Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


10. The Search is On!

"Check all of your pockets!" Sammy said. "I did!" I replied. I was freaking out. "Ok, don't panic I'm sur-" she started to say but I cut her off and said "It's too late I'm panicking!" "Hannah, calm down I'm sure we will find it." Sammy said and picked up my backpack. "Maybe it's in here, you try checking the bags with the clothes." "Ok." I replied. I picked up the bags with the clothes and looked in each one. No piece of paper. "Find it?" I said. "No... But I am sure we will we just have to look harder." she said. 

Suddenly I remembered, in the car I went to get a piece of candy out of my pocket. Maybe it fell out there. "Sammy, we have to check my brother's car!" I said and grabbed her arm. She stopped me then said "Wait. We are supposed to be asleep." "Right.. Ok we will just have to be sneaky." I said. We quietly opened my door and headed for the stairs. We started to go down the stairs but then we heard someone coming up the stairs. "Quick, go back up and go behind something." I whispered. We quietly scattered behind a chair. A light flicked on and we saw my mom she was heading for my room.

"Hannah! She is going to go in and check if we are asleep!" Sammy whispered."We need something to distract her." I said back. I picked up a rubber ball that was on the floor and threw it across the room. It made a loud thump noise that made my mom go see what happened. We quickly ran into my room and pretened to be asleep. We were almost too late but we made it. She closed the door and we got back up and made sure she was back in her room before we made another sound.

"That was too close!" Sammy said. "Look, we need to get that paper before James goes to work tommorrow and I don't feel like waking up at 5:30 am." I said. "Alright but let's make it quick we can't get caught" Sammy said. "We wont, we got this." I said and we started to sneak downstairs again. We made it down to the living room. We started to go to the garage which is right next to the kitchen. We were going to make it!

Right before we walked passed the kitchen we heard a noise. It was the fridge opening. We quickly took a step back. "Why is your family up this late!?" Sammy said. "No idea." I said quietly but I let out a small laugh. Right when I did there were footsteps coming towards us from the kitchen. That's it we are busted.

The footsteps faded away. I was 100% sure that we were caught but I guess we got lucky. "We have to go for the garage door." I said. "Let's do it, on the count of three.. One... Two.. Three!" Sammy said. We rushed for the garage door. We quietly opened it and made it inside the garage.

"We did it!" Sammy said. "Okay now just to get the paper and get back upstairs. I opened the door to the back seat and there it was. The piece of paper with Luke's number on it. I grabbed it and gave Sammy a thumbs up. "Yes!" She said. Maybe a little too loud. Loud enough that the person in the kitchen heard us. "What are you girls doing?" said the person from the kitchen. That person was my dad.

"We were just uh.." I  started to say.. I couldn't come up with anything, luckily Sammy saved us. "We were making sure the garage was locked up. Hehe yep all locked up." "Alright but it's late you girls need to go to bed." He said. "Okay dad." I said and we went back upstairs in to my room.

"Nice save." I said to Sammy. She laughed then said "Thanks... Now let's text him!" "I don't know it's late now. Let's text him in the morning before Alex comes over." I said. "Works for me." Sammy said back.

I am so glad we found that paper. But now it's time to go to bed. Summer day one is complete and we even got a part of our lists done. We are so going to have the best summer ever!

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