Finding Her

When Percy returns to school he doesn't expect to feel this, this horrible gut-wrenching feeling that a part of him is missing. He has friends and girls follow him around like magnets but it's not enough. Not without the one that can make him smile on his worst days and hold him for hours for no reason other than to be near him. He loved her but she's gone now. No one has seen or heard from Annabeth in six months, and everyone has given up hope. Everyone but Percy. So the girls and the friends and the popularity that's all so unfamiliar to him can go screw because none of it matters without her.


4. In a Coma


"Beep, beep, beep, beep." The steady beat of the heart monitor droned on. I am awake but my eyes won't open. I've been here for a long time. I hear people talking every day about a Jane Doe, I suppose that's me. I don't remember what happened to me the night that they found me, but I've been able to remember a lot in my coma. My name is Annabeth Chase. My mother is Athena, Goddess of wisdom. I go to Camp Half-Blood, and fight Greek and Roman monsters. I went on a quest to save the camp with seven others. I was lost in Tartarus but I escaped. And there's one thing that I'm more certain of than anything else:

One day Percy Jackson will save me because he is my one and only true love.

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