California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


5. California Rich Girl Part 5

California Rich Girl Part 5

New York, JFK airport. 

As we stepped outside of the airport I felt like a new person in a new state. It felt like a fresh start all over again, a third chance at being happy. I had to forget about everything I left in California and focus on what I had waiting for me in New York, my daughter and what was standing right in next to me. Blake. 

“You hungry? There's an Ivy on the upper east side only a few blocks down from my house. I know it's your favourite.” Blake grinned. 
“I'm starving but I wouldn't want to keep Victoria waiting she probably hates me enough by now I've technically stolen her husband.” I said back. 
“Oh come on, I told her we'd be back by 4 depending on any delays and it's only half 2, we have loads of time.” 
“In that case lets go eat!” I laughed. 

When we arrived, we rushed to get the menus as we hadn't eaten since that coffee shop in California and that was only a muffin. “Good afternoon, welcome to the Ivy. What could I get a lovely couple like you?” Asked the waiter. 
Laughing awkwardly, “oh we aren't a- never mind. Could I get the…” 
“… the Grilled Chicken Quesadillas Please and for me the Lobster Tacos.” Blake said, finishing my sentence. 
“Yes you may. Thank you for coming to the ivy.” 
After the waiter left, I asked Blake. “Uh, how did you know?” 
Blake smiled and said, “I know you Kaliey.” 
Suddenly, my cheeks turned bright red like roses in a field, I felt Like a stupid teenager again. 

A few hours later, after a meal of laughter, chatting and reminisce we arrived back at Blake’s house. As we walked through the huge double doors, my heart raced. I was nervous to see Lexie again and to face my ex boyfriend’s wife. “Daddy, Aunty Kailey!” Lexie came running into her dads arms. I watched as Victoria grabbed her suitcases and headed towards the door. Her face looked like someone had torn her heart into two pieces, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Blake and Lexie went over to the living room and sat down, he mouthed to come with them. I mouthed back one minute. 
“Look, Victoria. I'm so sorry about this whole situation and I want you to know this doesn't mean you have to stop seeing Lexie. She obviously loves you a lot and you do to, I can see it. You've spent most of her life with her and I shouldn't be the one to stop you from seeing her.” I said to her. 
“Just look after them, I can't be around you's two. I see the way he looks at you, all the love In his eyes. Knowing that he will never or has never loved me the way he loves you. It breaks my heart again and again every minute. So no, I'm not coming back here to see a little girl that isn't mine and the love of my life look at someone else the way I look at him. You know just for a second I believed that Lex was starting to look at me like her mother. Don't worry, I made up some story about how I have to move. Goodbye Kailey, enjoy my life.” Victoria said angrily, slamming the doors shut and dropping the keys on the floor. 
My face dropped, I knew I hurt her but I didn't know I caused her this much pain. I walked into the living room with a ton of guilt weighing over me. Blake was over the moon with joy as he listened to Lexie chat away. 

We sat down  and chatted away with Lexie for hours after Victoria left, then we put on a film and all laid down on the huge, comfy sofa. Lexie fell asleep ten minutes into “Home Alone” so Blake carried her up to bed. Whilst Blake tucked our daughter up into bed, I looked around the house, it was huge for only 3 people. Their were 2 more bedrooms aside from Lexie's room and Blake’s room, a beautiful kitchen with a breakfast bar In the middle, a wonderful dining room that looked like it hadn't been used once. 

When Blake came back down the spiral stairs, I raced back to the sofa and tried to act normal. “Hey, that was nice. Right?” Blake said, not suspecting a thing. 
“It was amazing, I’m so glad I came. It was nice to get to know you and Lexie.” 
Blake smiled and leaned in closer to me, he moved the hair out of my face and kissed me gently. I loved him so much, I wanted so bad to kiss him back but I knew it wasn't right when Hunter was in London hoping I would chose him. I had to make a decision before I gave any of them false hope. I pulled back. “I'm sorry, I can't. We can't.” I said. 
“I know but the bad thing is, I don't care. I just want to be with you, kiss you and I want you to be mine. I know you are engaged to my brother but I want you to pick me, to love to me, to CHOSE me!” Blake looked at me, waiting for me to say something. My heart just wanted so badly to kiss him and say yes, to tell him I want to be with him but my mind said no. I couldn't form any words. He just looked at me like a lost puppy and went upstairs. “The guest bedrooms upstairs to the right when you go up the stairs.”

I waited ten minutes then went up to bed, I didn't want to see Blake again because the more I looked into them beautiful green eyes the more I wanted him to be mine. 

In the morning, I woke up so early as I couldn't sleep, thinking about everything. I went into the living room in my dressing gown and turned on the tv, holding a big cup of coffee, I switched through the channels and heard. “Spotted: Famous Song Writer, Camila Pierce attending the ‘party of the year’ hand in hand with sources say ‘the best lawyer in California’. They walked in holding hands at the ‘Party Of The Year’ in London and were seen kissing  various times.” I couldn't believe my ears until my eyes told me otherwise when a picture of a young, beautiful model looking blonde holding hands with my fiancé was shown. I turned off the tv, slamming my coffee on the table, I was furious! I felt guilty for lying to him and kissing back Blake at our engagement party but then this… He was caught on national television Holding hands with a celebrity. 

I sat and ranted to myself for another half an hour until Blake came walking down the stairs. My mind didn't know what I was doing but my legs took control and ran to the bottom of the stairs. Devotedly, I held Blake’s hands and kissed him. He pulled back looking confused and said “what? I thought…” 
“Just shut up and kiss me.” 

To Be Continued…

Quick shoutout my biggest fan Munawar, who is always asking me to upload more chapters and could talk to me for hours about how much she loves this story. Make sure you follow her on Instagram: @_muna.xo 



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