Spaghetti Legs

Angela has been dating a pot smoking idiot. But, she never knew he never paid for his pot, or he smoked pot. Luke, steals Angela figuring he would pay back to get her back. Will Angela end up with her pot smoking ass hole. Or Luke. Read to find out.


2. chapter 2

I wake up to find my self naked, in someone's room. I look over and see a hot blonde boy. I realized what happens last night. We fucked! But let me say, it was great! Better than what my boyfriend could ever do!

I get out of bed and put the clothes he gave me. His shirt is soo big on me, but I love that! It was a black nirvana shirt and it kinda showed my nipples through it. I was too lazy to find my bra and shorts so I just had on a t shirt and panties. I went into the bathroom and see if I could find a new packaged toothbrush. And luckily I did. I brushed my teeth and made sure my breath was extra fresh, considering there will be a hot boy about to wake up.

I walkout of the bathroom and look at the bed to find Luke waking up. I walk over to him. "Good morning!" I said looking at him. "Good morning gorgeous"he pulled me in to kiss my forehead. He got out of bed not realizing he was naked. "Um Luke" I said looking at him. "Ohh shit" he said covering his dick running to grab clothes. He just put on a green day shirt, and gym shorts.

He came behind and throw me on his shoulder. "Luke, put me down!" I yelled trying to wiggle way out of his grasp, but he held me tight. He spanked my ass many times. "Stop spanking me my ass is probably red!" I hit his back. "Sorry I like your butt then!" He put me down. I started walking out of his room to go down stairs and eat breakfast. He followed me to kitchen. I grab a price of bread from the kitchen and put it in the toaster. "Do you have veggie mite?" I asked Luke. "You like veggie mite?" He asked with a little excitement in his voice. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "I love veggie mite! And I know no one who likes it , let alone loves it!" He got happy and started jumping. I giggled. "Your so cute when your exited!" I chuckled as he brought his hands to my waist. He kissed my checks wrapping his arms around me. I had to reach over the counter and grab something. Luke kept grabbing my ass. "Why do you keep grabbing my ass?" I asked. "Hey it's a very nice! It's perky, big! Your butt is very amazing" I laughed. "Really!?!" I asked. "Yeah!!" Luke said. "And I think your toast is done" he pointed to the toaster. "Oh" I grabbed the lightly burned toast. I spread veggie mite on it and it quick. And so did he. When we were done me and Luke went back upstairs into his room.

I jump on the bed. I laid my body out hogging the whole bed. I hear him chuckle. Luke lays on top of me. "Get off of me, your crushing me!" I tried pushing him off, but I couldn't. He started humping me. "Noo don't! Stop humping me you perv!" I heard him laugh above me. He got off of me. I moved to the top of the bed and put my head on a pillow. Luke grabbed me and started cradling me in his arms. "Are you going to put me down?" I asked. "No" he shock his head. "Ok" I wrapped my arms around him. Luke sat down on the bed. I straddled him. I grabbed his face starting to kiss him. He stood up. He grabbed my legs. He walked around the bed. Luke sat on the bed with me on his lap. His hands grabbed my waist, which causes my shirt to go up.

I pulled away from the kiss to breath. "Your a damn good kisser" I whispered too loud. "Thanks, I know how to turn a girl on" he placed his hand on waist. "Do you care if I do this" he grabbed my boobs. "Ummmmm" I pushed his hands away. "Or this" he grabbed my butt. I pushed his hands away. "Your too cute!" He grabbed my boobs again. "Stop" I pushed his hand away. "Come on Ange, I didn't get to grab your boobs last night! Or even saw them!" He complained. "Ugg yeah you did" "please, your boobs are perfect!" He begged. "Fine" I said.

"Can I see them?" He asked. "No" I said. "Ok" he grabbed my boobs again. It's weird having someone grab your boobs. "You look uncomfortable" he stated. "Yeah cause someone's grabbing my boobs and it's a little weird!" He laughed. "Can I see them?" He asked. "No" it got really awkward. "Please!" He begged. "Fine" I sighed. "Yeah!" He took off my shirt. I pulled my hands over my chest. "Come on let me see your boobs" he grabbed my wrists putting my hands at my side. I see his eyes look at my chest. "Damn" it seem like he likes my boobs.

My face was blushing because I was embrassed. He grabbed my boobs. "Wait what bra size are you?" He asked. That was a weird question. I was getting redder and redder in the face. "Umm like 36 b or almost a c, I don't know!" It started to get really uncomfortable. "Damn you've got nice tits" I was getting really uncomfortable. He brought his face towards my breasts. He started kissing them. Light moans came out of my mouth. He looked at me and saw I had hair in front of my face.

He stopped kissing my boobs and looked me in the eyes. He brushed the strands of hair behind my ear. He grabbed my face and kissed me. He let go. I went to grab my shirt but he stopped me. "Wait I wasn't done!" He tried to grab my boobs again but I declined him. "Uhhh" he said as I put my shirt on. "Can I touch your butt?" He asked. What's up with this guy and why does he like my boobs and butt so much! "Fine" I said. "Yeah" he hollered. "Turn around" he ordered. I did as he said. I laid down on my stomach. He grabbed me and placed me on his lap. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm going to spank you" he slapped my ass. "Oweeee" I yelled. "What? You don't like a strong hand slapping that nice ass" he whispered in my ear. He took off my underwear. "What are you doing?" Before he answered me he slapped my ass really hard. I yelped. I gave him the middle finger.

"Uhh Luke want the fuck are you doing?" I heard a voice say. I look and it's a guy with red hair. I slipped out of his lap. He giggled. "Ohh just slapping some girls ass!" Luke responded. "What girl?" The red head asked. "Ange, get up!" He picked me up. "This one!" Luke said showing me to the guy. "Where the hell did she come from?" He asked. "Ohh the guy who didn't pay his pot for 2 or 3 years girlfriend" Luke said. "Why the fuck do you have her here?" He asked. "Ohh so he can pay us back quicker!" I kinda laughter a little. "What's so funny?" Luke asked. "Normally he doesn't pay anyone back, he'll just steal it back" I told them. "Well we aren't letting him steal you" red head said. To be honest, I am liking it here more than I thought. Luke's amazing, better than that druggy!

"Wait do you guys smoke pot?" I asked. "Actually no, we just sell it!" Luke said. "Ohh" I nodded. "Well I'll let you go back to spanking her!" The red head left. "Hey, she's got a nice ass!" Luke screams. I was blushing. "Are you going to put me down?" I asked. "Nope, I want you in my arms" he kissed my forehead. "Ok" I shrugged. "Your really cute!" He responded. "Do you want to cuddle?" I asked. "Yes" he throw me on the bed. He got in the bed. I snuggled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. I turned around so we were spooning. He of course grabs my butt. "Stop grabbing my butt!" I yell. He laughed. "Well sorry you have a nice body!" He wrapped his arm and leg around me so I wouldn't go. I started falling a sleep and so did he.

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