What's a Mormon???

Hi! I'm Ally Kendrick, I love to write, learn new things, spend time with my family, go to the beach, eat ice cream, read, and be silly. And I'm a Mormon.


3. Polygamy

Do Mormons have lots of wives? This is one of the most common asked questions. So I'll do my best to try and help answer it. No. Mormons don't have lots of wives. I have one mom, and one dad. But back when the church was first starting, polygamy was practiced. Why? Well there were many reasons. The main beginning, The Lord revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith that certain men would be called to have more than one wife. Now Joseph Smith didn't jump up at this and say, "ah yes! Now I get tons of girls!" It was a difficult thing The Lord had commanded. He was already happily married to Emma Smith. But in the end many men where called to practice polygamy. Why might The Lord ask them to do this? I've asked this one many times. But back in the 1800's it wasn't very easy to....well, stay alive. Babies died all the time, and if your husband died and you had kids, what do you do? Most wives who became the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on, where usually widows with children who needed a father. It was also important to be sealed in the temple which couldn't happen unless the family had both a mother and father. So those are a couple reasons the early Saints practiced polygamy, it is no longer practiced in the church today since God told the prophet when that practice should end. 

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