Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


9. #Sashton

Sammy and I headed upstairs and put or pj's on, after we went straight for my room and sat on my bed. "So.. Wasn't the mall exciting!?" Sammy said with a smile. "I mean I only got a few things." I said. Sammy started to laugh. "Well clothes can be exciting but not that. The fact that we got to see Ashton! Oh and Luke, Calum and Michael." She said.

"Wow if I heard that right you seemed really happy about seeing Ashton." I said. "Well.. Maybe a little." She said and started to blush. "Wait.. Do you like Ashton?!" I said. She smiled then said "Okay, maybe a little. But what about you? Are you sure you don't like Luke?" "Wait so you do like Ashton?" I said and laughed a little. "Yes ok, I like him but this stays between me and you. You can't tell anyone!" she said. We sat there and laughed a little.. We're weird okay. 

"Wait, you never answered my question." She said. "What question?" I said trying to avoid answering it. "Do you like Luke? I mean he is so cute and not to mention he is very handsome. If I didn't like Ashton he would be my next pick." She winked at me then laughed. "Okay, maybe I do like him." I said and blushed a little. Sammy let out a squeal of happiness.

"We should so text him, after all we do have his number!" she said. "I don't know..." I said even though I really wanted to.. But if we did I wouldn't know what to say! "Come on, it would be fun!" She said. "Alright fine." I said and reached into my pocket for the piece of paper. Except there was one problem. "The paper! It's not in here!" I said. At that moment my insides broke. The once chance I had was gone!

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