California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


3. California Rich Girl Part 3

Part 3


People say money doesn't buy you happiness but the truth is, it doesn't make you a horrible person if you don't believe that. In a way, the millions of money we had made us happy but it would have meant nothing if we couldn't share it together.


After we came back from London, everything was nearly perfect. We had not told my family we were back yet because I was not ready to see them yet after they chose that lying and manipulating pig over their own blood. It was a drama free couple of months aside from the nightmares Hunter still had about the night in London. He hadn’t told me about the nightmares and he still forbids us from talking about it in the house but when I wake up in the middle of the night, every night I hear his screams and I just know.


Hunter got his job back at the law firm and I was working for Vogue London in the US headquarters. We had a perfectly normal life in the 3-bedroom house we bought. Although we had loads and loads of dollars, the money hadn't changed us.


"Only one week left until our anniversary Kale!" Hunter gave me the nickname 'Kale because my name was Kailey and I hated the vegetable called Kale. It was our little joke. I replied "I know and my gift is going to better than you could ever imagine. Probably better than yours." I laughed and he replied back " We'll see" with a sly grin. I know he had been planning something for a long time now. "I cannot believe it has been one year already!" Hunter said still smirking. I nodded as he went on. " Anyway, I was thinking about your family." I signed and said "Yes, go on". He carried on talking again. "Well, you have met my dad so I think I should meet my mum. Plus, it is just not that, you can't lie to her forever. When she calls you every week, you are lying to her over and over again." The issue with my mum was the one thing we argued about and we never really argued about anything. "You know what I think about this. You know how much she hurt me" I sighed trying not to create an argument. He replied " just think about it, please". I nodded.


The next morning, we didn't speak about it again but I knew deep down that he was right. The normal routine happened, we got dressed made coffee and made breakfast to go. Hunter was walking out of the door when I stopped him. "Maybe you are right. I will call her today and tell her the truth. If that's what you still want" I smiled.

Hunter replied " Thank you, it really means a lot to me. My family raised me really traditionally so I feel like I need to meet them" he said giving me a kiss and walking out of the door.


Later that day I sat at my desk and thought about dialling my mum's number. Every ten minutes I started to dial and then decided not to. I have spoken to her so many times since we have been back but this time it was different, I was being myself and not making up any old lie. I couldn't concentrate on my work so I just pressed her contact. For a while I just stared at the name (Mum) but the thing was, she hadn't been my mum for a long time now.


Finally, I had the right mind to call her. I heard the ringing and then a voice.


"Hi mum, it is me Kailey"

"Oh hi sweetie. How's London?"

"that is what I wanted to speak to you about. I have been lying to you because I wasn't ready to let you all back into my life again. I have been living in LA for 4 Months now with my boyfriend and I want you to meet him. I am so sorry I haven't told you, I just have not been ready to face it."

" Oh, so you were living in the same state as me for four months now. Wow. You have a boyfriend as well. That's a lot to take in"

" I know mum but I wanted to be settled in first. You see I have a Job at Vogue, just as an assistant editor but we came across a ring while we were in London and it was worth a lot of money. So we have bought a house and now we are ready to be back in your lives. I am just so happy! The happiest I have been in a while."

"it's ok, I am not angry with you. I am angry with myself, how could I not have realised that my daughter was living a few miles away from me. I should've paid more attention to your life sweetie. I have changed and I want to see you. I have missed you!"

"Yes I know, I have too so how about brunch this Saturday?"

We talked for a long time, I even forgot about work. I told her all about Hunter, our jobs and our house.


When Hunter and I both got home I told him the news and he was ecstatic for some reason.


Two days went past it and it was Saturday. Hunter drove his Range Rover there because my one was in repair. I was silent the whole way there, thinking about how I was going to walk in that house and be all normal. Hunter must have been worried so he asked. "Are you ok Kale?" I quickly came out of my day dream and answered " Oh sorry, yeah I was just thinking".


When we pulled up on the driveway my heart started to pound and I started to feel really dizzy. Hunter held my left hand as I pressed the bell. It was weird pressing the bell as I would always have a key and just let myself in. My mum opened the door and hugged me straight away without saying a word. It was a long but silent hug, when she lifted her head up from my shoulders I saw her hazel eyes fill up with water. Maybe she had changed.


I walked passed a room which used to be my step-fathers Library/Office and I an image came into my head from almost a year ago. My step-fathers sweaty, rough hands clenching on my wrist. It was getting tighter and tighter, until I heard a voice. I opened my eyes and saw hunter. " Kailey, are you with us? Earth to Kale!" I was just there stuck in a position staring into an empty room that was filled with a frightening memory.


Everyone was there, all of my sisters and my brother. They all loved Hunter to pieces! When we had finished the brunch that the house chef made, Hunter pulled my mum over to the garden for a chat, which was strange. Hunter had been secretive for a couple of weeks now. I started to get worried.


My mum showed us to the door and waved at us goodbyes as we drove away in the car.


The day was finally here! My eyes opened to see white Lily's, my nose fell in love with the smell of freshly made pancakes and the drizzle of Golden Syrup, my head rose and I rubbed my eyes. I immediately saw the coffee table that belonged to the kitchen our bedroom, it was filled with all of my favourite food, drinks, flowers and a gold envelope. I stepped out of bed and put my slippers on. “Hunter. Where are you?” I said and then I heard rapid footsteps coming up the stairs. “Happy Anniversary!” Hunter picked me up and twirled me around. I always said how I hated all these romantic gestures in films but he knew I loved them happening to me. “Woah! This is over the top romantic. Thank you!” I screamed, digging into my breakfast feast. “I am glad you like it but my surprise for this evening is going to be something you would never imagine.”


 Later in the day, I was ready. I looked in the mirror to see my straightened hair and my makeup done. “Ok Hunter, are you ready for your present?” Hunter came back up the stairs and nodded.

“Ok we'll get in the car now then. Yeah?”.

“Cool, I will meet you in the car in ten. I just need to make a quick phone call.”


I waited in the car for about twenty minutes. Hunter was hiding something.


Ten minutes later Hunter came into the car all casual. “You were half an hour you said you was going to be ten minutes. Who were you talking too?”

“Oh sorry, it was…uh... Just work talking to me about a case.”

“Cool ok. Well we need to hurry up or we will be late.”


Thirty minutes later, we got closer to the destination and I needed to put a blindfold over Hunter’s head or he would see where we were going. While Hunter had a blindfold on, his phone lit up, I couldn't help but peak. It was from my mum. (Thanks for the chat. x)


But why would he lie about the call? What was the secret? Well I was going to confront him later because this was something I had been planning for a long time now.


“Ok, we are here! I will help you get out of the car and then you can see your big surprise. I am sooooooo excited, for you to see it.” I helped him out of the car and took of his blindfold. We. Was. Standing. In. Front. Of. The. NFL. Stadium! “Oh my god!!!! How did you know? I haven't been to one these since my dad used to take me, when I was a little kid. Thank you so much. I love you”.

“Well, I might have spoken to your dad. I am glad you like it.” I laughed.


It was the end of the game, I hated it but Hunter loved it! The real surprise was finally here. One of Hunter’s favourite players took a microphone and started speaking. “Thank you all for coming! I want to wish someone a very happy anniversary. Happy anniversary Kailey and Hunter!” Hunter was speechless, he looked like he wanted to cry.


“I know that was the real surprise. Did you really think tickets to a game was your gift?” I laughed a lot.

“Thank you!”


In the evening, it was my surprise from Hunter.


We were in the same Limo that we were in on our first date, however the windows were blacked out so I couldn't see where we were going.


After me and Hunter reminisced on the year we had together, we sipped Champagne and had a lovely evening. The driver rolled down the shutter and gave Hunter a nod. “Ok, we are here! Take my hand Kale.”

I did what he said and took is hand whilst getting out of the Limo. It was unbelievable. We were standing next to the water were the Statue of Liberty lived. There was a humongous ship covered in fairy lights. It was beautiful. I was speechless and I had Goosebumps. This was our first date being replayed. It was over the top romantic. “I. Love. This! No one has ever hired a ship for me! This one is a first.” I laughed because it was amazing. Hunter led me onto the ship as my long black gown trailed along the ramp onto the ship.


No one was on there, it was just Hunter and I. He hadn't spoken since we were in the Limo. He looked nervous. He was shaking. It was so dark until he pressed a little remote and the jazz band started playing my favourite jazz song. I was staring at them, bopping my head back and forth and enjoying the music. When I turned back at Hunter, I couldn't see him because he was on the floor, on his knee’s. “Kale. I am not going to lie and say how I loved you since I laid eyes on you because we are not in a movie but I am going to say is: I didn't choose this place because it was the place where we had our first date, the real reason is. This was the place where I fell in love with you and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to marry you right then and there because you were the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was missing from me and even though at that moment, you didn't think you were perfect I did. I have always loved you Kailey Jameson's, even when you weren't in my life I knew you were out there somewhere. You are my best friend, my soul mate and the other half of my heart. So I just wanted to ask you if you would be my wife! What do you say, Kale?” Hunter said. I was crying by the time he finished his speech. “Of course! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, times a million.”

Hunter had the biggest grin on his face as he twirled me around and pressed another button. Another light turned on and my family were there and shouted congratulations. “This is why you wanted to meet my family and this is why you were being so secretive! You are the best.”

 “Well, I am a traditional guy. I needed permission from your mum” He laughed. We all danced, drank and ate until the sun came up.


My Hazel eyes opened and I was suddenly blinded by the horrific sun. I raised my head and saw Hunter fast asleep as I squinted in pain. As I turned my phone on, I saw the time. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, my heart started to beat faster as my IPhone came through with all of the voicemail's, missed calls and text messages from my impatient boss. 'Where are you?', 'I need  my daily dose of coffee', 'I am starting to get hungry', ' I need that article done and sent to me in 30 seconds', I called her straight away.

"Hello Michelle, I am so sorry, I have-" She rudely interrupted me before I could even explain.

" I do not have time for your Chit Chat. You need to be in my office in 17 Minutes if you want to keep your Job! I already have three girls waiting to take your place so you better hurry up with the BIG LEGS!" She went from talking with rage, to screaming.


The phone call ended, Michelle cut the call off. I raced to the wardrobe, chucking any old clothes on, which was not recommended as I work for a fashion Company.

Ten minutes later I was ready, I started to walk out of the door until I heard a PING. It was Michelle again. 'I also want a Double Choco Mocha with a hint of Hazelnut, no sugar! Be quick. You have an extra two minutes before a lucky young lady gets your job! That makes it... Uh.. 9 Minutes left. CHOP CHOP.' I sighed but then I saw my hand and I saw the glistening of the ring shining on my finger, the sparkle and then the huge Diamond. After all of that panic, I even forgot that I was engaged. I WAS ENGAGED! I made a high-pitched scream started laughing. I ran back up the stairs and was about to wake up Hunter until I saw his eyes open. " Good Morning... Fiancé!" Hunter said still sounding exhausted. I giggled and replied " It is way past the morning. It is gone Two o'clock. I am probably going to get fired, Michelle gave me 17 Minutes, 12 minutes ago... Fiancé." I smiled. There was so much frustration running through my veins until I thought about my future Husband-to be. We were getting married in less than a year and I was worrying about getting coffee for that stupid witch. I dropped my bags and sat on the bed, kicking off my pumps. "What are you doing? Twelve minutes to go now." Hunter asked worriedly. " I. Am. Done. That stupid woman can get her own coffee. I have been working for her for like Six months and all I do is gather coffee. I only see her stupid magazine at her desk when I bring her the coffee. Does she ever even talk to me face to face? Does she say good morning? Do I do any fashion in the FASHION MAGIZINE BUILDING? NO, NO, NO AND NO. All I do is get coffee like a stupid waiter! I'm DONE. I don’t even need the money, we have plenty of money for me to early retire now but I wanted a life, a career but this is not what I wanted" I screamed and then sunk my head back into the pillow.


Later that day, I woke up to Hunter stroking my hair and staring into my eyes. It was creepy but cute. “Hi fiancée.” I said.

Hunter replied, “That will never get old”, smiling showing so much teeth.


We talked about the engagement party my mum had planned for us. Hunter’s brother and wife was coming with their child; however, it was weird how I had never met them until now. 


One week later.


The night of the engagement party. Hunter and I walked into the venue hand in hand, shocked to see what the venue looked like, I didn’t expect small from a mother like mine but if this was the engagement party I’d be living like a queen at my wedding. Waiters walked around holding trays of canopies and glasses of champagne. The venue looked like a palace, it had a huge chandelier, a dance floor the size of my kitchen, a jazz band on a stage it was extravagant. Everything a girl could dream of. There was probably over one hundred people here, I didn’t know I knew so many people.


I introduced Hunter to some of my relatives, they all asked the same questions ‘when did you meet?’ ‘when is the wedding?’ ‘how did you meet?’ and we told the whole story. It always ended with an “aw, you both make a great couple”.


Then Hunter brought me over to his brother. Both of our faces dropped. “Kale this is my brother Blake and Blake this is my fiancée Kailey.” I had a secret that I didn’t think I would have to think about or even speak about again until I saw Blake again.


Seven years earlier, I had loved someone so much, maybe even more than Hunter. He was my world, my first love, my only love until Hunter. Life was perfect, amazing until I found out I was pregnant. I had always hated the idea of abortion even though I was only 15. When I told my mother, she was ashamed of me, embarrassed she didn’t want anyone to find out but she said she would help me because she had to. She was going to raise her as her own so no one would know how her not so perfect daughter got pregnant at 15. I temporarily left school, the father was excited but frightened. Everything was going to plan until she was born and my mum had told me she didn’t make it. I never saw that someone ever again until now. That someone was Blake, my fiancée’s brother. 

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