked at each other thinking what to do. Suddenly I got an amazing idea. 
We done what this guy said, packed our bags and put a ring under the pillow. We walked out, texted him back telling him we had gone. Hunter and I came straight back in through the back door. We waited and waited until the door got busted open. 
My heart was pounding. I couldn't breathe. I held Hunter's hand. I saw a glimpse of the person, it wasn't a man, it was a woman. In them quick seconds, something took control over my body and I barged out and slapped her across the face. I froze, I couldn't believe I just done that. She grabbed me and threw me onto the floor. I couldn't breathe, everything was blurry, my eyes shut and I heard a scream...
My eyes opened to see blood on the floor and then a body. Worriedly, I rose my head and saw Hunter shaking. I gave a relief of sigh, because I thought it was Hunter's body on that floor. " What have you done?" I asked Hunter, he looked at me in shock. He rushed over to me and whispered " I just... I killed her, she hurt you and then tried to hurt me. I had to." He looked so innocent and ashamed, his hands were shaking. " Don't worry, we can tell the police that it was self defense." I said calmly. " No, we can't. We have fake id's out here and we, we would get about 5 years for that, plus your involved too now! You won't make it in prison and this is my fault not yours. What if her friends come looking for her? We don't know who this girl is, we need to go home. Now." Hunter said. We had no other choice. I booked the flights for the morning. 

We walked out of the door a couple of hours later, heading to the airport. I did not look up at Hunter until we got to the airport, I wasn't upset or ashamed of him, I was just upset with myself. If I hadn't gone out there raging with anger, I wouldn't have made him kill that woman and now he has to live with that for the rest of his life. He looked up at me and whispered, " I killed someone. I just killed someone Kailey." I was speechless, all I could do was hug him.

The flight was Nine Hours but it seemed like forever. We did not say one word to each other.
"We need to forget this ever happened and live our lives." I said. "How do we do that? I killed someone forgodsake's! Get that into your head. I-Killed-Someone!!" He got so angry, I had never seen him like this before. There was a couple sitting on the chairs next to us when we arrived and they heard what Hunter said, they looked really suspicious. I said worriedly " He was....uh.. he was talking about a game." They nodded and looked the other way. Hunter had stormed off and I couldn't find him anywhere so I text him. I was scared of what he was going to do, if he was by himself. I text him: I am so sorry, it was stupid of me to say that, but we can get through this together. Where are you? He texted me back straight after: I am sorry, I lashed out on you for no reason, I will come to you. 
He walked towards me a couple of minutes later and was apologizing on the whole journey to the Hotel because he had never acted like that towards me before. 


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