Spaghetti Legs

Angela has been dating a pot smoking idiot. But, she never knew he never paid for his pot, or he smoked pot. Luke, steals Angela figuring he would pay back to get her back. Will Angela end up with her pot smoking ass hole. Or Luke. Read to find out.


1. chapter 1


I was on a bus full of people talking, and drinking till the bus stops.

People are getting off of the bus but I decide to stay and sit on the couch. Since I was drunk, I was a little more bold than I was normally. Then I saw a tall blonde boy with a lip ring. He was a hot tamale! And, I kinda wanted to take a bite out of it.

"Hey blonde!" I said giving him a smirk. "You need to leave!" The blonde boy said getting a little mad. "Na I'll stay here!" I was being a little sassy. All of a sudden I feel hands grab my wrist and bring me outside.

"I can't walk!" I yell hanging on the the railing of the bus. "Are you crying!" He laughed "I have spaghetti legs!" I almost fell on the ground. Out of no where , I feel big hands grab my waist. He picked me up and put me on his shoulder. My head was facing his back.

"I can feel your boobs on my back" he laughed. I punched his back. "Hey that doesn't hurt me!" He yelled. He slapped my butt and I yelped.

"So what's your name, mines Luke" he said still walking. "I'm Ange" I said. All of a sudden we walked through a house. I am laid on a bed. "Wait why am I here!" I ask. "Because your going to be my sex slave!" He had an exited expression on his face.

"What!?!? Wait why?!?" I asked feeling scared. "Well your boyfriend owes me money because he didn't pay for the pot he smoked for the last 2 or 3 years, so I thought I would take you because your pretty valuable to him" he gave me a smirk. "Well, I'm just gonna go, have fun working it out with my boyfriend!" I got up off the bed and tried running out the door. He grabbed my waist, pulled me into him then throw me on the bed. I tried numerous times till I gave up. I laid back on center of the bed.

I started thinking what he could want me for. I was getting nervous. "Are you going to rape me?" I asked. "No.... Don't worry, I won't do anything your not comfortable with!" I calmed down. Then I started realizing I was going to be there for a while , and I needed a few things. "Wait , were am I going to sleep, shower, and what about clothes, tampo-" Before I could finish my sentence, he cut me off "this is a house with bedrooms, and showers, and food!" He sat next to me on the bed. "Clothes?!" I questioned "I like girls in my shirts" he gave me a smirk. "Now go take a shower, and calm down" he said in a sweet tone. "Ok" I said rolling off the bed and hopped into the bathroom.

(After shower)

I got out of the shower and put a towel over my self and hair. "Um Luke" I said leaving my hand out so he could give me clothes. He gave them to me. His shirt, and girl shorts. I put them on and the shorts showed my butt. Like a lot of it was hanging out from the bottom. Thank god his shirt was big on me. I got out and looked at him.

"What?" He asked. "Seems like you fuck many!" I stated. God I was being sassy. And I was liking it. "Well just because I have girl shorts doesn't mean I fuck many!" He stated. "Well they fit like a glove, except my ass is hanging out of the bottom" I looked at him. God he was hot. Blue eyes, blonde hair, tall stature. He is eye candy for sure. He started looking me up and down.

"You look so good in my shirt" he licked his lips and bit his lip ring. He started coming closer. I walked back away from him till I was backed against a wall. "You said you weren't going to rape me!" I was started to get worried. "Don't worry, I'll do what your comfortable with" he rubbed my arms. He came closer, and closer till his lips were on mine. I lightly touched his face. He grabbed my waist with his hands. I bit his lip accidentally.

"Sorry" I blushed moving my lips away from his. "It was cute" he grabbed my face and pulled me back in. I put my hands on his shoulders. He grabbed my leg and held it by his side. Moving his hand to grab my butt. "Nice ass" he whispered in my ear. He grabbed both of my legs. I wrapped them around his waist. I almost fell out of his grip. But I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Luke throw me in the bed. He hovered me. Breaking from the kiss , he took off his shirt. He dove back in. It was starting to get heated. He put his hands under my shirt, lifting it higher, and higher. He grabbed my boobs from under my shirt. He pulled it over my head revealing my boobs. I put my hands over my chest. He grabbed my wrists pulling them over my head. I started blushing. "Don't, I want to see all of you!" He reconnected our lips together.

He starts moving down to my neck, collarbone, and now he's kissing my breasts. I tried holding in my moans, till he bite my nipple. He starting kissing my other breast then made his way to my stomach. He stopped above the waistband of my shorts. He started pulling my shorts and underwear down. He got off and stood at the end he of the bed staring at me, up and down. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge. He took off his jeans to only find him in just boxers. Luke started kissing my thighs. He grabbed my legs. He began to eat me out. My moans were soft, till he started pumping his fingers inside of me. I pulled on his hair.

I started moaning loudly. "Uhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!" I moaned ridding out my high. He kept his face at my core still eating me out. It felt sensitive, and I tried pulling him away but he kept his face there until he got the memo to stop. He took off his boxers. I took that as the sign that I was going to give him a bj. Which, I was right. I starting stroking his penis and teasing him. "Just cut to the chase, no teasing!" He said. I started putting all of him in my mouth. I couldn't because he was so big, and I got down half way. I started coughing.

"You ok?" He asked. "Yeah" I said stroking his cock with my hand. I put my mouth back on his dick. He started thrusting back and fourth. He put my hair into a very sloppy pony tail. I hear him moaning and groaning till I take my mouth away from his member and stroke it very fast. I was stopped when he picked me up and put me on the edge on the bed. "Turn around" motioning me to turn around. I get on my knees and stick my ass out for him. He slaps my ass very hard which makes me yelp. I turn around and see him put a condom on. Out of now where he plunges inside me. He started thrusting very slowly. All of a sudden he started grabbing my hips and pounding harder and harder into me. "Ohhhh God ..... Fuuck!" I moaned as he kept pounding harder and harder me.

"You like that my little slut!!! You like it rough!" He spanked my ass. I think talking dirty is kinda weird so I didn't answer. He turned me around so I facing him. "What? You don't like talking dirty?" I nodded after he was finished speaking. He laughed a little. He holds both of my wrists with his hands. He leaned in and started kissing me. He bite my bottom lip which cause me to moan. "You seem to like kissing, don't you?" He giggled. I blushed a little. God, I was so awkward damn it! He let go of my wrists. He entered me without a warning. He was thrusting very slow, but all of a sudden he started pounding me again. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders. He's holding my calves to make him pound into me faster and harder.

"Ohh god ... Wow!" I moaned. I look at him to see him giggle. I didn't know where to place my hands, so I just covered my chest. I place them under my boobs. I look at him and see him giggle. And let me say, it's fucking awkward when you look at someone while your having sex! The pleasure Luke is giving is better than anything right now! My boyfriend sucks in bed, and he has a small penis! "I'm about to cum" I manage to say through my moans.

"Me too" he started rubbing my clit making sure I cum before he cums. I could feel my body take over me. The high feels so great. "OHHH FUUUCKKK!! LUKE! OHH MY FUCKING GOD!" I practically scream. "Fuck" he groans. Luke fell on top of me. "Get off of me your crushing me!" I said pushing him off. We grab the covers and put them over our bodies. "Fuck" I whisper, but I whisper too loud because he can hear me "that was fun" he put me into his embrace. In his arms, I was felling safe. Unlike my boyfriend who goes crazy , and a little abusive. I am starting to fall asleep in his arms.

Thank you for reading my first fanfic!! I am so happy you decided to read my fanfic and I hope this chapter didn't gross you out. But trust me the next chapter isn't dirty.

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