California Rich Girl

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.


1. California Rich Girl Part One

People think being rich, is being successful. They think climbing the social ladder, going to masquerade balls, have brunch at the most expensive restaurants is living the dream. If you want to know the truth, it's not, especially for me. I'm Kailey Jameson and this is my story.  

It was average morning in the Jameson household, we went for brunch at Fig & Olive and I had my normal Eggs and Benedict. Mum splashed her cash on Hundred dollar bottles of Champagne whilst talking about business with my arrogant step-father, he could drink for America and I am the only one out of my stuck-up family that realizes that he is a nasty alcoholic. I have a different step-father every year at least and mum always spends thousands of dollars on her weddings like it was her first one. She is always going on about me getting married but I am just scared that I will end up like her. How am I supposed to find a guy when I am still living on my mum's money and living in her mansion.  


There is loads of us in our family. There's my two sisters Marissa and Victoria, Victoria lives in New York with her husband and comes home every Thanksgiving or Christmas. Then there is Marissa who has three kids with her husband and comes home every Sunday. I have one brother, Jack, who is lives with us and plays his PlayStation every second of his life. Lilia and Pepper are twins who are still in school. That leaves me, Kailey, 24 and still living with her physico family. Once I find a job in the fashion industry I am out of here.  


"Champagne sweetie?" My mum asked. " I am fine with my orange juice but thanks. " I said. " Well, okay suit yourself." She laughed. " You know sweetie, I was speaking to one of my clients about you and they was saying that there was an interview at Vogue New York waiting for you. I could have a word with them and score you the job." She grinned. " I told you that I didn't want to get a job just become you know people, I want to get a job where people know me for Kailey not Alison's daughter." I sighed. " So you want to be un-employed for the rest of your life?" My sister Pepper said sarcastically. " Shut up Pepper!" I barged out of the door full with anger. " We hope to see you at the annual charity ball this evening!" My Step-father William shouted from behind the door. They are so unbelievable. 


I walked into my bedroom to see a ball gown. It was a Gold sweetheart shaped boob tube, with white lace that run down to my feet. Next to it were these gorgeous diamond earrings. They always bought these fancy dresses, shoes, bling and cars to win me over. I normally say no but this dress was my dream dress that I couldn't say no to.  


Later that day, our party room was filled with clients, friends and family. They all wore Ten thousand dollars worth of ball gowns and designer shoes and bags, I welcomed some of them in as they stepped out of their million dollar limo's. I basically done everything like called the caterers, sorted out the guest list, sent out the invitations, went shopping for the complimentary Tiffany blue boxes filled with rings, earrings, necklaces and all sort of bling. Normal people give away party bags filled with lip glosses or cake but not us.  


Me and mum worked our buts of whilst William sat in his library drinking scotch. I  danced, drank, ate and had a wonderful evening until I saw William. He had been drinking all day and I could smell the nasty smell of scotch in his breath, he is what puts me off of alcohol. " Oh hello Kailey! Have you met my friends Robert and Helena Woods?" He asked me. " No I haven't but it is a pleasure to meet you Mr and Mrs Woods." I smiled politely. " Yes, oh why don't you take Mr Woods to the bar and get him a drink while I talk to my favorite client. Robert has got friends in the fashion industry you can discuss work." William said. Something fishy was going on there, I thought to myself. 


After I chatted away to Robert, mom wanted to make a speech on the stage but she needed her amazing husband by her side. I was sent to go find him as usual.   


I checked all around the huge party room, the bar, the kitchen, the dining room so lastly I checked his library. What happened next was something so terrible that I wished I never saw...  


It was William and Helena all over each other kissing in his library. " Oh my gosh! What are you doing? Your both married!" I shouted. " Kailey! What are you doing in here?" He looked so embarrassed. " I was coming to look for you because your wife that is less than three doors away from you, wanted to make a speech! You are a disgusting pig!" I screamed, feeling so angry. He gave a look at Helena and she rushed out of the room with an ashamed look on her face. " This is just business and keep your voice down, we can't have your mother finding out." He said, I wanted to punch him In his face. Who does he think he is? " Are you serious! Business! I am going to tell my mum right now." I started walking out of the room. He grabbed me from my hair and held me tightly on my arm. I was fighting my way out of his hands but he was too strong, he made me feel sick. " You are not telling anyone about this do you understand? No one would believe a little girl who still lives with her mummy." He said maliciously. I tried screaming but he put his hand over my mouth. " If you say a word to anyone about this I will make sure every magazine or fashion agency knows how much of a cow you really are! Now run along and tell your mother I will be with her in a moment" He said. Tears dripped down my face as I walked my way through the crowds.  


"William said he would be with you in a moment." I said to my mother. I so badly wanted to tell her but he was right, she wouldn't believe her daughter over her precious husband. "Ok my sweet." She said not even noticing how upset I was.  


 A few minutes later, William and my mum were on the stage about to start their speech. My mum started talking, " Thank you so much for everyone that came tonight and donated money towards our chosen charity. It has been an amazing evening and I couldn't have done it without my amazing..." I knew what was coming next, she was going to say her daughter for helping her plan all of this. "… My amazing husband William for helping me plan this evening and him being by my side has made this evening more perfect than it already was. To William everyone!" She raised her glass and gave him a big hug. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was the one who was helping her for weeks whilst he was having an affair with Helena Woods. I couldn't hold it any longer. 

" Does anyone want to say anything else?" My mum asked the audience. I raised my hand as I walked towards the stage. I took the microphone from my mom's hand and begun to speak. " Hello everyone, what my mum said was a big fat lie. I was the one helping my mum plan this event whilst my step-father was having an affair with the one and only Helena Woods everyone!" My mum looked gobsmacked. "Not only did I catch them in his library together, he threatened me and told me he would tell everyone in the fashion industry what a cow I  was so I didn't ever get a job. I am so sorry that it had to come out this way but I would never get a minute with my mum without this drunken pig being-" My mum took the microphone away from me before I could embarrass this family anymore. I don't know what came over me but I just could not stop. My mum dragged me off the stage and took me outside.  


She was crying her eyes out, I thought she was finally going to listen to me about him but I was wrong once again. " How dare you make up such lies! I have given you everything you ever wanted and this is how you repay me? You embarrass me and my husband in front of all our friends, you are not my daughter anymore! I always liked you the least and I wanted to tell you to go for a long time now, but guess who stopped me! My husband. I want you gone by the time this party is over. I never want to see you again! Go pack a bag and get out of my house." She roared. "Mum, you have to believe me. Please!" I begged desperately. "Get out. NOW!" I rushed inside and started packing my bags. I could hear her voice apologizing for my outburst. She said I was mentally disturbed. Can you believe that?  


I ordered a taxi because I had so many bags I couldn't exactly walk anywhere, and knowing her, she probably took the keys to my car. I had no money at all, I lived off of her money that she gave me once a week. She probably stopped my credit card too. I had no choice but to go to his safe and just guess his password. " His date of birth, nope that’s incorrect, the pin for the house alarm, nope, I know mums date of birth. Correct! Yes." I whispered. I took 50,000 dollars out, that should last me I thought.  


As I walked out of the double doors, I saw William. He smiled at me and waved. Ugh! I hate him. I got in the taxi. " Where are you going young lady?" The taxi driver said. To be honest, I didn't know, I had no one. " The Radisson hotel please" I couldn't go to the Hilton because I only had 50,000 dollars. 


I woke up feeling isolated and homesick without anyone. I regret doing that but one day the truth will come out. I haven't got long until they realize I stole the money. I went downstairs and got a coffee. I looked on my iPad for apartments but all the good ones were out of my price range. Two coffee's later I saw a guy in the corner of my eye. I think he had been there for awhile. As he wrote, I grew more mysterious of what he was writing. I could only see the back of his head but he had this cropped mousey brown hair. I wanted to see what he look liked. Luckily, he turned round and immediately I took note of his stunning big green eyes. He had a little stubble on his chin which I loved. He stood up and looked around six foot tall, this mysterious guy said "excuse me" and his voice was deep but gentle and like music to my ears. He whispered into the waitresses ears, she was gorgeous. I turned away and carried on sipping my coffee. A few moments later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the waitress with another cup of coffee. " Thanks but I didn't order one" I smiled. "Yes, I know but green eyes over there did." She walked away. There was a note attached to it. It said 'You caught my eye, with your stunning smile. Meet me at 8'oclock tonight at Seventh Avenue' I looked up and saw his perfect white teeth as he smiled. I walked over to him. "Thanks for the coffee, but what if you’re a demented serial killer? Am I just supposed to meet you at an unknown location." I grinned. " I suppose your just going to have to trust me then" He winked and walked out. "I don't even know your name, wait!" I shouted. But he was gone. 


I went back up to my room and contemplated about going. I had nothing to lose, so I picked out a dress and waited till 8'oclock.  


It was 8 o'clock on the dot and the place I ended up in was Times Square New York. There was pretty lights, big buildings, busy streets. I waited and someone tapped me on my shoulder. "Hello Kailey" the mystery guy smiled. I stuttered and said  

 "How do you know my name? And what is your name?" I blushed. He wore a dapper black suit and shiny black shoes. "It's Hunter and I know your name because I am a demented serial killer remember. These are for you by the way." He laughed whilst handing me a big bunch of red roses. "Thank you. So where are going Hunter?" I was smiling so much my cheek bones were hurting. " It's a surprise! Now come on, its freezing get in." He pointed to a white limo. He opened the door and helped me get in. We chatted away whilst taking sips of champagne. He pressed a button and the roof came off. We was driving past the Statue Of Liberty. Then the car stopped. We got onto a boat with a jazz band playing. He gave me a blanket and told me to take a seat. Someone came over and gave us dinner. It seemed like we was in the boat all night talking, listening to the jazz, staring up at the Statue of Liberty. It was the best night I had had in years and it took my mind off of all my family drama. He took me back to my hotel room and asked me one question. " Have you got a surname Kailey?" "Yes of course. It's Mayers, Kailey Mayers." I was no longer Kailey Jameson now. 



Three months later.   


"I am just popping out to get some groceries for dinner babe, won't be long." I walked out of mine and Hunter's house and gave him a kiss goodbye.  


I was sitting on the couch waiting for my perfect girlfriend Kailey to come back from the shop when I heard the doorbell ring. I walked to the door and opened it. "Hello we are looking for a Kailey Jameson's" It was the police. I replied, "This is Hunter but I have never heard of that person's name before. I have a girlfriend called Kaylie Mayers. You have the wrong Kailey, sorry." I said. The police men pointed at a picture of Kailey and me. "That is her right there".  


When I pulled up on the driveway, I saw Hunter talking to two police in uniform. I quickly reversed. An hour later I called Hunter but he didn't answer so I left him a message. "Hello, Hunter. You must be so confused. But I can explain everything, if you trust me. Meet me at the hotel where we first met and I will explain to you the truth."  


I got to the Hotel and waited for a couple of hours. I was about to get up and leave until I saw Hunter. It was like I was meeting him all over again. He sat down and I told him the whole truth about everything. My family, the night they kicked me out and who I really was. "Now you know the whole truth I just want to say that I am so sorry and I can't stay here because as you know, I stole quite a lot of money from them and the police are now after me. So you can come with me and have a different life somewhere new on the run or you can stay here. It is totally up to you and I will understand if you never want to see me again." I said.....      

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