Just Another Summer List..

Hannah has some plans for the summer but will they work out...?


7. A Phone Number

"Guys, Look!" I said. They both turned to see Luke sitting on the bench."Oh Hi Luke!" Sammy said and walked towards him. We followed. Luke looked at Sammy and said "Oh Hey, Susie" "Umm.. It's Sammy.. Not Susie." Alex said. "Oh, my bad." He said. "Hi Lucas." I said quietly. He replied with a "Hi, Hannah." Oh my gosh.. He knows my name! I got filled with happiness.

"We were just about to go into Forever 21 if you want to come." Sammy said. He looked at her for a moment then said "Nah, I am waiting for my friends. Maybe I can catch up wth you three later." He took out a notepad and wrote something down. "Here's my number just call if you want to plan anything." Next I heard footsteps coming closer.

"Hey Luke." came a voice. That voice was Ashton who was being followed by Calum and Michael. "Sup guys." Luke said and started to walk off with him. "Wait." Luke said then turned around and gave me the piece of paper. "There you go." He said and then walked off again.

Once he was out of sight I went a little crazy. "Oh my gosh guys! Can you believe we got his number!" I said. "Jeez Hannah, you're happy." Alex said. "That's cause she likes him!" Sammy said while poking my shoulder. "What! No, I don't ew." Atleast I don't think I like him. "Whatever let's actually start shopping we need to finish the lists!" Alex said and dragged us into the store.

After about an hour of shopping we were at the checkout.

"Hey, what time is it?" Alex asked. "4:50" Sammy said while paying the cashier. "Wait what! We have to be by the mall entrance at five!" I said. We all glanced at each other then we scrambled out the store. We started running, it was the only way we could get to the entrance in time. Then of course we just had to bump into someone.

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