Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


13. Thank You Umbrella

We set up our umbrella and took off our cover ups. Not many people come to this beach but that's okay with us.

Sammy rushed into the water like always while Alex and I watched her in amusement. "Come on guys! The water is great!" Sammy said. Alex and I ran in the water and got knocked over by a wave after about five mintues. We all laughed and we repeated this same process for about 20 minutes. We got out of the water to get a snack.

"We packed goldfish and granola bars." Sammy said. "I brought grapes." Alex replied. Sammy started to open the goldfish then suddenly the umbrella fell down and started to fly away. "I will get it!" I said and quickly got up and ran after it. I was running as fast as I could until I finnally got a grip on the umbrella. I tried to close it so I could bring it back but it wasn't working. Ugh. "Hey, need some help?" a voice said. I looked up and to my surprise it was Luke and his friends.

My face turned red as a tomato. Part of that may of been because I was a little sunburned.. "Oh um.. Sure." I replied. Ugh was that a stupid answer? Luke grabbed the umbrella and closed it with ease. "There you go." he said. "Thanks" I replied and went to take the umbrella out of his hand.. But one thing happened. We touched hands! It was one of the best moments of my life.

"So, I guess we had the same plans." Luke said. "Haha yep.." I said akwardly. "If you want you can join me and my friends." I said. "Guys?" he said to get an answer from his freinds. They nodded. "Alright then I guess we are joining you." He said and smiled. This beach trip just got a lot better!

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