Spaghetti Legs

Angela has been dating a pot smoking idiot. But, she never knew he never paid for his pot, or he smoked pot. Luke, steals Angela figuring he would pay back to get her back. Will Angela end up with her pot smoking ass hole. Or Luke. Read to find out.


3. chapter 3

I wake up and see Luke awake. He is rubbing my arms and cuddling me into him. "You awake?" He asked. I nodded. We heard someone knock on the door. "I'll get it!" He said getting out of the bed. He walked down the stairs. I look out the window and see my pot smoking ass hole of a boyfriend. I decide to hear on their conversation. "Why the fuck are you here!" Luke sounded angry. "Well I'm here to propose something so I can get more pot!" He's disgusting! "What is that then?" Luke wasn't having his shit and I was liking that! "So I was thinking she can become your personal prostitoute so I can buy more pot, and if you feel horny then my girlfriend will be here for you to fuck her!" I was apuled! I went down stairs and walked behind Luke.

"Ange" he saw me! I hate him! "Fuck you! I heard your conversation you ass hole and I'm no ones personal prostitoute!" I walked away in disscusedness. But I felt hands grab my waist bringing me closer I smiled at first and thought it was Luke, but it wasn't. "Get the fuck off of me!" I tried moving him away from me. But he was too strong. "No, I wanna talk to you baby" he grabbed my butt. Ew that ass hole. "Get the fuck off me.. Don't touch me again" I pointed my finger at him. "Ange, you don't realize that you are mine!" He grabbed my boob. "What the fuck is wrong with you!?!!" I couldn't believe he is this crazy , let alone thinks I'll stay with him after he thinks I'm going to be someone's personal sex toy! Hell no!

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