Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


4. Sarah..

Hannah, Alex and Sammy started to get on their bikes to ride home.

"Boyfriends are sooo not overrated." Sammy said while flipping one leg over her bike seat.

"Yes they are!" Alex said and started to pedal.

I laughed then said "You guys are so funny, okay let's go to my house?" "Sure." they said together.


"Hey nerds." Said a voice a few feet away. It took me a minute then I noticed it was Sarah.

Sarah, the most popular girl at school. She has long blonde hair and bright green eyes, most guys go crazy over her. She makes me sick.

"I see you still ride home on those rusty bikes."

"Sarah, back off at least they aren't as rusty as your ego." Alex snapped back.

"Listen Al-lex you can just get back on your stupid bike and go home with your weird friends!" Sarah said.

Alex started to go in for a punch but we pulled her back. "Ignore her, we wont even have to worry about her this summer! Let's just get home." Sammy said.

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