California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


4. California Rich Girl Part 4

Chapter 4 

After a long awkward silence Blake finally said, “Hi, nice to meet you Kailey…” Remembering his wife, he continued “this is my wife Victoria and my little girl Alexa.” 
“Hi, it is nice to finally meet you all.” 
The little girl started talking “Hi aunty Kailey, as daddy told you my name is Alexa, only people that I like can call me Lexie, so you can call me Lexie.”
“Hello Lexie and thank you, I like you too.”
“Nice to meet you Kailey.” Victoria said half-heartedly, she knew something was wrong. 
Hunter said, “I’ll be back in a minute, I have to speak to my father quickly.” Kissing me goodbye. I saw the jealousy in Blake’s eyes. 

Hunter walked away smiling at me. 
Lexie began talking, “Daddy can I go and get another orange juice please with aunty Victoria?”
“Of course sweetie”
Victoria said, “we’ll be back in a few minutes’ babe.”

I waited and watched them walk away. “Aunty? That’s not her mum?”
Blake sighed and said, “That’s all you have to say? After seven years!”
“Remember that you are the one that left me heartbroken not knowing where you were. I lost my baby and I had no one beside my mum but knowing her she was probably happy because it saved her the embarrassment. I didn’t leave my room for weeks or even months, I lost track of the days. I had so much pain inside me and you left me, without even saying goodbye and then you have a cheek to ask If that’s all I have to say.” I was out of breathe not knowing what to do, there was so much anger filled inside of me but there was also love, all I wanted to do was hug him and go back to the way things were, when we were young and the only problem we faced was picking what movie we wanted to watch at the cinema. Then I realised I had what I wanted, I had Hunter and we weren’t sixteen anymore. I started storming off - but he grabbed my arm gently and pulled me outside. 

When we got outside I felt the California breeze hit my face. As soon as we got outside he kissed me and I kissed him back all of the amazing childhood memories we had rushed through my mind. I loved it, I loved him but it wasn’t right. I pulled back. “what are you doing? You can’t think you get to walk back into my life again after you just suddenly leave. I  LOVE your brother, we are at my engagement party, you have a child and your married. You can’t just kiss me like that. Yes, I loved you but now I’m in love with Hunter.” Overwhelmed, I walked away, so many thoughts in my brain squashed like sardines.  I hesitated and stopped. “How old is Lexie?” 
Blake took a deep breath and said “Seven years old”. 
My emerald green eyes filled with tears. I asked another question that I knew the answer to but it had to be answered. “Is she mine?” 
Blake nodded and I broke down nearly falling to the floor, tears dropping down my cheeks like rain drops down a window. “You told me she died! I didn't come out of my room for weeks or months I lost track of time. I was losing my mind with guilt, thinking that something I done whilst pregnant could have killed her. I lost everything, I lost the love of my life and my baby. Now my little girl has grown up without a mum. This is all your fault and then you had a cheek to kiss me.” Frustrated I slapped him with so much rage. 
“Please let me explain.” He held my hands, comforting me. I screamed, “Don’t touch me!”
“I'm so sorry for everything but I had no choice! My dad was in jail and your mum said she would pay for a lawyer and bail if I left with the baby, if not she said she would have made sure my dad stayed in for longer. I'm so sorry.” He tried to hug me but I pushed him away and stormed off looking for my mum. 
I spotted her in a big crowd of her friends. “I need to speak to you.” I said. 
She replied, “Oh darling I'm having an important conversation, you will have to wait.” 
“NOW mum” dragging her away. 
“How dare you embarrass me like that!” 
“How dare you lie to me for seven years! I thought you changed. You blackmailed my boyfriend and told me my baby died.” 
“Darling it was for the best. Imagine what my friends would have thought ‘Her stupid daughter was pregnant at 15 by some poor tramp’.” My mum laughed. 
“A poor tramp! Just because his family wasn’t as stuck up and arrogant as you were doesn’t mean he was a poor tramp. I can’t believe you lied to me. I thought you had changed. I hate you! Leave now, I NEVER want to see you again and you know what don’t bother showing up to the wedding.” People started to stare as I shouted. Hunter saw too, he came rushing over to me. “Kale what is going on? Why are you crying?” Concerned Hunter asked. I told him to sit down, he needed to know.
“I have been lying to you about something big that I have been wanting to forget. I wanted to tell you, I hated lying to you but it was in my past and I wanted to forget, it was so painful I couldn’t bare letting the words come out of my mouth. I never thought it would matter anyway it was in the past, until it caught up with me today.” I told him about the baby and my mum lying to me. “Hunter the dad is Blake.” Tears filled in his eyes, I could feel his pain. He didn’t look me in the eye after them words came out of my mouth. “Hunter I only just found out now. I didn’t know it was your brother.” He was so angry, he started to walk off before I could finish my sentence. Hunter was storming over to his brother with such aggression. I started to run over to them but before I got their Hunter had thrown a fist in Blake’s face. I started panicking, I screamed telling Hunter to stop. I tried to push them away from each other but they were both so angry, Blake pushed me away and hit Hunter back. Now they were both hitting each other, shouting at each other. I had to stop it, I pushed Blake away from Hunter but he fought back a bit too hard. I fell to the floor and they both finally stopped, staring at me filled with guilt. “I’m fine. Just stop fighting!” Hunter ran off outside of the venue. I got up, in pain, running towards the door after Hunter but I was too late he had already got in his car and was driving away. I got in my Range Rover and drove home, luckily the venue wasn’t far from it. 

When I arrived home the bedroom light was on. I found Hunter packing his suitcases, his closet was empty. “Please Hunter, talk to me. Where are you going? I am so sorry for lying to you!” 
“I am going back to London with my dad for a few weeks, I need to clear my head. He is travelling back in the morning.” Hunter said looking at his half packed case, he still wasn’t looking me in the eye. 
“Hunter, please look at me! You don’t need to go.”
“Of course I need to go. After we met, just before we went to London, you promised no more secrets or lies. I can’t stay here, I need to think about what I want and so do you. Everything is going to change now. You lied to me. You have a daughter and she isn’t mine, the person that you loved is back, he is my brother. Things can’t be the same. You loved my brother way before you loved me, you need to figure out what you want. Bye Kailey.” He left with his cases slamming the front door shut. 

The next morning, my eyes opened to a lonely bed. I checked my phone, it was 12pm. I hardly got any sleep last night, my mind just wouldn’t shut down, I was thinking about Hunter and Blake. It was a decision between who I had to choose but the only thing is I didn’t even know if Hunter was an option anymore, he was probably halfway across the world by now, in London. I had a text from an unknown number. It read: 
‘Hi I don’t even know where to start, it is me Blake. You don’t understand how sorry I am. I didn’t want to lie to you, if I could go back and change what I did, I would. I wanted to find you, I went back to your mansion a couple of years ago but some man told me you moved. I’m not expecting you to forgive me and I know your engaged to my brother but I miss you and I want you to get to know Lexie if you wanted. I know it is a bit fast but I want to at least talk about things. If there is even a chance that you would want me to be in your life again, come to the little coffee place on Altadena Drive at One o’clock and meet me before I go back to New York. If you don’t come, I’ll take it as a no and I will leave you alone. Hope to see you there x’ 

I looked at the time again it was quarter past one, I had to give him a chance. I jumped out of bed getting in the shower. When I got out of the shower I shivered, I was a bit anxious. I felt like it was a date and I was sixteen again, even though I knew nothing could happen. 

I looked at my reflection of my twenty-three-year-old self in the mirror. I was wearing a white patterned top with ripped black skinny jeans, a checked red top wrapped around my waist, black heeled boots and my Louis Vuitton hand bag. I rushed out of the door as I realised the time it was ten minutes to One, I went into my Range Rover and drove to the little coffee place on Altadena Drive. There was so much traffic, I kept on bibbing but I was going nowhere. 

Finally, I arrived at half past one. I saw Blake and his perfect hazel eyes with a glint of green sparkle staring into a newspaper sipping on his coffee. As soon as I got closer to him he saw me and his face lit up like a little kid at Christmas. He stood up and said, “You came, thank you!” I hugged him and nodded. I just wanted to stay and hug him forever, I missed him so much it hurt. We talked and caught up, it had been seven years. He told me all about Lexie and how she had started ballet, football and how she was getting such high grades. It was so nice as I hadn’t been there to watch her grow up, I got to know all about her life. It warmed my heart knowing that he raised her so nicely and even if I wasn’t there she got to have a good life. Blake even told me about himself. He graduated from Yale three years ago and got a degree in Graphic design and is now designing skyscrapers in New York. He met Victoria a year ago and that was his first serious relationship since me because he could never get over me. He told Victoria about everything and our kiss and they decided to end things but she wanted to say goodbye to Lexie so she took her home and waited with her until Blake came back home. I told him about me and my love for fashion and the job I quit a week ago and about Hunter going to London. “So when is your flight back to New York?” 
“Tonight at Nine” he stopped and looked at the time, it was five already. “Wow! I still haven’t packed yet. I really should go but I will come back soon with Lexie. This was really nice.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek and started to walk away. 

“Wait, take me with you. I have nothing here anymore. It doesn’t mean we would get back together but I could be with Lexie for a few weeks and you and I could get to know each other again and see what happens. I still have Hunter but we are kind of on a break right now. He won’t be back for a few weeks. He wants me to choose so maybe this will help me.” 
Blake smiled and said, “What are you waiting for?”  




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