California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


6. California Rich Girl Part 6

Chapter 6 

Uncontrollably,  my heart raced as our lips touched. It was like I was oxygen and he was dying. Everything stopped when we heard our innocent little girl calling “Daddy!”. We rushed apart, Blake said “I should go and.. Um” 
“Yeah go, I Um”. I replied and Blake was gone. 

Half an hour later, Blake came back downstairs in a dashing suit holding Lexie in his arm. “I've got to go work, I booked the day off but there's an important meeting that I have to be there for. Is it ok?” 
“Yeah, it’a fine.”
“Ok good, I've left the family car, so would you mind dropping Lexie to school she starts in 15 minutes, its only two blocks away but it's the opposite direction from work. I’ll be back around 5.” Blake said, still not looking me in the eye. 
I nodded and whispered, “Can we talk about this Blake, please?”
“Kailey, I can't do this right now, We’ll talk later.” 
Then, he was gone. 

After dropping Lexie to school, I went straight to the coffee shop across the street. My phone wouldn't stop ringing but I was driving and my daughter was in the car. After dropping Lexie to school I parked the Range Rover outside the shop and sat in the car for a bit looking at my phone.
I sighed and chucked my phone to the back. Banging my head against the seat again and again, thoughts rushed through my head; that kiss Blake and I shared, didn’t it mean anything? Hunter kept ringing down my phone, ‘let me just answer and hear the crap he's going to say’, I thought to myself. 
“Kale! I can’t believe… I can explain.” Hunter said rather speechless. I cut him off straight away. “Look, there's nothing to explain Hunter, you was kissing some random girl a few days after you left me alone in LA.” 
Hunter just chuckled to himself. 
“What's so funny?” I said, my blood boiling. 
“It's just funny, because after I so called left you, where did you go? Running back to him, my dear old brother. I can explain about Rosie but you.” 
“Don't you dare put this on me! I didn't just go running back to him, I went for Lexie, my daughter.” 
“Oh don't give me that crap! That's absolute rubbish. Of course you'd pull the daughter card so you could go and sneak off with Blake. You'd take any man that wanted you because you're desperate, you're a desperate Cow that everyone leaves when they're done with you. Your Mum did it, your dad did it and even your wonderful Blake did it along with your precious little daughter.”He shouted, this viscous side of him came out that frightened me, knowing I was once so in love with him.
 At this point, I was crying. “I...Uh, what have you turned into? You're not the Hunter I used to love. Stop calling me and leave me alone.” 

 Crying hysterically I called Blake. He answered straight away. 
“Hey, Hey. Calm down, I'm coming to get you. Where are you?” 
Barely even being able to get words out I said,“The coffee shop opposite Lexie's school, thank you.”

20 minutes later, Blake pulled up and I jumped out of the car. Running up to Blake, I just sank into him as his arms wrapped around me. The whole journey back he didn't ask what happened, he knew I didn't want to speak about it and that's one of the reasons I loved him. He always knew how I felt and what I needed, like we had some special Kind of bond. 
It wasn't until we got back to Blake's that I explained what happened. 

For a few minutes Blake didn't say anything but I could see the rage building up in him. “I'm going to kill him, I'm going to kill him.” He jumped up and his fists tightened, I put my hands on his face gently and said, “it's ok, we can't give him the satisfaction. The worst we can do to him, is be happy” I paused and took a deep breathe. “Together.” We both smiled and he hugged me tight and whispered, “I'm never letting you go again.” 

A few days later, Blake invited me to a Charity Ball event for his work, so he could Introduce me to everyone as his new girlfriend. 

“So I've got a babysitter for Lexie for tomorrow night, it's my neighbours daughter and she's going to stay over the night at ours. Wow it sounds weird saying that but it's true, ours. I booked a hotel a few blocks away from the party and I thought we could stay there so we didn't have to drive and we could celebrate to us being us again I suppose.” Blake smiled and I replied “Sounds lovely, I just don't know what to wear. I barely brought anything from LA.” 
“Oh yeah, true. Maybe you could go shopping today, take Lexie with you and make a day of it?” 
“That'd be nice, about that, when are we going to tell her?” 
“I'm assuming you mean about being her mum, but whenever you're ready to. She's probably guessed by now, you guys do look oddly similar and she's smarter than she looks you know.” He laughed and I nodded. 

After I got Lexie dressed, I asked her if she wanted to go shopping and get some ice cream. She really liked me which I was surprised about because I was the reason her only motherly figure, Victoria left. 

As we sat down at a table, she began telling me all about her love for ballet and about all of her friends at school. This is what I had missed out on for the last seven years of her life but now I had her whole life to make up for it. “Lexie, I have to tell you something really important and it might be a big change or shock but you need to know. Seven years ago, I had a baby but we bad to separated and the baby was taken away from me. But now we're together and it's going to be different, we are never going to be separated again.” 
“Was the baby me, Kailey?” 
“Yes, I'm you're mummy and I've missed you so much.” 
She didn't say anything, she just smiled and hugged me. 


The next night. 

“Babe! Come on we're going to be late.” Blake shouted to me upstairs. 
I slowly walked down the stairs in my lustrous, Pearl beaded fabric dress. It fit flawlessly, the dress molded my torso beautifully, complimenting my feminine shape. The gown draped past my toes, slightly drifting from my legs. Blake and Lexie stared, “Mummy looks really pretty daddy.” Lexie whispered. 
“Yes Lexie, she looks beautiful.” 
Humbly I smiled and took his waiting hand. “You look…amazing.” 
“You don't look too bad your self” I said as I stared at him in his Suit. It was blue, sharp looking and well fitted. “Oh before I forget, I bought you a little gift.” He pulled out a blue Tiffany box out of his pocket. I admired the sparkling diamond necklace as he opened the box, it glistened in my eyes. “Woah, thank you so much. You didn't have to get me anything but I love it!” 
He smiled and gestured me to turn round so he could put it on. 
After that, we said goodbye to Lexie and left happily. 

As we walked into the venue, I watched as people elegantly danced to the blissful jazz. It was rather magical. The night was amazing, we drank amazing Champagne, enjoyed the music and chatted to his colleagues and he proudly introduced me to them as his girlfriend. 

"May I have this dance?” 
I giggled and said, “hmm, I'll have to think about that.” 
“Oh come on, the night would be a waste if I didn't dance with most beautiful girl in the room.” I grinned and put my hand in his. 
We danced to the music and I smiled. I had everything I had always dreamed of, the love of my life and the daughter I thought I had lost forever. I finally was able to have the happy ever after I always wanted, I didn't have to have worry about my past anymore, all I had to think about was our future. 

At the end of the night, everyone started to leave so we called our taxi to the hotel. 

We walked into the hotel room and Blake said, “I think we're going to need some more Champagne to celebrate, us. I'll go across the road and get some. I won't be long. Love you.” 
He walked out of the door. I looked around the room and realised his wallet sitting on the side. Running out into the rain, I saw him walking across the road. Before I could even blink, a car came racing towards him. I screamed, “BLAKE!!” He turned around looking at me confused, he hadn't noticed the car until the last second. It was too late. He was lying on the floor, in the middle of the road. This couldn't be happening. I ran into the road. Dropping beside him on the wet floor, I called out his name again and again. “Please please! Open your eyes. Blake! Blake.” Shaking him. Holding his face. Screaming. I didn't even get to say I loved him back, I might not ever be able too again… 




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