Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


12. Burnt Waffles

"Sooo..? What did the text from Luke say?" Sammy said. "Here I will show you." I said.


Luke:Hey, I'm glad you texted me. :)

Sammy screamed of happiness. I guess we scream alot.. "You know what we should do?" Sammy said. "What?" I replied. "Invite him to come to the beach with us, and he can even bring Ashton... and you know his other friends." She said. "Haha okay, but ask Alex first." I said. "K." Sammy said and quickly pulled out her phone and texted Alex. A few minutes later she replied 'Sure'.

"Okay then I guess I will ask him." I said then grabbed my phone. 

Me:Hey, do you have any plans today?

Luke: is typing

"Hey.. What's that smell?" Sammy said. We both looked at each other then screamed "The waffles!" We raced downstairs to see our waffles. They were burnt... Really burnt. I went to get out two more waffles but we only had one left. I told Sammy she could have it. After how excited I am I lost my appetite. Just then my phone went off. It was a text from Luke.

Luke:Actually I do have some plans but maybe we could hook up tommorrow if you are free?

I told Sammy, she looked a little sad but she told me to say of course we wont have plans tommorrow if that means we can see them.

Me:Yep, tommorrow I'm free.

Luke:Great, I will text you later I gtg.

Me: Bye. :)

Luke: Cya.

It's been 20 more minutes, Sammy is done her waffle and we just finished packing for the beach.

"Okay, let's grab our bikes and head to the beach." I said. "Alex said she will meet us half way there." Sammy said while we were exiting the door. "Great." I said.

We biked for about 10 minutes until we met up with Alex. We said hello and told her the boys couldn't make it then started biking again. In about five more minutes we will be at the beach. Yay.

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