Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


14. Sand War

I showed the guys where my friends and I were sitting but when I arrived they were fighting. Probably over the last grape or something. I made a fake cough sound to get their attention. They both looked up and saw me with the boys.

"Oh hi, Ashton." Sammy said and smiled. Ashton looked at Calum, Michael and Luke. "Oh and um.. Hi Luke, Calum and Michael." Sammy said akwardly. "Sup" Alex said. They all said hi and got set up. About five minutes later we went into the water.

It was so fun. At one point we split into teams to have a sand war. A sand war is basically when you go under water grab some sand and chuck it at people.

I got on a team with Luke and Calum and the other team was Sammy, Alex, Ashton and Michael. We lost but we all agreed that it was a close game, haha.

After a while we got out the water to dry off. Everyone got  out a towel except Sammy and I... We forgot towels! Luke and Ashton noticed and gave us their towels. Aww they gave us their towels! Sammy and I definitely had a lot to talk about tonight. "Well, it's getting dark." Michael said. "Yea." Calum replied. We all agreed that we should go home, so we did. That was the best beach day ever!


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