Finding Her

When Percy returns to school he doesn't expect to feel this, this horrible gut-wrenching feeling that a part of him is missing. He has friends and girls follow him around like magnets but it's not enough. Not without the one that can make him smile on his worst days and hold him for hours for no reason other than to be near him. He loved her but she's gone now. No one has seen or heard from Annabeth in six months, and everyone has given up hope. Everyone but Percy. So the girls and the friends and the popularity that's all so unfamiliar to him can go screw because none of it matters without her.


2. The Cheerleader From Hell

After awhile they stopped looking. Grover, Jason and Piper, Leo and Calypso, Hazel and Frank, and all the other campers. But Percy couldn't stop. He knew she was alive He knew that no matter what he would find her. Not even six months could diminish his hope. But it could slow down, and it did. For a while he searched, when his leads ran out he continued to look for the girl he loved. When he saw his mom's eyes, her fearful eyes that awaited the news that her sons girlfriend was dead, Percy had to search in secret. He had to show his mom and Paul that he could be strong, that he would live. Deep down Percy knew that if he saw her dead, cold and lifeless he would be gone. There's no point in living without your true love. A love so strong that wars and illness couldn't stop it. No separation could last because Percy and Annabeth were forever and forever means always. But he had to leave and settle down somewhere far. He couldn't bare the looks on his friends and family's faces when they saw him misreble and alone. He had to get away to search in peace. So he moved, across the country to San Diego. He enrolled at Pines Academy where he quickly had friends and girls following his every move. He was loved by everyone but loved no one. No one except the one he lost. He would find Annabeth, one day he would bring her home and they would start a life they always dreamed of. But right now he had to play the part of a the surfing senior...

"Hey Percy! So I was thinking since you don't have any plans on Thursday maybe we could go catch a movie?" Cara was your typical high school drama queen- not that I gave a crap but Jacob my new "bro" did, and talked about it daily. She was pretty under the mascara and lip stick and all the other stuff girls use to hide themselves, but she was shallow and was no comparison, not even close to his wise girl.

"I can't." A relationship was definetly not on his priority list.

"Well why not?" Was this girl serious? "I asked Jacob and he said your free on Thursday, that your free every night actually because you live alone. Why is that by the way? Don't you have parents or a girlfriend or something?"

"Yeah...something" I left before I could say something I'd later regret. Besides a crowd was forming to hear Cara get rejected by the new kid and I was late for gym.

The mist works 99% of the time but when it comes to scars they're there for the world to see. So changing for gym can prove to be a struggle. I quickly threw a t-shirt on and headed out the door. P.E was easy, the training a camp proved to be usual outside the half-blood world. The running, jumping and climbing was a welcome distraction and proved to be as easy as breathing underwater. When class ended I got intercepted by Jacob.

"Dude I heard you dumped Cara in the hallway and she threw a hissy fit. Why'd you do it she's smoking hot!"

"I never went out with her so I couldn't have dumped her and I'd rather not talk about this." Jacob is persistent and not very observant. He can never tell when to let a subject drop so it was no surprise when he continued to ask for details. But right now I wasn't in the mood.

"Come on please give me some details. Did she yell or cry or-"

"No Jacob, I'm not talking about this so drop it." With that I walked around him and straight into the locker room. I'm going to be asked questions about Cara all day but right now I really couldn't give a damn. All I can ever think about is Annabeth. I know she's alive. I can feel her life in my bones, my heart, my life is connected to hers, I guess you could say she's my life line. If my wise girl does it will be the end of me. I can see her face, hear her laugh, feel her touch, taste her lips. But she's not here and she won't be back till I find her. I miss her so much. My heart is missing with her and without a heart no one can survive.

It wasn't until I heard the gasp that I remembered the scars. I turned to see Pete standing there staring at the scar across my shoulder and the other one that wrapped around my stomach. "What the hell happened to you?" I could hear the worry and anxiety in his voice but didn't care. Nothing but her mattered and it's not like I was going to tell him the truth. Hey Pete so I'm a Half-Blood, my father is Poseidon and I kill monsters. No thanks. So I lie like I have countless other times.

"Hunting accident." With that I left before he could say another word.


Annabeth's head rested on my shoulder. We were laying under the stars by our willow tree. It was a warm summer night. Just the two of us in Strawberry Fields. It was such a perfect night. And now here I was laying under the stars with the girl of my dreams. I love her so much, more than anyone could ever know. Camp Half-Blood is a big place one with lots of hidden spots. But it took us months to find the perfect one. Here under the willow tree our life was simple. We're just two kids madly in love with dreams and a future together. "I love you." I whispered to her in the darkness. "I love you more." She whispered back and smile defiantly up at me. "My wise girl, I have to admit at most things you know better but I can assure you that tonight I'm right,I love you the most." Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up and come here." with that she pulled me close and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. "Promise you'll never let me go." I gazed down curiously into her fearful eyes. "I promise that you will never live another day without me by our side no matter how many times you with it. You're stuck with me forever." I kissed away the crease in between her brows and trailed kisses down her jaw, over her cheeks and finally landed on her lips. Her soft, warm lips. It was a that moment that my future was her.


"Mr. Jackson, would you care to join us?" Mr, Dunton pulled me out of my memory. I nodded and mumbled an apology. He droned on about the nature of Shakespeare but at that moment I couldn't care less. I made a promise to Annabeth that I would never let her go and a promise to myself that I would find her. I was a failure and hated myself for it. All day I think of her. I know she's not dead, and I know she would have called or sent an iris message if she could. She can escape anything so the only explanation is she's... I can't believe I didn't think of it before! Annabeth has to be asleep. Asleep or drugged. Either way she would've had no way of getting away. It's not a exact location of where she is, but it's a start.

After school I quickly crossed the parking lot to my car. But not quick enough. Cara cut off my path to my jeep. "Hey so I want an answer."

"To what exactly." I was so not in the mood for this right now

"Why won't you date me? I'm hot and all the guys would eagerly date me. Why not you? Is there another girl?"

"Look I get it you've never been rejected by a guy. But there's a first time for everything so if you'll excuse me." I moved around her and made a beeline for my car, leaving Cara in the parking lot two spots down with her mouth hanging open. That's when the laughter started. I hadn't laughed in so long. Not since I had Annabeth by my side. It felt good to let it out. So it might have been a little harsh but Cara needed to know. There is know chance I would ever date that cheerleader from hell. Hmmm I wonder if she knows Kelly.

Today was, well eventful. I was asked out by a psycho drama queen, bombarded with questions by my closest friend. I had to explain to Pete that I was in a hunting accident instead of a war. I think I have a lead to Annabeths whereabouts and well then Cara's outburst in the parking lot. If only Annabeth could've seen her face she would've laughed with me... Annabeth. She's gone now with no hope of return to this life until I get my ass in gear. This isn't the end. I won't let this be the end. My wise girl is holding on to her life and I'm hanging on to mine. Let's just hope I'm not too late.

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