Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


11. Is it Hi or Hey?

It's 7:53am and Hannah and Sammy just woke up.

"Morning" I said. "Good Morning." she replied. "So, what do you want for breakfast?" I asked her. "Want to just pop some waffles into the toaster?" She asked. "Sure." We walked downstairs and popped the waffles into the toaster. We were home alone. Sammy took out her phone and checked for texts from Alex. "Oh wait!" Sammy said. "We should text Luke!"

Right when she said his name I got butterflies in my stomach. I guess it's official. I like him. "Oh sure." I said back. "Let's text him off your phone." She said. I nodded and pulled out my phone. I unfolded the piece of paper from my pocket and typed in the number. "Ok should we say Hi or Hey?" I asked. "Say hey" she replied. "Two "y"s or one?" I asked. "Hmm... One." she said. I typed in "Hey." and clicked send. Of course right as I did I started to worry about all of these different things like what would he think or did we text him too fast? 

Just then Sammy was texting Alex:


Sammy: Hey

Alex: Ok since it's my turn for picking something off our lists grab your bathing suit we are going to the beach.

Sammy: Haha ok, I will tell Hannah.

Sammy showed me the conversation. We went upstairs and picked out some suits. Sammy has this droor in my room dedicated to her because she is here so much. She chose a bright pink bikini, of course and I got out a black one. We each put on our bathing suits then I got a text.

"Oh that must be my mom checking on us." I pulled out my phone. It wasn't my mom it was Luke! I let out a scream of happiness and Sammy knew exactly who the text was from after that.

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