Spaghetti Legs

Angela has been dating a pot smoking idiot. But, she never knew he never paid for his pot, or he smoked pot. Luke, steals Angela figuring he would pay back to get her back. Will Angela end up with her pot smoking ass hole. Or Luke. Read to find out.


5. chapter 5


After me and Luke kiss, I feel like I'm on cloud 9. I don't care what Ryan will say, or do. I'm happy. Which I never felt around him. He made me miserable, and depressed. But with Luke, I felt the opposite. I felt loved, and an overwhelming felling of happiness , laughter, and joy. "I'm glad I'm done with that asshole!" I giggled. "Me too" he stroked my legs rubbing my knees. I straddle him kissing him. He lays down. I continue kissing him as he grabs my butt. I let out a giggle. I leave my hands on his face. His hands trail up from my butt, to my hips and waist which cause my shirt to lift up. My shirt comes up higher and higher, till it's off of me. His hands are rooming my back. His hands are playing with the hem of my underwear. I tug on his shirt, till he got the idea to take it off. I could feel his boner get more prominent against my butt. I play with his zipper and fail to in bottom his pants till he does it. Now we both are just in our underwear. He tugs mine off, and I do the same to him.

"Ange" his voice sounds raspy and suductive "yeah" I blurt out. "Bring your ass to my face" he requests. "What?" Before he could answer me, he grabbed my waist and arranging my butt to face him. He grabbed my hips so I wouldn't escape from his hold. He started eating me out like what he did last night. I move my mouth down to his penis. I let moans while blowing him. I feel like grabb my butt and jiggle it in his big hands. I move my mouth away from him to stroke his cock. I can feel him getting hard, so I stop blowing him. I sit up basically sitting on his face.

The pleasure was getting too much for me. I tried moving my core away from his face, but he held me too tight. Then I felt something take over. I felt the pleasure take over, my legs were shaking. Luke had to take me off of his face because my legs weren't working. He moved me to the edge of the bed. Luke grabbed a condom rolling it on his penis. He plunged inside me. He started thrusting. He thrusts were fast off the bat. I look at my core to see him pounding into me.

I feel his hand grab my boob. I look at him and see him giggle. He let go of my boob (thank god) and grabs my waist. I look at my core again. To see him going in and out of me. Then I heard someone. "Looks like Luke's gettin some tonight!" I look at the door and I saw the red head guy with a one guy with dark brown eyes, dark hair, dark skin and looked Asian. The other one had green eyes, tan skin, and light brown hair. I cover my self with the covers. Luke laughs standing in front of them naked. He didn't give a shit if they saw us. "Looks like you and her were having fun" the Asian looking one said. "Out" Luke pointed to the door. They left laughing while I was hiding under the covers. "Anyway, want to continue?" He asked. I nodded.

He grabbed me by the waist. He laid me back on bed were I was before. "Turn around" I did what he said. He plunges inside me. He grabbed my hips pounding into me. "Ohh god! Fuckkkkkkk!" I moan. He spanked my ass causing me to moan louder. He was going to rough on me. I know I won't be able to walk in the morning. All of a sudden I feel a powerful pleasure take over me. After I cum, he does. He moved away from my core. He throw out the condom. I laid on the hole entire bed hogging it. He picked me up throwing me on the other side of the bed. Me cuddles me into his embrace. I feel asleep on his embrace.

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