The Wonders Of Watching Grass Grow

In this fabulous magazine you will find all of the incredible facts and wonders behind watching grass grow. °»Cover made by the magazine's biggest fan, Evan R.J»°


2. 5 Fabulous Facts


5 Fabulous facts about grass


 Now, you're all probably wondering, 'What on earth can be interesting or fabulous about grass?!' Well, let me tell you now! Don't underestimate those delightful, captivating blades of green!


 1. Grass is in a lot of our food and drink. 'Wow!' I hear you exclaim. 'Didn't expect that one!' I know, I know. Foods and bevarages such as beer, whiskey and bread all include a type of grass (wheatgrass or barley grass). 'Tell me more!' Okay, okay.

2. Grass on average makes up about 20% of the vegetation cover on Earth!

3. There are more blades of grass on this Earth than humans. Yeah, that's right. Bow down to your dominant species.

4. Grass is way over 200,000 years old. That's probably older than humans (again, bow down people) and if it isn't, then it's still pretty old so it still deserves not to be viciously kicked and stampled on on a day-to-day basis, doesn't it? Yeah. Now you're feeling guilty, aren't you? Grass has feelings too.

5. The fiber from many grasses is also an ingredient in paper. So, next time you're thinking of screwing up a piece of paper in a huff, consider all of the grass juices that have been painfully squeezed out of the poor species then turn over on to the other side.


With these 5 amazing facts about grass it's not hard to see that grass is an essential part of the economy and human nature and so it should be treated with respect at all times. This level of respect can be achieved by keeping your lawn mowed and looking healthy, as it should be. I, as a respectable fellow citizen, take great pride in taking care of the grass on your lawn and so if you're in need of some help with the maintenance, buy a lawnmower and don't be lazy! :)


"Cool." - TheCircusOfNarcy

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