Spaghetti Legs

Angela has been dating a pot smoking idiot. But, she never knew he never paid for his pot, or he smoked pot. Luke, steals Angela figuring he would pay back to get her back. Will Angela end up with her pot smoking ass hole. Or Luke. Read to find out.


7. chapter 7

This chapter will be told in Luke's POV

I wake with Angela snuggled into my side. I hear her lightly snore, with her head resting on my chest. I look at her and see her lips slightly puckered. She wraps her arm and leg around me. I chuckled lightly, bringing her closer. Soon after, she opens her eyes. "Hey" I kissed her cheek. "Hey" Ange and cuddled for a few minutes. Then,she straddled over me. "Why" I asked. "I got bored" she stated. "Ok" I place my hands on her butt ,squeezing it.

"Heeeeyy" she swatted my hand away. I moved her, so I was on top of her. Her shirt lifted up, showing her boobs. "Shit" she went to pull her shirt down, put I moved her hands away. I grabbed her boobs. "Stop" she grabbed my hands, moving he shirt down. I get off her, getting off of the bed. I picked her up, swinging her around. "Put me down!" She demanded. "Only if I kiss you!" I bargained. "I'm starting to like it up here" she laughed. "Come on, I'm not that bad!" I really want a kiss from her.

"Ok" Angela gave in. I put her down, pulling her closer by the waist. I dip my head down to grab her face. Our lips touched in perfect sync. We worked like clock work. I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer. I felt fire works, since our lips touched. I pulled away after kissing her for about 5 solid minute. "Wow" was all that left her mouth. "I know" I giggled. "I'm hungry" she giggled. We went to grab toast and veggie mite, as usual. After we ate, she left to brush her teeth, and so did I. Walked out to find her sitting on the bed. I couldn't stop staring at her. Her beauty showed, no matter how she looked. "What?" She giggled, revealing her award winning smile. It was contagious, like the flu.

"Nothing.. It's just that.. Your so beautiful" I see her blush a little, and I kinda did too, but, not as much as she did. I look into her light brown eyes. Even though their not an interesting shade of blue, or green. I could get lost in them for hours. "Thanks" she got up, coming closer to me. Her hands went to my torso, wrapping around me for a hug. I pick her up, making us at eye level. I grab the back of her knees so she wouldn't fall. Her arms wrap around my neck. Our lips met together. I was hungry for the taste of her lips. I got rough with the kiss, starting to kiss her jaw, trailing down her neck. I heard moans escape from her lips. I go back to her lips, kissing again. I let go, looking into her in the eyes. "Ange.... I think I'm falling in love with you"

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